Middle Back Training Tips with Dr. Tony Huge

Dr. Tony Huge gives a quick explanation on how he learned to focus more on his middle back with his training from a tip he learned from Aaron Reed.

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A tip, but I learned from Aaron wreaths on howto build my middle back. I've always had deficient middle back those rails down the side of the spine. Yeah, mine were never fix you. Look at these bodybuilders on the stage. Let me give you a close up shots. You know exactly what we're working, but see how they have these nice rails. Actually, he's not Sean Road. It's not that kind of example. But these rails down the middle of this Fine. You can especially see it in a rear last, Fred. Well, here's the number. One thing that I was doing wrong that wasn't building my mid back rails. Uh, Aaron taught me this on a dead lift. And what he would have me do is instead of keeping my back totally straight full time during the dead lift, you have me arch my back a little bit. We're told not to do that. I know we covered that in the other video on why, but we aren't your back a little bit. And then as we come up around, we pull her back back, see? Like that. So I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna do it. On a pull down on how women are you see. So instead of normally, I would keep my back straight, and I might, even if it's very happy way. I might even lean back people. But my back always straight. That's how it used to be. Let me show you when I'm trying to focus on my mid back instead, what range of motion I would do on the way come forward? I was harsh. My act forward as the way come back, arch my back. I think so. My art, my fact, that flipped us forwards yes, around my back around because they pulled down art's back and it's this. It's this part. But see not just this part, because that'LL hit a lot of the lower back to its when you're pulling at the same time with arms and then tighten pulling our straightening the back. So I incorporate that now not into every set, but in two sets and workouts, right? Do you want get those mid back rails? Let's split up my back workouts where I'm either focusing on either traps upper lower traps, lattes, which I focusing their outer laps or lower lattes, uh, lower back, lower mid back or upper mid back so that's tip for upper mid back. Be swollen. Small friends of freedom find years of human evolution.

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