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JD here with enhance athlete got a special guest. Erin read. Maybe he didn't know. But you will. Now he's the Super League pro and the world's greatest largest bodybuilder. He's, uh, got a really great book out like Everybody check out. It's the supernatural lifestyle. There's a lot of great tips in here, but I would like him to this kind of go over with me some specific details to find Tune part of my program based off of his recharge and execution of the diet. He has some great tips in here about how you can maximize the performance of your diet and to manipulate the insulin sensitivity where I started in in the last couple weeks, I was about one hundred and five kilos, about two hundred and thirty pounds. And then I tuned in my diet where I went to six meals a day, eating about thirty grams of protein per mule, which is about one hundred one hundred fifty grams of chicken, fish or beef or whatever. And then I was only eating carbs three times a day at that time. After talking to you about the amount of cars I was eating, it sounded like I was at a card deficit along with may be missing out on some some crucial sugars or different things that I might need to incorporate. And could you give me a little bit more information about how I could build basically the best pre and post workout meals? Well, what What would be your best recommendations on pre and post workout for me? Okay, well, first of all, you know, carbs always run a workout, yours and cards and work out. When it comes to these two times, you want to have more easily digested carbs. So typically, I like to work out in the morning. So a big fan of, like, oatmeal on fruits and whites, That's that's an awesome workout. Meals. You could blend that up. You know, a little spinach in there and you get, like, a lot of vitamins and minerals your fiber on on one shot with your shake in the morning. That zgray pre workout, you could always do, you know, like a chicken and rice work out. What not You have some Sort of like Eugene built up this if you train later in the day. But postwar guys kind, where the magic is in idea is Tio cause a large insulin spike, not just to recuperate. You know, the election stores and muscle tissue, but actually stop cortisol. You cause a big insolence fight. Your body will block cortisone. Chorizo is he eats tissue. So if you've been working out really hard to get depleted, your body's gonna release some level of quarters on the blood stream. And so, by spiking your insulin post workout with a simple shooter or something like like, dextrose is ideal because if you only be transported by insulin Ray, the corn shooter, that's like that's like ideal Teo you because you get the biggest insulin spike that way. And then after that, once you have that insolent fool in your system, you want to make sure that the next meal that you need is a car meal without fats in it, because anything you eat when insolence flowing like crazy gonna store. So it's always good idea. Have, like white rice white potato with a white fish of some sort. Often that's pretty much it. Outside of that, you've got to make sure that you are actually increasing insulin sensitivity by not having carbs at all times. So no fat meals with protein are ideal, right? And then with that same theory on the insulin spike and timing, is it most important that we would spike? You are insolent after because it was also a spy car R g f as well is that it was there. What do you think about that? Is there a theory behind that as well? Well, you know, for me, this is one of those things that kind of just started office, What seemed like the most natural and kind of basic course to go. Because if you think about train really hard, nobody wants to recover. So you guys got released whatever hormones necessary to recover. So I thought to myself, You know, one way you can speed up recovery is by I said, stopping cortisol with the insulin spike. So I do believe that you know all of your growth hormones and things like that. They're released post workout. You know, you're taking advantage of that while you're in story, okay? And you give me one other awesome tip while we're in India. About what I should eat criers in sleep. You had mentioned you cut out your cards prior to going to sleep. So that way you don't store those. But it's okay to eat like your fats, the almonds or different kind of nuts that you eat before going to sleep. So that way well, I'm sleeping. I don't wake up with that crazy hunger, and I'll be able to sleep through the night without without storing the wrong, fatter energy. Yeah, you know, you gotta look at the way foods work is. You know, carbs are good for provide Lots of energy and fats are good for providing modern mass energy. So I was tell people, Do you need a ton of energy to go to sleep? You know, as I now, So the idea is a fat at that time because it doesn't couple things. It's gonna satisfy your caloric needs so you won't be starving. See, stay. Anabolic. So you're not with her in a way that I feel like I'm like a straight diet. You know what the other thing is? It's not carbs. And so you're gonna be actually even more insolent, sensitive in the morning. You have those carbs first thing. So there's a couple things. All right? Hey, thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Hey, guys, make sure you check out this book. The supernatural lifestyle. Byron, Read he right. Train hard, stay. Focus on making gain, son.

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