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our way to Gold's gym. Venice enhanced athlete crew. Jim, we're going to dio chest workout. Trevor's actually gonna train me today like Coach Marco did last week. So let's see what Coach Trevor Workout looks like. Competitors. Alex just joined us for the video on whether to do cardio before or after waits. And we voted after Venice Beach Gold's gym, ground zero of today's professional body building. In the history of bodybuilding time I've worked out with Trevor. I've never actually had a coach meet a full workout beginning to end. This is the first time we're doing a video on his chest workout for using the dip machine. How you doing, *** machine? Just like if I was holding a barbell on decline. If you come here like most people do, seventy percent of that is your price If you see the engagement. So as soon as you bring him out here, it's like you're holding a barbell. Here, sweetie. Trevor and hottie alert. If you guys didn't know this is the type of girl that Trevor life crazy Trevor. Still the biggest guy in the biggest Jim in the United States Gold Jim, Better speech. Trevor still the guy this out. Maybe later today there's this hottie alerts gonna let me lift her up There have been lifted up in the gym. Now it's what we did in prison. That's very so. I'm gonna start doing cardio after my weights workouts. From now on, I'm going to get my cardio and stay healthier. State leader all year round. Be able to eat a lot of help. Hottie alert. I think my pre workout Viagra's kicking in, sweetie. What you gonna do about that? The meal that sky prepared me for my post workout meal. She makes Los Angeles mall shopping spree by the new line of Nike shoes. Just gotta figure out which ones I want to know with white can albacore and yogurt, Greek yogurt and seasoning herbs and spices were caught me eating Oreos and reminded me we got a photo shoot with Mr California tomorrow in Beverly Hills. So here I am, back with Jim Trans burn off story. I can't keep up with this girl looking how she does on the StairMaster. She freaking owns the StairMaster doing this before we go hiking the Beverly Hills tomorrow like it's nothing she could do this all day. More home healthy meals before going to bed early so we can get up early and go hiking with Mr California Beverly Chicken Green beans, lentils, apple cider vinegar mixed with ambuja Wait, wait, You get me my greatest life's work. So I hope you appreciate the *** of bikini by Dr Tony Use. I got this breakfast idea for Madoka. Breakfast of Champions at the night scene at Gold's Gym, Venice with hottie alert, I get Gold's gym, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, combining the training of Coach Marco and Coach Trevor and also Guru me. And today Guru. Me and I shot some amazing videos on pioneer human evolution through advanced bodybuilding chemistry and steroids cycles. Of course, travel was here. You have to be double number, number of number popular packs my gym food for me so I can immediately eat after the workout. Thank you. Good to see how this impacts my body. The fact that this girl makes me every three hours healthy meals, I do have a lot of cheap meals in between, but at least I got approaching every three hours. Be honest between meals. I've been sneaking a lot of this on this, and I'm definitely putting on fat fast, but I'm also growing Collect. Theo Threading The Universal studio's going to use sunblock because skin cancer from sun damage is more likely to kill us than responsible steroid usage. Just keep it relative in man's house it was, But I like the virtual reality rides a lot more than the roller coasters Harry Potter ones for sale. So many to choose from breaking my fitness Foreigner packed my food for me. So I mean, healthy is our buddy from Australia International. Mm. A fighter also going to Amsterdam were gonna watch him train in Amsterdam beginning of May and show you hard core him. Inmate training money doesn't necessarily buy happiness, but it can buy you time. But you can spend doing more things like doing like flying first class priority seating and priority passes to skip the lines. They shoot the voice cars from the actual movies. Step Thanks. All design. Sit down to talk about that right? Commerce Trevor's favorite ride at Universal Studios Port. Ah, you too big for Universal Studio. You paid over the of life a underwear change in baby powder state threshold. I want one of these for my house. What? Thank you May go on roller coasters, Chris. US Army Espanol in Costa Rica for Kayla. Tenth day A plan in Espanol There, here at the world famous hotels rain Costa Rica. One of my favorite places. Really? Do we have here a little appropriate eight prima bowl and from Costa Rican friend here Still not be hidden steroids of much of teacher, But it will do in the meantime twenty three gauge needle, not a fan, but I'll make do with what I got Good. This shirt that Josh made me exactly. Dr Tony Pharmacy in Costa Rica very similar to Mexico, almost the exact same selection. A similar price is it's basically like going to Mexican farms us for some bigger than insulin needles, and I got a sixty ml. Serve Inge, a twenty ml syringe and a ten ml syringe with a twenty two gauge inch and a half at the gym in Costa Rica. Five Dollar day Fast Pym. Now ASIO and go study Coach Trevor's top secret shoulder exercises. Look at the wrist angle. Look at the angle of shoulders on an incline bench. Popular from workout for a juice bar. Protein. Drink aside, Delts. Now we're heading front Delts policy A eat animals. Mu chose a steroid. This pero no es un problema here in Costa Rica, just like in Mexico, is sold in one ml syringes with a twenty gauge inch and a half Dino, we're gonna stick that forever. I just don't understand why there has to be two doves. Why can't there be three before five for six? You're natural. I thought you were not. So I want to show us What? What's that behind your ear? That. What's that? What you have here? Trevor's got his eye on these Audie alerts right here. I think he's gonna pick one of them. Those new friends last. They were so confused when I pull the needle from buying their years, they've never seen one before. They didn't help or what boy Diet starts tomorrow. Yeah, there. Right in the kneecap, a sleeping pill stories and other stories from tonight, wallet is a hundred dollar bill. Theo rented the entire gym for one hour for twenty four dollars so we can shoot all the videos we wanted. Alert included. This is the new glued exercise. That's all the fad show showman. You know, good exercise is what I see. A lot of the fitness with girls big booties doing in the gym now Semana Santa. It's a holiday, as you can see. Even though it's a Thursday, everything is closed. Eating out every meal. Diet starts tomorrow, right? Yes, D'Oh to being Costa Rica just revealed itself. It's the cosmetic surgery. So you know the Yes, yes, the glued enhancement that were experimenting with Trevor and I No, the adverse reaction that I had when I injected it to me, she also had the same adverse reaction here. Which is why Trevor and I are pioneering human evolution. Doing Saudi alert is the ultimate wing woman. Serena got a garnet, an example of some traditional Costa Rican food in what they eat very frequently. Plantains, rice mixed with black beans, chicken, obviously coffee mixed with chocolate protein powder. My favorite dream volcano just erupted in Costa Rica And so I'm gonna show you a clip of the footage from my friend's house in Costa Rica, Here of the volcano. Tony, the injection clown is back. So that's just prima Boland, the steroid that has virtually no side effects shouldn't impact my fertility by cholesterol or anything else. Staff here is smoking Hi, Costa Rican, Wal Mart and the Costa Rican Walmart Pharmacy. More goodies. Hello, Costa Rica on the way to the beach. Crocodiles? No way. Let's see. Crocodile River crocodile. We just fed the crocodiles an entire chicken. So we're gonna feed him some. Or there's a whole chicken. Let's meet a buyer implants. So she's demonstrating the size that she's requesting. Cheers. The coconuts. Those are the *** of my two previous girlfriends. And she wants the same size *** they have, and she only weighs ninety five pounds. Bloom with buying Girl's *** is both of those. Previous girlfriends got very little attention from guys before the *** after the *** guys were all over him all the time. There is a traditional Costa Rican meal. It's three different types of meat. It's the classic rice and beans with the plantain. We went full pimp for the Costa Rica Beach two storey penthouse condo on the beach. That's my girl hard core. She could do this whole day. No exercise. Last set of every exercise is a drop set to failure than partial wraps and negatives. Film. So he took Levitra free workout. Ten milligrams. That's best combo rates and upper chest exercise I have never seen. I'd usually do something similar with Dumb Bell, but look, he's taking two plates in doing it. That's upper chest when you're low on sodium and some friends of freedom from old school by Villers Down Here the retired in Taco, Round one No, another pharmacy again. Poor Viagra. Marsalis More Levitra for pre workout. Don't think about what else it could be, but it's still crazy to me that enhanced chemicals sells Viagra literacy. Alice for one third the price of a Mexican or Costa meet freakin pharmacy didn't bring it up. The World Famous CO Cal uh, pool party casino Cuter These hotty alerts or the puppy Hot alerts for the puppy. We'LL Pool and beat to ourselves Good Morning, Costarica. What they want for episode of Injections Across one way I get my caloric burn in to be able to eat whatever I want. His little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This is now one of my most favorite views in the world I love when you've got a river and an ocean and a mountain range. Baby. Mama would love it here. I wish baby Mama was here. I really need to try and work harder to get her on board. We're traveling with It's your turn to have a girl inject you. Yeah, Trevor doesn't do dear, but he does do just t r T testosterone and a little bit of growth hormone. So doing a little bit of growth hormone with a little bit of insulin just to stay in a ball, looking for the switching between the difference arm. So he did the test alone. Rad, forty. And he did the Ost Arena, and he's doing the leg and Raul now that he's switching to the Y K eleven because buying Julia of Height the mountains of Costa Rica in search of the hidden steroids aren't much of a teacher. Perhaps the heat on steroids ofwhat you, Pete, you are somewhere inside there making rain forest of Costa Rica in search for hidden steroids. Have much of a teacher. Anabolic insects eat ramen free clay facial included is the chef of the day. He cooks healthy body building meals, so check out what he could. Massage time. My favorite thing. Wait. We're about to get a ton of food to come out and say the diet I personally don't like spicy. But if someone's crazy, they got every type of fasting. Diet starts tomorrow is about a five thousand calories. Recon my office. The alerts in the kitchen. Let's see what she's good looking. Got cooking. Oh, my gosh! Every morning. Perfect breakfast. All hero Jin trope and growth hormone. We should do a video about you for a formal is recorded A video on the muscle heads three twenty. Steroid bust Giving our insight. I'm really gonna want to see your comments on the YouTube channel on that, But thank you. Okay, Yeah, yeah. No alerts become high cardio and waits. There's a tip guys bite down on your towel Tau, release that Grecian. Feel too much intense. Stick something in his mouth to bite on thirty thirty one. Josh, it's this for fifteen reps. No problem. Powerlifting background and military training The pharmacy stocking up again I'll show you what goodies I got and why in just a minute pharmacy purchases of the day was di aside a diuretic cause I'm almost about to run out of enhanced athlete. Expel seven fifty to keep the water off the growth hormone. Oh, members, All her heart and the antiseptic alcohol which I refill my spray bottle with and spread on myself to keep myself free of bacteria Fungus of things that grow on the human environments. It starts tomorrow. Diane definitely starts tomorrow. Be Easter. There is good at riding their horses. You army. You're gonna be a pro. Maybe wait for another of injections across the world we spotted a monkey way are getting closer to the hidden steroids of more to P choo. This is freedom. I don't want the government to tell me what to do and what not to do. I like this total freedom to do whatever I want. I don't need to sign any liability One Look. Come on, baby. Clean water. It's what we use when we run out of the water on the road to use with peptides growth hormone. Thank you, Trevor, for the tip. Welcome to another episode of injections across the world. I love it when my hearty alert used me by injection swelling swath leaving our beach penthouse. We just shot some videos on insulin sensitivity and growth hormone on eating beef for bodybuilding and a camera video. Your request. We just saw the video on What's the best age to start? H gh recorded video on In Case six, seven, seven and the Hunger Side Effect. What good is a bad dude? Desensitized to it is a fact the hunger goes away mean the M K six seven seven dealer Trevor's in Love New Workout trend instead of the T r X, We've got the ribbon tain from the ceiling in Costa Rica, a tour of the Costa Rican Jim. This is the hard court downtown, Costa Rica. Awesome. I think I want to learn how to do that, that she's upside down. Do you think she's a bad? Yeah, there's our audience on. We're going to show you why, in a safe most work out, drink a moustache, a moustache Closer Trevor eats all of that twice a day, but still puts no fat on it. Last stay in San Jose, Costa Rica. Before we had to Panama tomorrow, my cardio queen here just started around on YouTube channel just put pictures and videos up her cozy beach if you want eight subscribers, how'd you even get eight in one day? It's impressive. Just one of the many ways I add value on Earth is I calibrate the scales wherever I go, because nobody else does. Ground one at the breakfast with a behind the scenes how Sky always makes her own selfie pictures and videos. Okay, we got someone that learned from Sky on how to do the selfie video and pictures. I am not complaining. Experimenting with di aside, I bought over the counter here, which is a diuretic. I ran out of expel seven fifty from athlete. So it's gonna be fun tow. Go back to a diabetic and kind of compare insulin lesson. Is that all Insulin? Yeah, well up. Somebody put too much insulin. Somebody almost died. Trevor is drinking interesting science Find when you let a lot of gardening store carbohydrates meeting over five thousand calories, Stack is too light. So here's how we had a plate to the stack. That doctor turning down a huge getting his arms measured buffet Round one Westrum ego Jen ai une amigo and, uh, department salute. No stress. Frutos Costa Rica in the pursuit of crushing ignorance. What's matter? What's worse, Chinese approach to media or American approached me In China, they have a full time government department working very hard to prevent any information from the rest of world, including mostly America, from penetrating their inner. You have a huge lack of information and round the public about what's really going on around the rest of the world. So that's ignorance, right? The Chinese people are just completely ignorant. They just don't have any information to base an opinion. And so they just don't worry about news. What sounds bad, right? But consider that America has lots of information, ninety percent of which is false and misleading. So Americans, they're making decisions. So what's worse, not having any information to be able to form your own opinion or having misinformation that ninety percent of people are not intelligent enough to discern between that and truth in America, most the people that feel very passionate about their cause don't even realize that the people that created the cause differed ulterior motive and are manipulating and using the public. Thank you, Dave Columbo for the Species Nutrition bag. Trevor uses that as his travel bag found the jackpot. Hand rolled cigars at the airport in Costa Rica. Diet starts tomorrow. Yeah, diet. Definitely. Diet starts tomorrow. Oh, God. Everybody sitting down waiting for the plane, looking at Trevor going. Please, please. Please, Bill. Hopefully I'm not sitting next to him. Please. He's not sitting next to me on the plane. Perhaps another episode of injections accustomed.

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