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I'm not sure if it is working or if you can hear me. Yet There we go. Now we are live from Bangkok, Thailand, where I am going to talk to you about H g H insulin and G F L R. Three. And the reason I'm doing this video is because I've been talking to a bodybuilding friend here that is a massive fan of G F L R. Three. But how is that possible? There's no realize G f L R three out there, and if it is, it costs fifteen hundred dollars for a tiny little vial prescription from the United States. Right? Wrong. I respect Rich Piana locked for a lot of videos that he did, but he was completely wrong when he was talking about G F L R. Three. Let's talk about H H and insulin and why it's the holy Grail of bodybuilding. Short of minus Staten. One of the reasons is because it increases I g f l r three so you can take ID h gh by itself and increase l I g f in your body by a little bit. You Khun, take h gh plus insulin and increase your gf by a lot, but it's still never going to get anywhere near what happens in you. Inject actual gf and I Jeff LR three means long range, which means last longer in the body rather than just having a quick spike of gf. So for people, this is not advising you, but let's say for me if I don't want to use insulin, but I still want to have the benefits of the insulin H g h g f thing going on in bodybuilding for massive gains than what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the h gh plus the i g f l r three. Because if you take a J a g f l r three or idea of desk by itself, yes, it works. It definitely works. But there's something about the combination with the increased H gh to set the stage inside the muscle for growth and the a g f l r three to actually cause them also growth. There's a lot of synergy between them, So yes, H gh and I, Jeff LR three can be used together in the absence of insulin. Uh, but insulin serves two purposes. It's not just to increase my gf. It also packs all the nutrients into the muscle. So how do you take advantage of packing more nutrients into the muscle without taking insulin? When you're taking I g f L R three and each gh you make sure you stay insulin sensitive. You make sure you don't overwhelm your insulin receptors by having too many carbs too fast. Too much sugar too much and not having you can still have carbs. This is important Carbs. Air are definitely helpful for building muscle, but if you have too many carbs and you need to figure out where that threshold is for your body, then you're going to desensitize yourself. So you want to find that limit of when you can feel it's full as possible. As Coach Trevor says, it's by feel you want to have so many carbs that you feel full. But don't go past that point. Don't force feed yourself carbs and give yourself a break from carbs. So have certain days where you do no carbs. We go higher fat carb cycling. That's how you'LL stay more insulin sensitive so that despite taking the growth hormone, you're still because Doris Hormone can cause insulin sensitivity. Despite taking the growth hormone, you're still gonna rips main sensitive to your own body's natural production of growth hormone. So I'm going to this morning. I'm on PC teeth, remember? So I'm not taking anything anabolic. Except for right now, I'm on twenty milligrams of Austrian per day, but I brought enhanced chemicals g f l R three with me and because I didn't know if I was gonna use it or not. But since I was talking to a body builder here that's such a huge fan of I g f l r three, I'm going to use it. I'm thinking about doing the same protocol heated, which is one hundred micrograms every other, like one day on and two days off, just enough time to completely let it flushed out of the body and body and completely re sensitize the GF before hitting it again. Now, here they sell one hundred microgram files of EI jefe LR three ten pack for like three hundred dollars. The enhanced chemical one is ten times as much g f in one bottle. So this is ten shots instead of having to use one shot for one bottle so my friend will use a kid of ten Will last him a little over a month. But this Via will also last little over a month because ten times powerful problem is that after reconstitution, the theory is this isn't going to last more than a month. So using his protocol, some of this will go to wait waste. So I don't know how long it's gonna last the vile, especially when I'm traveling here, and it's hard to keep it cool moving between hotels. But I'm gonna use the I'm gonna do one hundred micrograms of idea fell or three this morning. And yes, I Jeff lr three absolute works. Oh, here's an example. I need to give you an example because Rich Piana says that you get what you pay for and realize g f l r three should cost you like fifteen hundred dollars a week or something ridiculous. Well, here's another example of why you don't get what you pay for when it comes to pharmaceuticals. First of all, in the United States, you pay ten times the price that you should for pharmaceuticals. Usually I'd go over the counter here and I can buy antibiotics for a couple dollars That cost me, like forty, fifty bucks in the United States, like a twenty five times mark up. So you tell him you get what you pay forthe the same drug. It's just the United States. Is drug companies raping us? So how can you compare the United States drug companies raping us on IVF LR three versus generic I g F L R three. That works just as good. Another prescription that I recently got cost forty five hundred dollars in the United States U. S. Prescription four thousand five hundred dollars for one bottle of something. I'm not going to tell you what it is in this video, but I will tell you in a very soon future video what drug this is because it's probably the best drug ever made. So forty five hundred dollars for a vial. You know what the street price of that is? Street prices like two hundred dollars, two hundred dollars. So that's, uh, it's about the same ratio of G f l R. Three street price, underground generic price, you know, two hundred dollars versus, uh, pharmaceutical price forty five hundred dollars. They both work the same. They both work the same. Uh, thank you, Miguel, for telling idea. Feller. Three fifty nine dollars. Vile. Yes. That's a great price. Um, and you should be able to feel it. Uh, you should if you inject g f l r three, which I'm not advising you to do this, not medical advice. This is an educational entertainment purposes only you should be able to feel that pump that pump in the muscle, your muscle swell up your muscles, fill up. That doesn't mean you're actually building muscle when you feel the pump Just setting the stage for the muscle to be built. So you've got the temporary effects plus the long term effects of the GF Tony DNP coming back to the Aussie website DNP is available on the fertilizer warehouse dot com is where I get the DNP. Toni gh rp two versus m k six seven seven g h r p Tio. You inject it and it lasts a very short window of time in case six, seven, seven last all day. So, in case six, seven, seven if you take how much growth hormone your body will produce over a whole day versus that one little burst in case six seven seven is way more effective. G H R P. To give you a bigger spike all at once. So if you wanted to hit pre workout or something, that's fine. But if you really wanted to be the most anabolic, you'd have to be hitting G H R P to many, many times per day. And that's where the advantage of the M K six seven seven the world growth hormone Yeah, I might go to Poland. My ex girlfriend was from Poland. She was hot and I loved there their style or their heritage. So they go to pull in some day. Why does it always have to be about girls, though I'm sure there's other things to see in Poland, but that's what's attracting to it. Uh, started idea Feller three and desk Best protocol. In your opinion, um, deaths. I would do not advising you to do it. But how I do it in the past is deaths. I prefer pre or inter work out because it only lasts about thirty minutes. And I Jeff lr three. Although a lot of bodybuilders I know they loved it. Pre workout I don't think it makes a huge difference because it lasts all day, so I just do my hell jiji f l r three in the morning If I'm going to a Jeff Miller three, remember? I don't I haven't done a lot of i g f l r three in my life. DFL or three, I believe, is one of the top is the secrets of body building one of the most understated things that big body builders used to get big. But the reason why I haven't used a ton of idea feller three for longer periods of time is because I've used it for short bursts and it works really well and that satisfied my experiment. So I've done my experiments with it. I was satisfied with the results. I now have it as a tool in my tool chest so that when it's time to get massive, if I ever want to get absolutely massive and do everything on point, I Jeff LR three is absolutely a component of that. Are

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