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Long term for hundred milligram testosterone cycles. Doc stuck here, too. Good dr tremor. I hereby pronounce you a doctor of unhand staff, so i noticed this trend with bodybuilders in their forties, the really big guy, you know, i'm asking all these guys questions and they know who i am, and they want to be honest with me and they don't want to say who they are. They don't want to come forward on a video and say what they're taking or who they are that's usually the case. So usually i have to tell you what information i'm getting from people, but not connected with the people that are giving it to me so they could remain anonymous. But the trend is i'm noticing a lot of bodybuilders in their forties, forties, all the way up through early fifties on four hundred milligrams of testosterone and the great they look huge that's all they've taken one guy did was doing it for a year. He was a year into a looked amazing. Another guy, uh, was, uh, four months into another guy's six months into it, and it was working fantastic for him. So if four hundred milligrams is all it takes to look like that, trevor remember these air career bodybuilders ? Professional bodybuilders, these air guys that the kind of guys that you walked out street like whole damn that guy's got a lot of muscle guys that you could look pictures on instagram and they were on stage shredded and huge bodybuilders, not classics, zeke, not physique. Big bodybuilder. How could how can they hold that with only four hundred million testosterone ? Look, maybe now you mean its's. Easy now to believe that i have maintained my with tr cheetos and a few units of growth. So that's two hundred migs of tests as opposed to four hundred and that's every ten days, as opposed to every week. And i've been able to maintain my size where i'm at right now are, you know, the last few months at least at that weight around to forties. So if i'm able to do that, that goes to show you that that dose if you look at how the doctors are prescribing this for therapeutic, you know therapy it's two hundred milligrams every ten days. That's the highest hill over. Go and that's. What put you in a normal range of testosterone now ? You that's in ten days. Now you sort this. Seven days and you double it to four hundred. So your levels on your chart is going to be three to four times the normal amount of, you know, a human was let's. Just throw out the age as like a twenty year old. So three to four times that. And how big can a twenty ? You know, someone in their mid twenties get naturally. We've seen some big natural guys. It's, enough hormones and andrew jin's toe hold the muscle. The only difference is they have built their muscle through whatever you know means growth hormone, testosterone, all the anabolic ce. Once you have the muscle doesn't take a lot to hold the muscle. All it is is diet training and then you have enough intelligence to supply it. All it's gonna do is change the shape and change our you know, if it's gonna inflate, dude, all that increase of water attention and whatnot and the and the look, the hardness and the lines you know things graininess that comes on stage do the drugs that's the only thing there's always a secret lesson in the videos. I do. Guys, i'm going to start telling you what the secret lesson is a secret lesson, and this is if you find out what someone is on today, don't assume that that's how they built or got to where they are in business and muscle, whatever i mean, so you sew these bodybuilders that aaron, forty milligrams that's after they ran a lot of other stuff before they built the muscle, they're using four hundred milligrams to maintain it. So don't mistake that. What about for ? Ah, well, i'll just say i was to give you the answer on this one on a bodybuilding competition when it comes up. When these guys do compete, they go on two months cycles with trend and wind straw on of our halo testing, so they throw that in on top of the four hundred milligrams of testosterone, but they always just keep the four hundred milligrams of testosterone rolling as like, as their base all year round, because you're trying to lean out at that point, you know, they're wass under somewhere ten percent nine percent body fat or so, and then they get ready for a show in order to maintain the size that they do have and get that love of body fat. You do need extra antigens and things such as you said in your first steroid cycle video that you did two hundred milligrams of testosterone, very low dosage and made great gains on it. What if someone were to do four hundred milligrams of testosterone with the intent to build muscle ? And does it ? Is it a factor on how much muscle they're starting ? As for for a cycle ? No, just in general, not even for a cycle. Just any time is four hundred milligrams of testosterone long term enough to build muscle ? Yeah. Now, if they had, if they, you know, let's put me in perspective. I was two. Fifty. You know, for what i am, you know, usually around to forties. If i were to go on for hundred makes a test, i might be able to put some of my old pre existing my sword at a little bit more weight, but i wouldn't be able to get to where i used to be. It does require a lot more, you know, androgens in there. But somebody around let's just put someone one hundred eighty pounds. Of course, four hundred will definitely get them growing. I grew, i think, was to thirty five at the end of my two hundred makes cycle, so i got to two hundred thirty five pounds because i started to twenty five and but i leaned out and got two, two thirty five lean so i mean that's that's two thirty five, five, nine so the next lesson is the farther you are away from your natural baseline. If if your natural ma ana muscle naturally lifting is two hundred pounds and you're trying to get to three hundred pounds, you're going to need a lot. Mohr over steroids for that last two hundred eighty two, three hundred pounds than you did to get from two hundred to two hundred and twenty pounds. So the farther you get away from your natural state, the more steroids it takes, right ? Yeah, theoretically, yes. So waken get a lot more complex science into you know, the the things such as the growth hormone creating yourselves when you're just talking about maturing the size of a cell. Yeah, it goes. You know, you could put a marker every ten to twenty pounds. You're going to require x amount more answer gyms and that's. What the problem nowadays isn't. People just start with all these high doses, not even two pounds, like they think they want to be three hundred pounds. So they're going to take the dosage that it takes to get from to eighty two, three hundred instead of focusing on the dosage, get takes to get from two hundred to two, twenty. So i just wanted to get these principles out. You these kind of the ways, we, the physics of it, the way we think of it. So you learn those couple of lessons from this video using these examples, be swell in school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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