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huge of enhanced athlete dot com with coach Trevor in Pattaya, Thailand, talking about Paula Staten. So Paulo Statin is a myo Staten inhibitor. As you've seen the studies, uh, it's potentially the new frontier of muscle growth. You've seen the studies with the rats with giant muscle legs, but been injected with it, or the giant cows huge and muscular. But yet I don't know anybody who has used it and had any results whatsoever. So I wanted Coach Carver's opinion. Are they using fake stuff? Um, are they not? Using the right dosage is what's going on, that this is supposed to be the most groundbreaking development muscle growth. And yet we're not seeing any results in human studies. Actually, human studies. I read a specific one. It is super effective. They did it and trained athletes and people that haven't trained it all. And people who haven't traded all actually gained a lot of muscle in the first month. So it was. It was one hundred percent effective exactly what you would think you would do what it would do. But the full of satin on the market isn't doing its job, whether it's how it's made or the storage conditions. How fragile is There's so many factors. I can't tell you exactly which one it is. But the full extent on the market isn't doing what actual course that did and the research studies on humans and those where the research was American made pep type. And you're not gonna find any actual American made peptides unless it's over a few grand. Okay, so there's Photostat, and there's also a whole bunch of other Myo Staten inhibitors. So as it is, this include, Are you saying you haven't seen any of these like a zero three one eight zero eight three? Any of these be effective, any of your bodybuilders that reached a high level that used any Myo Staten inhibitors at all? And then we'LL talk about why K eleven. No, there is a starting one, but it's only in the Middle East, and I've seen it. It's one hundred percent effective, but it causes because of liver tumors. But it works and it works very good, and you can only get it over there. So what, you can find us unless didn't get it from an actual research company company like, uh, someone's supplying uh, university for the research. Even though the pets, like Emily says, use a maid is not they're lying to you. There's no use a maid peptides unless you're buying it for very expensive, and you need to show the documents to buy it. Okay, now Y K eleven is shown to be effective at reducing my oh Stan, but I haven't seen the extreme effects that I've seen in the Animal Studies from Y K eleven. Now I've used Y K eleven up to five six pills a day. You think that's thirty milligrams per day? And I noticed it felt a little bit like Anna draw. It felt huge pumps a lot of muscle gain from it. Coach Trevor here was personally going to experiment with Y k eleven himself and see if he felt the same effects were also experience. Experiment with some of our athletes on high dose Y K eleven to see if they get really powerful Myo Staten inhibiting effects. My white eleven is technically not a star, but we classified US Army. Sell it on enhanced athlete dot com. It is not for human consumption. Quick disclaimer. This video's not medical advice. This is for entertainment. Educational purposes only. Don't do what we do. We're professionals. Be swollen, swollen, my friends of freedom pioneers.

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