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don't turn you because it doesn't have much to do with body building more about lifestyle. It's about a J. International. Playboy came out here to meet me in one of my favorite places. Angeles City, Philippines. Uh, why are you here? Well, there's a couple places in the world that I really love. And for lifestyle, For girls into a city. Thailand. Colombia. Some of the best places in the world to be who? Those are my three favorite places. Uh, Thailand. Philippines in Colombia. Okay, so you're an international playboy. Uh, you are only twenty six years old. How the hell did you figure out howto have such a frickin awesome lifestyle? This guy's got the same lifestyle as me. Uh, a little bit less of the body building. A little bit more of a college style partying stop. In fact, looking at these braces, how did you figure out? Oh, Nati Gaines said, Did you Did you strike it big with big points? I did buy into bitcoin early. I got in for about seven hundred dollars. Sold it all eleven hundred dollars. So not a lot of ways. Made a little bit of money like twenty percent, and then a couple of months later went up to eleven thousand. Could have made two hundred fifty three hundred thousand dollars. Okay, Still not still nothing here toe support his lifestyle. If you guys had it in you, I wonder if they have any idea how much it costs to live our lives. It's really expensive is it doesn't have to be because you also say that you can wear pretty happy and faster so you can definitely travel the world for very cheap. And I know people who travel the world. Goto fifty sixty countries on Absolutely like pennies. They'LL they'LL spend eight dollars a day on hotels, three dollars a day on food and then maybe ten dollars a day on drink. So for the price of a lunch or a dinner and United States, you can live around the world and go anywhere you want. So let's do another. Remember that. Remember, let's do a video on howto have this lifestyle that way. Have, with little money as possible, all right, since we're introducing you talking about everything, and since most of my audience is bodybuilding related, do you take steroids? I do take their own. Show him your abs real quick. Okay. This guy party seven days a week. This guy's got abs. The guy he drinks so much frickin alcohol that he parties so hard every day of his life. Uh, and just like me, uses steroids as a kind of a short cut. So we don't have to have a perfect diet. We don't have to have perfect training. Uh, but we still get to keep it. Awesome physique. So tell him what your steroid cycle is. So usually I'm just running testosterone year around pretty low dosages. And if I, uh, from getting out of control are getting a little bit too much body fat, we'LL throw into me and of our so maps Tron, and that's about it. Stay hard. Uh, do you use Viagra? See Alice Levitra? Ay, dio occasionally. Uh, if I'm drinking a lot or if I'm doing some other substances, I'll definitely include some. See Alice Cody. Cody says I think you cutie. I took by Agron tonight. And, uh, in fact, just to make sure that that Viagra was working way went into this bar right here called Viking Way had all the girls put their hands down our pants and see how responsive we worked with Viagra. So they worked pretty good. R, how many times you've been here in this town? This is my fifth time. I believe here in Angeles, on DH. I've also been to Thailand. Probably about six or seven times. How many times you've been here? Wait, why is my third time okay? Where's Trevor? He's in Colombia with girlfriend. We're gonna be meeting up with Trevor again. Sometimes. Uh, why did you come say meet me? Tony Hughes? Well, I had a trip to Argentina, planned with some friends, and they had to back out on me. I was sitting at home looking at now, Chad story, salt. Tony was over here in the Philippines and I was like, Well, I will go over there. Awesome. Okay. We had a question on the live. Uh, said how many girls did you bang? How many girls have you banged so far in the last few days? Uh, Big six or seven in the last one. Being to two girls per day is how many girls that age A as he travels with the last one that includes in the us or international. Uh, it's just easier and cheaper here, like less energy. You you have a lot of success in the US with girls, too. So why don't why don't you just You're so good with girls. Why don't you just keep a in American girls with us? Why you why you come in other countries? So in America, it's pretty easy to go to college town soon. Go to bars. It's very easy to get girls to come home with you to sleep with you, but here it's a It's a new element. You You come here and you don't really have to worry about anything. You don't have to worry about the pick up. You go out, you meet really hot girls really big girls, and you give him twenty dollars or forty dollars for two girls to come home with you and have a ***. And there's absolutely that's like that's the price of a couple of drinks out of the bar. So why on earth would you not want to try that out sometimes? Well, your phone out. Let's show them some video of some ***. I would show you a video from my phone except her. I'm using my phone while he looks that up. The question was, does he like banging lady boys? Yes. A J has banged a Lady boys before. And that's one of the reasons why I like him. He's open minded. Not that he not Then he's, uh, gay Or the, uh, you know is like that obsession, *** playboys. But, you know, when you travel around the world and you've had so many experiences like a J. And I have him only twenty six years old, fifty eight years old on thirty five. Man, don't you guys have done in your life like a lot of things that you wanted to You start needing more interesting things for stimulation. So yes, ages being lady boys and kept it interesting. All right, so here's some fearsome nice action from the night before last. No, it's actually no, it's not gay to bang a ladyboy. In fact, if you know what's funny is some of these lady boys, you cannot tell the difference between a lady boy and a girl. In fact, I was tricked. I spent the first two nights here in Angeles totally tricked by a lady boy It's okay. We're friends, lady boy and I are great. We're always gonna be friends. I really like her. But I thought she was a girl, and she freaking rocked my world. Uh, and she has, uh, you know, Operation. So, man, she looks just like a girl like you. A lot of God. Is it true that a lot of guys have probably bang lady boys that have had put that about the surgery they don't even know. Oh, speaking of which, you're some lady boys. Can I flip the camera? Okay. Watch how hot these, Grover, He's your lady, boys. Oh, man, It won't let me. Do you see those two tall ones? There's a ladyboy one on the far farther away, super sexy. And men they know exactly. You know exactly what to do. Tow, please. You as a man, that's what's crazy. But let's get you some bear. Let's get you Some actually do sexy girls. Okay, so this Angeles, that's a J. We're going to do more specific videos. Oh, look at that girl in the grave dresses so you could see everything through. Okay, so we're gonna do more videos. I appreciate your participation A J is willing to. He's been kind of private about his life before this but Tony huge style is to share all of our knowledge, our lifestyle with you so that you guys can learn. We can also learn from you. Uh, I was gonna say be swallowed small, but that's for the best athlete. What? What do you say to close it out A. J. We're gonna do more videos in the future. So every time you haven't giving, loving relationship starts tomorrow relationship starts tomorrow. You sure you want to stop streaming?

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