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evil genius. I'm here in Phuket, Thailand, where I can buy Met Foreman over the counter. That Foreman is the type two diabetic drugs. For those who don't know, re sensitized us to insulin and lowers blood sugar and be used in bodybuilding, you reset our insulin sensitivity, become more anabolic and evil. Genius. Who's going to answer this question? Also says he uses it to actually put on muscle because it does have some nutrient partitioning effects to help muscle cells hold more glycogen and other nutrients. So my question to you evil genius is what are some examples. Protocols of Met Foreman. Give me three different scenarios for three different protocols in fast paced, concise style. All right, Joanie. Three separate, concise metformin applications. I'm going to list. He's in order of Sir Varun, that Foreman Protocol one super simple, super straightforward five hundred milligrams first thing in the morning just to improve and maintain. Probably more important than improve. Maintain your insulin sensitivity through a mass skating cycle where you're eating a lot of food and training really hard. Metformin protocol number two, five hundred milligrams Just before bed, while on a calorie restricted cutting type diet This will prevent your liver from producing as much glucose, bringing you to a depleted state earlier in the next day because you won't have re pleaded as much overnight. So it's a diet a metformin protocol number three This is tow on ly be used by athletes over two hundred pounds and consuming north of four thousand calories. And that would be the metformin at five hundred milligrams. Three times a day are still in the morning, midday just before bed. This is on, as I said, four thousand plus calories by a two hundred pound or greater athlete training very hard and probably on a full array of anabolic thief.

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