Is Tony Huge Ee a Real Doctor??

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Dr tony huge of enhance athlete dot com and this video is about whether dr tony huge is a really doctor or not. This is a very frequently asked question early on in a lot of my videos, i already explained, i'm not a medical doctor, i'm a doctor of jurisprudence that's a lawyer, it is a doctorate degree texted i call myself a doctor, just like a dentist or a chiropractor and call themselves a doctor, but i didn't give myself the nickname you guys gave me the nickname you gave me the nickname because i happen to know a lot about biology and chemistry and the science of human performance in a lot of cutting edge stuff. In fact, i'm here pittsburgh, pennsylvania at the north american national bodybuilding competition, helping one of the athletes get second place in light heavyweight bodybuilding and also helping a couple physique contenders and a classic could physique contenders all who use enhanced athlete some treatments to further their performance to try and you try and use the most healthy and sustainable way possible to develop the ultimate fizzy it's. Actually a lot better than i'm not a medical doctor, because if i was i'd be seriously limited by my license and what i could discuss or promote or talked about on youtube just like it in law. I actually know because i'm a lawyer about how to get around a lot of different laws, but i can't teach you those things because i would lose my law license for doing that for promoting i don't even know what to call it, but insubordination of justice or trying to get around laws, especially like i'm a bankruptcy attorney, for example, and i can teach people how to hide assets like crazy all day long, but that's actually not okay, tio dio and so i have to be very careful with my wording and on a one on one client situation i can you know, i can kind of let them read between the lines and kind of explain the law to them and let them figure out what i was saying about asset protection. But when it's like a large audience like on youtube, there's, no way i can go on and start giving all the secrets about how to hide assets and asset protection that i would lose my license, so same thing goes with medical if if i were a really doctor, a medical doctor, i couldn't go on here and be talking about growth hormone like i do. So you guys should appreciate that i'm not a medical doctor so that i can actually dig into all this medical stuff that a medical doctor would be prohibited from discussing. And then there's bro science versus actual science. But the problem, as in bodybuilding and human performance, often times the bro science is way ahead of the riel science. And the problem is that there's so much bro. Science that's bad bro science on the internet but good bro science if you know how to read and discern between good and bad information reliable, own reliable sources, bro, science can be pretty accurate. Give you an example. Arnold schwarzenegger in the nineteen seventies was right about so many things about muscle growth in the human body that hasn't been proven until recently. Recent studies are proving now that some of arnold schwarzenegger's theories back then were accurate. So think about that. He was thirty four, thirty five years ahead of his time, bro. Science was thirty five years ahead of medical science so think about that right now, the bro science of today, we're not gonna have a lot of medical studies to prove a lot of it until fifteen years from now, so you have to ask yourself, do you want to be on the cutting edge and try and learn and discern between good and bad, bro science ? Or you just wanna wait until the medical community says that it's all good and it's cool, and then unfortunately you're fifteen, thirty years behind the curve and then there's. Another problem with doctors is that they're training is usually by the drug companies or medical school, or they're very narrow scoop scope of whatever their specific medical practice is. For example, i'm a bankruptcy attorney, i don't know a lot about criminal law, right ? So medical doctors, they know if they go into dermatology, they're not going to know about the hormonal system of the human body very much. What they learned in medical school would have been just the basics that you could easily learn by watching and online youtube video. So to actually find a doctor that really knows all about this stuff, especially when there aren't a lot of medical stuff studies on the lot of the stuff that i talk about it's really difficult, and i know because i have a lot of doctor friends and i talked to a lot of doctors. Growth hormone is the future is the absolute future on amazing anti aging compound with so many health benefits. Um, and yet doctors aren't allowed to really promote it. They get in a lot of trouble for promoting it, they can prescribe it only under very specific circumstances, and a lot of the ones that do that run. These anti aging clinics are at risk of losing their license because there's a lot of laws and rules against them promoting the use of growth hormone despite growth hormone being so freaking incredible. My real name is actually anthony hughes, but again, my stage name was given to me by you guys, tony huge long time ago by you guys, i mean, my inner circle of athlete friends that i've been coaching for a long time because as you've seen in my videos, i'm well connected with a lot of bodybuilders and athletes and it's been my passion to help them further their performance, just like it is to further my performance, it's just one of the ways i like to give value back to my friends and then my circle of friends ends up expanding to include like this huge youtube audience and i keep doing the same thing, which is just trying to bring you his value. And then it got even more toe where i'm actually learning from you guys like the participation from you guys and the comments and the e mails and the snapchats and instagram and facebook messages, the rate at which i'm learning because i'm getting feedback from you guys and all the stuff that i say and feed back on all the products and protocols it's unbelievable how much i'm learning and learning is my favorite thing. The science, the learning i love bodybuilding, but i also love eating too much, and i love traveling too much. And so for me to actually be a professional bodybuilder would be really difficult, but i can keep a pretty amazing physique all year round, using science without encroaching too much on my lifestyle and using chemicals that i believe are much healthier than the alternatives and more. Sustainable thus concludes my explanation of whether dr tony huge is a really doctor or not. Be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution. As far as i'm concerned, you're my tail doctor.

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