Is Farting Normal on a Bodybuilding Diet?

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Dr Tony Huge of enhanced athlete dot com. And I've got a question for bodybuilding guru. I mean, allies in the backseat here with body builder came Bishop and Coach driver here we're having conversations about the ultimate bodybuilding diet, and I mean, you're not ready for this question. But I'm gonna ask you, is it normal to have gas on the perfect bodybuilding diet farts? You know, at one point or another, you're gonna have gas, and I think it's important for you to determine what it comes from. Some people, some people's bodies don't produce the right enzymes in the A certain amount of food, and it gets past a certain point where the body can't digest it properly and you get bloated. So for some people, you noticed that it happens a lot backstage because they took out carbohydrates and then they put back in, let's say, yams or some other source of carbohydrate, and they don't drink a lot of water. So now they have the stomach is producing a lot of acid, which then gives you gas. That's one reason you get another reason you can get it is from the vegetables when you have haven't been eating them for a long time. And you are you pretty much never. And then you you want to go to him. You don't want to go to him right away with what I call the proper ratio for digestion, which is a even number of ounces of raw protein, animal protein and even a comparison. Equal number of ounces of raw vegetables. Okay, so that's That's the anabolic combination of raw animal protein, the raw vegetables. But you can't always get their, you know overnight. So if somebody is trying to incorporate this and they haven't been eating vegetables and you're eating six ounces of uncooked chicken, you're weighing it uncooked. Don't start with six ounces of raw vegetables. It's going to be too much. You could get gas. You've got to give your body time to produce the ends, arms that it needs in order to sufficiently breakdown everything with the proper in the proper amount of time. So that summer he sounds like there's three different types of gas or bloating. We need to figure out which one it is. Number one is in an unhealthy gas and bloating from bad digestion, and is there something. We have a fix on the diet. Is there like a food intolerance or something? Number two. Is it just normal digested gas produced from vegetables that are going to cause gasto matter? Water or lagoons like pinto beans are going to give almost everyone gas every time Yeah or so And then like that. Back to the food intolerance caused number one. That would be like a lack tose intolerance or a gluten in taller and something we're gonna have to eliminate from the diet because it's not healthy gas. It's not healthy bloating. It's causing inflammation in the intestines and not more with that. Well, the third me. The third thing. Well, the third thing real quick is just the adaptation. Like when you switch like you said to another diet, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just your body adjusting the amount of enzymes and the types of probiotics, or the types of bacteria that in your gut to be able to handle the type of diet that you're on, which is just a transition period. Those air, the three different types that I heard in with the lack of the bacteria being produces again it gets some sort of effect, like a fermentation of either need or different sugars, and be like candy to related to much bad bacteria and people. This is why vegetables or two under their underrated with the proper balance of of all these foods, you don't get that you don't. You actually get good floral. You get good bacteria, you get proper digestion and you don't allow build up of negative things. That's the key. Don't allow buildup of the negative things. Can you tell from the smell of the gas what the cause is? And because I know that you go ahead and answer it now and then, I'LL see if I can have a a lot of cases you can. If the gas is a plunge in this city, sort of smells, and if it's it's it's very costly training. It is very concentrated, and when you went, I guess what they could say. He was a small but deadly or you know, you're one of those things like that. Just a little bit came out, but it's six expanded. Your that usually is about too much acid in some usually good. It's like a um, a very gassy, bloated like you're just you have a lot of flatulence and a lot of gas that's built up its main. Let's not say that smells like sulfur, just the other type. That's usually from like black toast or something that wasn't properly broken down. And it created a gas effect that started to create gas and the other to advance or something like that, right? And then the other one is what you could tell us if it gets assault first type of smell. And this is This is not always because there's other things that could drown out that smell, but a lot of times if you have a salt first type of smell, what you're getting is this lack of proper digestion, too much protein. So you get that a lot of times with eggs, you get assault first type of snow, the eggs. But you don't get that if you have eggs and vegetables there, it isthe. So now he has No If you want what TV Trying to crop dust your friends in the car along Dr Tio artificial nacho cheese. If you want to gas them out, that's that's how you doing going to see the gas is often caused by the bacteria and the lower intestines, too. If something doesn't get digested properly in the upper intestines and it makes its way all the way to the lower intestines, then the bacteria breaks it down in the byproduct of the bacteria breaking food down his gas. So that's why when you don't have an enzyme like a bean, an enzyme to be able to digest beans that most of us don't have. That enzyme genetically certain means like pinto beans or you don't Your body lacks the enzyme to break down the sugar and milk. The lack taste. The black does then that sugar gets down to the lower intestine and without getting broken down by your body or absorbed. And it's the bacteria that eats it and produces gas. It's the bacteria farting inside you, and then you fart out the bacteria that came. Let me find out the gas that came from the bacteria. So the soul first smelling farts that is from protein, making it down to the lower intestine not being absorbed. And one could say that you ate too much protein potentially, and so then it made it all the way down without being digested. But more likely, it's just a prop. The improper digestion of the protein do Teo either. Not not enough enzymes because your body's not used to it, or due to the probiotics and the upper intestine being weak or due to some bowel inflammation, you're not able to absorb as much protein as you could because your intestines or not in an optimal state of health, to absorb on assimilate the larger amount of protein. And so I think people mistakenly think they need to reduce their protein intake to get rid of the gas, when really they just need to improve their digestion probiotics to another thing. And now that that factors in there as well, talking about bacteria good versus bad, breaking down, having a healthy amount, which stands I've helped keep the bad bacteria down good bacteria up, so you wouldn't have to take the provides a month. But those are a pretty good factor in that O. R pro, a protein, a fast protein like an isolator, a concentrate. The reason why those khun sometimes cause gases because they go through their liquid, they go through you so quickly that your body doesn't even have time to break it down before it hits the lower intestines. That can sometimes be a problem. And that's why a mean when he has his breakfast shake, he has his way. Isolate with almond milk. It slows down the digestion of the way Eisley just enough to give his body time to fully break down the protein and assimilated So he has no gas, no indigestion. And remember, guys way care about this digestion so much because if this food keeps making it to the lower intestines, not properly digested, we're going to develop food allergies and intolerances. And then we're going to have to really restrict our calories and have a lot of loading and not absorbed the healthy calories that we do need. And then we're and your colon cancer, and then you die and nobody shows up here. C'mon that's under it. And I think that the last thing the biggest thing is by your vegetables. I think farmer's market for sure don't mean produce. If it's just a friend of produce, you're going to have so much either whether it's pesticide genetically modified, all those things develop passes when they break down. So if you start doing six mils of vegetables and you're just buying these, you know, GMO foods with whatever they add to it, which we do, we are Jim of modified. But if you start doing that that frequently, then you're breaking down all that crap that was in there. That shouldn't be lasting two weeks in the fridge. So try and get from farmers. Market makes it up if you're going by and make sure you try and buy at least organic farmers markets do not fill yourself acid. Teo. At the same time, it couldn't have been more important. It should've been something that we've been been stating all along. A lot of people don't really realize what Trevor said. It's I mean, it's what I usually saying, and I think it's important that we all understand the quality of this. If you're getting quality and and you're mixing quality vegetables that are good for you, that's great. But if you take a little bit of something bad and you put it on that, you eat that frequently, you're still going to get accumulation of something bad night like oh phosphate from round up or from mother of the other pesticides that they have that end up sticking. They end up sticking to your body on a cellular level. This is putting putting petroleum in your body on a cellular level, which is very carcinogenic. So it doing things that just look health me and then they don't say the organic is not the same is actually the ingredients of the fashionable way was grown and at having you truly be organic. Being healthy versus being damaging to you over time. And we should have mentioned this on the last video we talked about what deed for breakfast, because even before the breakfast, sheikh should be a toll. A glass of water first thing in the morning. Let that water get through you because you don't want to drink a bunch of liquids with your food because that's gonna dilute your digestive enzymes in the acid in your stomach. So you want to drink water between meals or any liquids between meals, not with meals. And that also has to do with gas, too, because if you drink a lot of water with your meal, your digestive enzymes and acids, you're going be deluded. You're not going to digest the food as well. And then you're gonna end up with more gas because again that food's gonna make it down to the lower intestine bacteria that's going to end up doing the breakdown instead of the upper intestines where you want, break it down and absorb it into your body and build muscle with be swell in school, My Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of human evolution.

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