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Using lan tous, long acting insulin, while using the ketogenic diet. Dr tony huge. Could trevor, boston boy. How do you get hot ? He learned. We're gonna have our state. Trevor paid double later. So boston was saying you were doing ketogenic diet and you were using lamps this long acting insulin. What does sadri, forty five units two times a day. So morning and night. All right. And what did you feel from it ? I felt better digestion. I actually learned this from dave's. Ex fiance day plums expansion. Colette nelson fishes type one diabetic. Alexander broadcast. And she said to use always landis on because she said, you know, protein, you know, converts to glucose. But, you know, too much fat, you know, and all that stuff and to do it so what happened is i notice that my digestion was better. My pumps came back in the gym, um, and like muscle fullness throughout the day, which was better and i was filled with phallus was still the same. I still dropping weight. Just pull our muscles better digestion all i get. So trevor explained to me the biology of how this works because i would have thought that taking insulin while having a higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet would cause the fat that you're eating to be stored as fat and isn't that the point of ketogenic diet ? Keep insulin levels low so that you are burning fat and putting in the fat burning mode instead of storage mode all day ? You know, it's, a storage form about storing the carbohydrates, and the whole purpose is being on, kiddo. You kick over in the kyoto like a day like we talked about with you, merlin, our human log or a human, and you're talking five units twice a day. That's ten units you could go no carbs on probably twenty year next cultural twenty units, atlantis and then when you're talking about driving amino acids in the muscle cell with insulin, and when you're on taquito, a lot of people make the mistake of not having enough fats, so it takes him a while because you are breaking up protein tio into glucose. So now you have insulin president ? Can you're driving more amino acids for the muscle as opposed to breaking them down into food coasts and your if there were carbohydrates, they're just driving into the muscles well, leaving the fat means would you do agree that the same dosage boston said that, right ? I mean, everyone has different sensitivity some people i could probably be there tap out, you know ? And when you shame brings it up, you know, he was doing a lot of insulin for no carbs. I know people at your cardio five units and so with no car and so depends on what your sensitivity is. I could never tell you the number and then you take it die. You think this would put someone into ketosis faster like while their carbs air still leaving their system ? They jump on lan tous in those first few days of no car of the intricate oh, cece, faster about a day. I haven't done it with lances. I don't know about that, it's just probably a day and a half because the half life if you use in like, no blood or noble and you could do it another day for sure. And i've done that number of times. So being atlantis is definitely with no carbs is definitely gonna drop blood sugar levels, right ? Let's say yes his load say for you're not gonna it's like it's really hard to go hypo online. You don't take a shit. So do you think was happening his blood sugar is dropping down and at a certain point, it's not down so low that it's gonna make you hypo. Your body was on that. But you answer. But it comes down. And then what ? Your body's converts overto using fats for fuel and for your brain. Instead, your glucose drops and your body has has a choice to make. And because it's doing it so slow too and the way it's working your body can always adapt and throw out luca gone and get really samy knows, deliver and such. But the insulin is keeping it out of your blood from your body to do that. Soto learning okay. Well, that's, where you have separatist keep tones now because you want to kick over in the kyoto says it's, not just doing no carbohydrates. Your body has to be completely rid of your liver. And things have to have gotten rid of most of its stores and all that so now came release any glucose in your blood. So, there's, nothing else for a female ? Would this work the same way ? Except for maybe lowering the dosage. It's depend on their sensitivity. Whatever. Their sensitivity is insolent. Same. Playing with anyone. Wait, we talked about sensitivity. You're actually, could you like, sixty to seventy unit today, i only need about three hundred yards. Yes, okay, we're gonna do another video. Next about insulin sensitivity versus the dosage of insulin to take the swollen, swollen, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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