Lawyer Tip Series #1| How to Be as Efficient as Possible

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There's your doctor, Tony. Huge business lifestyle in success. Tip of the day. It's called multitasking. Here. I've got my daughter on my lap spending family time. I'm also working out, and I'm also working on my phone, except for I set that down before this video, which is also multitasking. That's three things I'm doing at once, which means I'm getting done three times as much as as anyone else. Which means I make three times as much progress three times as much money, three times many life experiences, three times the quality of life. I was born multitasking because my father was a multi tasker. He drove a Porsche nine eleven, which is a stick shift, UH, sports car, no power steering, no power clutch, so hard to drive. And yet he would eat his oatmeal while driving while taking notes while on the phone. And this is back when the cell phones were in the car they had the intent on. The card is a big, huge device, like a CB radio car. So I grew up watching. My dad was incredibly efficient and got an incredible amount of stuff done, and that's what set the standard for me. So obviously, Callie is going to end up to be the same now. The counter argument to it would be that quality of energy and focus you have at any one of the activities would be compromised. But here's the thing. After multitasking for so long, it develops my ability to focus on more than one thing at once. Uh, Callie's just is happy with me working out, and I think it's a good, uh, good thing for her to learn. There's no difference with quality time with Callie. Work out. I'm doing warm upsets. You know, half the workout is basically warm ups that I can multitask and things that I do on my phone. Or simple enough that I could do it sitting at home and just wasting time. Or I could be doing while I'm multitasking, which is what I do. So when someone says, How did you accomplish so much? By age thirty five, how did you make you know? I've probably had twenty million dollars passed through my hands. Thirty million. How'd you make so much money? How did you, uh, when so many bodybuilding competitions acting. How are you a car broker? computer repair constructions, property made management. Real estate lawyer and I don't even know I've accomplished, like six lifetimes were the stuff by the time I made thirty five. One of the main ways is is multitasking, So I'm not saying that it's for everybody. It takes a certain amount of intelligence, intensity and passion to be able to multitask effectively. But why don't you try it? Try pushing your limits. Think whatever activity that you're doing. Think if you could do to activities at once, and whether it would compromise the quality or whether it might actually supplement each other. I feel like I'm or effective working on my phone while I'm on a cardio machine. For example, my mind's working, fast, efficient firing gives the idea Heart rate's going. So you may find you're able to provide better quality work free to the things that you're multitasking at once, and most people have never even tried. So give it a try, see if it's for you and be swollen. Stole my friends. Free to find years of human evolution

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