Lawyer Tip Series #4 | Just – Do – It!!

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doctrine. You, John, success, secrets, tips and tricks. This's just do it. I know it's so simple, but I talked to so many people that are telling me what they're hung up on or telling what their goals are. And then I asked them what their hung up on. And it's the stupidest stuff, that little hurdles, that they should just climb over. I'm gonna give you an example of the way I think and what makes it so easy for me to make millions of dollars in any industry. It's just a philosophy is just a way that I approach things. And here's an example. I should be shooting in a studio with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment to make videos for you guys. The level I'm at right, I should have a professional staff, professional models and all this stuff. And yet here I am in a cheap *** hotel room in Thailand with a ten dollar white board, which I couldn't even skipped the whiteboard and just put tape on the wall and drawn on it with a marker and this crappy little tripod on my cell phone recording videos because I'm just doing it right. I'm not gonna put a whole bunch of hurdles in my way. That don't matter. That make excuses for me not to meet my goals. I would like for you to think about what your goals are. Make a list of all the things that it takes to get there. All the benchmarks along the way, all the things that are holding your back. And how many of those can you just eliminate by just simplifying it? Just doing it. I just started. Just do it. People say I wanna I wanna quit my job and start a business. But all the time has to be right. I wanna buy a house, but but the timing's gotta be right on the market. I'm chasing this. I'm chasing that. So it's just it's just constantly. Everybody who isn't successful always has an excuse, and only thing I can attribute it to is they just don't want people that are successful want to be successful on people that are not successful yet. Just don't want to be successful because if you want to do it, it's super easy and it comes down to a list of principles that you can read in business books, self help books. But the ones that I'm going to tell you in videos like this are the ones that I noticed that my friends make the biggest mistakes on and that if if because of a lot of my friends are brilliant people, but there's there's little things holding them back. And this is the one of the biggest ones I see always an excuse for not moving forward because they won't just do it. So think of the Nike sign. Just do it if I wish. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna do some videos with you guys one on one sometime on recorded Skype calls, and I will analyze your life and I will tell you why you are not a millionaire because anybody could be a millionaire. It's so freaking easy. Once you understand the dynamics of business and psychology, society and the legal system, the government system, business people, Once you understand all these concepts, money comes so easy. It's ridiculous. It's like, how much money do you want? What? Just go pick it up right In any industry doesn't matter. Be swollen, swell Friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution

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