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I'm dr in huge this came bishop, we've talked with mark loeb liner at the last expo, and a lot of you guys want to know what we think about mark low, but because i put him on the snapchat and, you know, there's kind of it seems like there's a feud behind the scenes, so i'm going to be a little bit of background on, then answer your guys questions because we're getting blown up with questions about, uh, mark lo blind till you're finished and and a halfs athlete dark show huge. Um, so it all started when i think tiger fitness came out with a video kind of against its arm saying that's arms are unregulated, which is true that a lot of storms could be fake or ghost or incorrect things could be put in there, or it could be dangerous because it could be a problem set of storms that it was going to turn down that kind of past, which is all very true because there is actually his arms companies out there that do that very thing, so i don't blame him for do that, but he wasn't really familiar with enhance sadly. Specific product so i don't really take personal offense to it at all. He had never tried any of our products. Plus, as you guys know, i just i'm not even trying to market these products i don't really care about like trying to make money. I'm doing it more for a benefit of the community and i think mark also came from the angle like, well, it's arms are very high profit margin. You know anything that's grey area is going to be more profit margin than something that's mainstream that's just the nature of supply and demand and business and risk where ? But i think what he noticed when he's in person with us bishop in mean bull is that we're just fun guys that like the industry and love, weightlifting and love connecting with people no dough and that's the same feeling i got from mark low blinder too. So tell us. Kind of what's your experience with marco bladder network a one fucking cool last guy i would kick it with mark a little button any time, any day. You just actually just one. It was like a one personalities where you know you can i ? Mean, pretty much he looks like he messed with anybody, get along with anybody, no controversy there, just like you say, looking out for the best interest of, you know, he's so many companies out there taking the manager like guys who just really wants results and he's just kind of like trying to put him on the spot, but like you say, you know, once you got to know us, he saw that wasn't really what we're all about in the tabloids, you know, we're actually about, like, actually helping the production of, like guys and get to the next level. So i just say this guy is, like, really cool, and i cracked a bunch of jokes and over the jokes about about a penis size, you know, so julia didn't joke about, like, you know, black eyes and big means i like, you know, i hate that standard because then, you know, you get a chick in the bed and it's like, oh, well, you know, you thought it, i never said it, you know, but well, we're here now we're going to do it way were at the booth where they sell the men's posing trunks. Right ? And they had these nipple covers for the women, but they look just like they could fit in the front like they could, you know, look up woke up your package for your body building posing really ? So we were saying that this is bishop secret in his posing to really grab a handful there really something in the front s o that was really fun. Gentlemen, mark that now mark lives in illinois's, which i have no reason you go to illinois is other than to visit mark, but i'm not opposed to it. I think we got along and i think we'd have fun hanging out. You know ? We're thinking about doing the wings of strength chicago so we might go there so we could go visit mark. We cannot be awesome that's now a couple of their response to the things with mark, someone interviewed me and the thing they're like, hey, what do you think about what more global liner said about this or that ? And my response was, well, this is the general. This is generally how the industry works when you're his biggest mark loeb liner, because he's really big on the online fitness industry very well known been around a long time, long before i ever even considered touching the fitness industry other than my own personal journey. And when you get to the level size he is, he cannot do anything gray area he's way too much on the radar on enhanced our doom or gray area before and it's got enhanced athlete has to play it safe and safe for the bigger it gets because there's just too much closure. So that's the natural progression of a company like that is he cannot be in the gray area market. He just there's too much exposure. So i understand. And then the other thing is about his products is he's giving people what they want so he's selling a lot of fun because that's what people want he's creating a product people want patterns that we see is the pre workouts, all the standard stuff like that, and from what i hear it's some of the best tasting products on the market, i haven't tasted it myself, but i'm totally down a trial is stuff a cz well and get some for our athletes and everything, so we're going to meet. Up with mark loeb liner in the future, i looked like his energy yeah, and i think he's kind of missing an opportunity there for more like inspirational videos. He does like educational videos, but i actually think he'd be really good at the inspirational ones. I've seen some of his training videos, but he's really not maximizing his personality is when i met him in person, he has that same energy and the video it's not a show just like me. If you meet me in person, this is exactly what i'm saying. The same of bishop and we had him do the boom boom, which was fun, but that same boom energy, he has the same energy. I think you can transfer to someone who's watching a video work out that he is the motivation. So i'd actually like to see mark come out with a video where he's like talking. Some really pump you up stuff you can watch before you go in the gym and, you know, boom in your face like that. Like the one that's that do you ? You know, you seem rich beyond our lines. Uh, all right, so we're going to do something with mark go blind in the future, i'm sure that i'm new to the scene. I'm honored that i was honored, i got blessed, his presence, you know, yeah, yeah, right, yeah, it's, pretty awesome, and i'm sure we're gonna learn a lot from each other, too, because there's a lot of stuff. I'm sure mark, talk to us about that. You can't really see on camera, and, you know, not everything could publish out there. Your videos get band, so i'm excited. Learn more behind the scenes about mark and him. Learn more about us behind be swollen, stole my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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