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YOUTUBE LIVE in Bangkok! I’m training on one my favorite machines, the leg extensions:) I strongly believe the quadriceps muscles can be greatly enhanced with the leg extension. I’ll give you a tip of mine that I use to target my quads with full contraction.

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This is YouTube, live from Bangkok. I know it's the middle of night for you guys, but it's afternoon for me. And I'm training legs on one of my favorite machines. The leg extension. I know, like extensions for ***, right? Squats and dead list that builds huge legs now kind of. But when you're on the bodybuilding stage, you're shredded definition of hitting. Each head of the quadriceps could be developed by using the leg extension. And, uh, if you're like me and you don't want away two hundred fifty, two hundred sixty pounds. But you want to look like you wanna look awesome, you want to get those muscle bellies that definition you don't necessarily want Teo to build massive size. That's gonna put a lot of stress on our heart. So I love the legs. Mention for that, and here's some variations that I use from it. First of all, I put the seat back really far, so I'm laying, see, I'm laying back so my hips are more straight. This is an angle that people don't usually use, and it gives a really good stretch. So I'm gonna lift him up and and as I go down. It's a good stretch because my hips are up like this. All right, then. I can also obviously move the seat up like this and go to ninety degree angle and get more of a contraction of the top. And you can emphasize motion using this for negatives. You can put both legs up and then you could let one down slow one leg up. Let one down slow also, if your knees are bad like my left knee is very sore, then I can change the way I could do heavy weight on my right leg. And then I could go for lightweight, high wrapped and still get a good workout on my left leg. Uh, you could do partial wraps. Coach Marco's a huge fan of partial reps, so he'LL do like twenty ones. You know, the bicep curls we do seven reps in each different range of motion point flex ation. Well, we could do that here. We can do waken take the top because that's the harder part. We can go slow for seven reps and then we can drop it down and do seven reps, the bottom partial range of motion and then we can go the full range of motion Waken do heat a Yamagishi style Yamagishi likes to put the whole Frick and stack on this thing and just bounce it right at the bottom, Getting that twitch in the stretch position to build the muscle. Kind of like the old Iron Man Mad magazine days of points of flex ation where you put really heavy weight and you bounce it in the stretch position. Oh, then we have the other program where the guy did, uh, basically does his whole leg workout using the leg extension machine. And he just he just keeps pounding basically every different angle. But the whole workouts based around leg extension, no other quad work it all. He used, uh, he used the squats and everything else. He never developed it. And they found the leg extension works for him. Uh, and then we've got a good comment here. Leg extensions or useless. Thankyou for weighing in. Uh, but here's some variations, just in case you find him as useful as I do. So you can hit. There's so many different parts of the quadricep, and when you squat, you're part of the quarter steps going gonna fail before the rest. But when you when you do lay extensions, you can isolate which part of the quad is is flexing. So I could put my point, my toes in and lift up at the back and look at I could hit that look, just relations frustrations on outside.

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