Metformin and Bodybuilding

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Metformin and body building. Another topic that just came up about a discussion. So tony's wants to record it. Let's. Just say what you just said. I fucking hate that shit like everyone's. Like raving about it. You need to try it on all this. And all i felt was gassy, bloated, miserable in the gym. Tired appetit died. I mean, all the negative side effects with no positive benefits. I in every party that i've heard try it, which i have experimented with a few my clients with it when everyone was raving about it got the same thing. So that's mine that's my input on it. And i was just telling same thing. We're talking about the slim pills being insolence, sensitized or not, just glucose disposal agent. And he brought the met for me. I was like that's all it is a glucose disposal agent, you know, storm. So you get those side effects like diarrhea. He gets constipated, too. Gassy consents exactly happens. We don't digest food. And how does that come out of your body ? So you think about that and then three other part, i mean, ruins. I just was so many things, so it's just it's only good for people that can't control the appetite, cheetos and in eminem's all day and all that kind of stuff and they just can't control their appetite. So you put them on that crap in their pants. They're not gonna want to do it no more helps get their sensitivity back. Since when and that's the only reason you would take it has no place some bodybuilding. Unless you can't say on a diet like tony give eso eso matt forman it's, a prescription type two diabetic drug, helps keep people's blood sugar low by kind of getting rid of the glucose out of their body in bodybuilding for bulking a terrible choice. Like trevor said, it kills i g f levels. And gf is, as you know, like human growth hormone is is a very important anabolic hormones a body for cutting. However, if someone has bad diet control it's a way to get rid of some of the extra glucose and for getting into ketosis if someone's trying to go no carbohydrate, they want to get into cosas faster if they have a cheap meal. It's a way to kind of get the carbs out of the body and bring the blood sugar down. So i think it does have that very narrow use. But that's, when i started using that, i knew there must be something better. That's why ? I designed the slim pills that sounds like a commercial it's. Really ? I mean, it's really ? This is this is what i personally use it, just that i make it available enhanced athlete dot com. But i designed this because there was a couple other glucose disposal agents and insulin medics. Insulin sets dies on the on the internet that uses some ingredients in some very incorrect dosage is just because people may have heard the name of the ingredients somewhere, but they need to read the studies and realized that there's a minimum effective dosage that they need to hit, and they're not doing it. And then also they actually have some ingredients and most other glucose disposal agents that just get rid of the glucose instead of the muscles absorbing them. And they're also anti anabolic. So that's why i designed this specifically for bodybuilding and for cheap meals, and also for while bulking and also to get me into ketosis faster. Or especially if i'm trying to get toasted like today. I didn't know carbohydrates if i had a little bit of carbohydrates. So the meal i found a bunch of these, like three of them, and get the glucose out of my body. Bring my blood sugar down, get the blood sugar into my muscle cells and or out of my body. Give me back into a state of ketosis. We'll be swollen, swollen, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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