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Pioneer the human evolution of your mind. Modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin. This's my audio. Daffy Neil. UH, two hundred milligrams. What he is talking about When you said I gave him Mexican Gaddafi now because I think it's better, it just happens to be on par with what you would get from a US doctor. It's used for, they say, wakefulness or people with sleep disorders who fall asleep, and it keeps him awake. But the main reason for most people who take this, our students and a lot of politicians that keeps them enhances their cognitive function. And what happens is you take that you do get maybe a heart rate increased like a stimulant would not to the effect of an amphetamine salt, but it's similar. You just get more of the mind enhancing effect. And as anyone knows, if you look in the Adderall and things like this with appetite suppression, keeping cravings under control and fat loss, they'LL come hand in hand. But modafinil seems to be, at least in my case, and from most of the studies, the safest one on the heart when it comes to stimulants in that class of amphetamines, salts or modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin. And that's why I like it. It's a lot safer to take. It's not a strong you don't get the shakes. There's politicians that use it. They take it first thing in the morning, go back to sleep and then I'LL wake you up in fifteen twenty minutes. But that's pretty much the gist of it and the reason why it's used for bodybuilding. You see, it's pretty, you know, useful effects with appetite suppression, energy, wakefulness when you're dieting, every one of these things with mental focus when they're lack thereof on taquito, diet and cardio. If you had to go that route, this would be something really beneficial to them, more so than the Adderall because of the heart reasons. How long do you think modafinil lasts for in the body? If you take once a day in the morning is going to last until when about eight hours. You would have to take another dose if you were goingto, you know, continue to stay on it. But it doesn't crash like Adderall or Ritalin has more of a sustained released in the sustained drop, and it doesn't have that negative feedback. A strong and the negative feedback loops are as something the Adderall where assumes it's out of your system. You're wanting more. When I was taking Adderall for the bar exam and for law school just the last year of law school, I found that stacking, uh, ten milligrams of Adderall with about one cup of coffee. Maybe two cups of coffee was like the perfect combination. They're very a lot of synergy between them. You think stacking modafinil with a caffeine or some other thing to kind of give you some energy from another angle has some kind of synergy or is beneficial something that should be used alone? Stacking any stimulants doesn't matter what it is. You're going to run the risk of throwing your heart off rhythm, having any type of heart distress, blood pressure problems. Just remember that the more stimulus you stack, the more risk you you have. One is the mental energy, and one is the physical energy. So does modafinil on this scale, um, give you the physical energy also, or is it all in the mind? It definitely gives you physical energy just not to the extent of Adderall would you can increase the dose. And yet you're in an extreme effect that way, Like Adderall would give you, but it's not as extreme. It does definitely hit you, and it will be noticeable just not to thank said. Do you think he built up a tolerance to mid afternoon like and if so, how long does it take to build up a tolerance? What happens is you start to not feel that high anymore, but the drug is still working. You get the same effect from the drug, but you don't feel that high, and so people will take more. And that's what builds the tolerance that they stick with the same dose ing protocol. They might have to go up half a pill eventually, but other than that, the effect of the drugs still gonna work. So do you or your athletes that use it have any trouble sleeping at like, let's say you want to go to bed at ten at night and you took it at ten in the morning. So twelve hours later, do you think it would interfere with sleep it all at that point? No. And I don't think it could really do that to anyone. As with any drug, you have to look at how the binding infinity and tow what receptor and how it's stimulating the person. The drug's gonna clear system at a specific point in time. It's going to clear everyone system. Everyone is a little different. How fast metabolism, but with the bunny, infinity and the person. And no matter what, within a rough range, there's gonna be other system. No problem. No, a lot of the things coming on. India. It's the number one fake fake source of year fake source of any drug coming from there. So you have to really watch out and being laced with other chemicals. You think you're getting a stimulant and happens to be a simulant, but something like meth And there, for whatever reason, why it's the pharmacy's air open here, and with this drug, it's not scheduled, and no one seems to have a problem. Mexico with, uh, any addiction problem with it. Pioneer the human evolution of your mind. Be swell in school, My friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution, Donnie huge on your quest for the heat on steroids of much peach. I have a clue for you. Look to that butterfly

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