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Met Foreman helps transport nutrients into the cells. Get rid of glucose. You start becoming very resistant to answer, weakened by metformin over the counter here in Mexico. Senora Tony Granda here. And this video is for education. Entertainment purposes only nothing. This video is medical, legal or any other type of advice on Lee used drugs under doctor supervision, Met Foreman and Body Building. I'm Dr Tony Huge. This is Josh's coach, Trevor. We're trying to get Josh frickin huge like Coach Trevor. Josh is doing us arms only cycle right now. Y k eleven twenty three. You want to know what things we can add? Do it. So we're looking into Met Foreman. We did a previous video with the evil genius on metformin and body building in which he thinks it's one of the secrets of body building. For a couple reasons. Evil genius says that the Met foreman helps transport nutrients into the cells, that it's not just a glucose disposal agent, because our previous understanding that foreman was that it just helps get rid of glucose in the body, which helps the body sensitized more to insulin, which then makes you more responsive when you do have carbs, when you come off the Met foreman or also keeps you better in fat burning mode, Does metformin have a place in trying to get Josh. Huge keeping in mind. Josh does also use insulin. Evil genius people Jr. We have a similar agreement. I think I would say I agree with him, just a different way of thinking about it. When I say different way of thinking about it, it's more. Its primary job is to get rid of glucose. It isthe there has other functions. I just think there's better drugs were better. Even natural substance is the reason why I would say yes. Its importance is because the amount of growth hormone some people take and insulin dosage is that I talked about, and I have seen people take You can only sustain that for a certain period of time. The number one problem that happens aside from Timmy is you start becoming very resistant to insolent to the point you're taking maybe close to fifty units of insolent person. The growth someone you start getting into that point and it makes us worse and worse and work. You have to take more and more insulin. Now you're diabetic, and when you try to come in condition for a show, it makes it nearly impossible. The number of famous guys you can see, I always have hard time coming into shape. Some were diagnosed with diabetes. Some have never been diagnosed in public. You can see how hard it was for them to get in shape. And then the year they finally came in shape, that came in a lot smaller. The number one issue. This is no conspiracy insist insulin sensitivity that and left in one of the things I was talking about for coming in condition for a show so important. That's why metformin does have a job and taking it. Because again, your timing nutrients see time carbohydrates anytime and slam when you take these massive dosages the rest of the time during the day and nighttime or great times for things like metformin, because that's going to also reverse this suspects that are happening from taking such large doses of this thing about I do believe metformin. Yes, there's a lot to met form we never talked about. I think there's other, better things out there. Met Forman. I think we have the same agreement weakened by metformin over the counter here in Mexico. Like most countries, it's a prescription medication in the United States. We do have the slimming pills with us, but we're probably gonna run out because we're probably gonna extend our trip. Are the slim tell adequate or superior replacement for the Met Foreman? Can we switch to Matt Forman? Effort. Run out of slim pills. For longer periods of time. Swim pills are absolutely you can replace it in the heartbeat. There's a few other things that add in a few other things that actually you brought up. But I haven't heard of that are really important to, however, for what metformin could do in a short term about that, there's no replacing it, but slim pills will be very effective for that. That's why I said that was the number one product that in the Iraq atomic acid that I liked when I came on board here. We got the metformin and eight hundred twenty five milligram tablets. If we're just doing insulin and growth intra workout and then just a tiny bit insulin with growth before bed, What time of day are we taking the metformin in the morning? So it sensei just later, or we're taking it with the insulin. There's three protocols to this in a good way to explain this straw. Honey's name, Honey has a certain way of people doing things the way they do it. As the end of the day goes on, their sensitivity the Antolin is very low. It would be a better time to take it more towards the end of the day. The other way is the way I kind of like to do it, too. There's two different ways and two different reasons. You do it this way while taking it, and I'm not telling people to do this, but taking it before bed and taking at other times of the day that you're not gonna take the insulin in the higher doses, you could take it with a micro dose thing, but that lower dosages it's taking at the times and not doing heavy doses of insulin to keep this these things doing that. Do we have to eat carbs with metformin and could take the Met foreman in the morning? Fast. It depends how much you take. You do want some carbohydrate. You, Khun, take insulin faster. You could take metformin. Basset, Just how much you gonna take? And that's gonna be the biggest Ralph Thomas, how sensitive you are to these on how much you're gonna take. Because if we take too much Met Foreman with two little carbs, then our blood sugar's gonna drop too much. Just like if we took too much insulin with to look hard. Maybe not quite as extreme, but enough to be uncomfortable in our body and our very own justification You experience? I've never taken that money. That Foreman Daddy, whom I the swelling. Swole, my friends of freedom find years of human evolution for more cutting edge content on the daily police subscribe, like and comment below. Wow.

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Trevor seems very happy in Mexico. You guys need to go back there and make some videos again.