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Dr Tony Huge here in hand staff li dot com here with Eric. Eric is a psychotherapist. I almost wanted to call in Professor Eric because you know, I have other people on the show here. They're not actual scientists like you. Are there bodybuilding coaches and people who have life experience with something that shares it. But you actually have a lot of life experience with this. Ever since you were fourteen years old, you're obsessed with biofeedback in psychotherapy, and now you're an actual scientists would call you a scientist because you've got these fancy machines. You've got the education, the background, and you're going to tell us today the broad spectrum of things you do to help people rewire the brain and how they think and about how they shift between the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system, try to lead to a better quality lice and be in control of their own emotions. So don't tell us what the different things you do here. Well, I'm a licensed psychotherapist and and I also do biofeedback training, and I taught bio feedback at San Francisco State University talk biofeedback and neural feet. And so I plot there in the eighties and just found a thousand. I didn't actually start doing biofeedback at fourteen, but I started meditating. And then I got a vial feedback. And it's a great way to learn Tio to access internal states and change them. And so then when I started studying it, I just became absolutely fascinating and inspired. So what's this device right here? As an example, he's got a lot of contraptions. This one is when he had set up in this room. What do you do with these? That's called an electrode collar. And when we do brainwave training, we actually the brain has a very small electrical charge, and we can take it up by putting these guys on the head and we put for long. And then we snap these on. And then that sends a signal to the computer, which interprets it and weigh get information on the screen about what's happening with train. Wait, so we're actually getting Look, it's cool because we get a look inside the brain. We get to see what the electrical activity of the brain is, and it's it's remarkable. So I've heard of diabetics and Scientology, and I've actually done that test where you go in and you hold these biofeedback rods and they tell you, you know what kind of maybe psychological emotional trauma you've had, how that's impacting decisions on lifestyle you make today? How does this machine relate? Teo. That's and some people may be familiar with. Sure, this is a kind of biofeedback called neural feedback or E G. Biofeedback. Biofeedback is basically anything that you do to use a medical instrument to give you information about the body. And, by the way, just a side note. Health would start. Someone have sometimes have someone come in to do biofeedback. It's not real bile. See that it's a whole different thing, and there's not a lot of science about it. But the original biofeedback, which is this has tons of research, just neural feedback over a thousand studies. The one you're talking about is a DJ or Electra Dermagraft, and that gives you a night idea of the stress level in your body. And again, that's that's measuring. The level of sweat is the sweat goes up, stressful is up, and you can tell, you know, someone's really stressed out on you. Shake hands with them. You can feel the dampness in their hands so that biofeedback rod reader, that metal one that reads the sweat on the hands is just merely reading the secondary. In fact, the sweat coming out in response to stress This is directly reading the stress response in the brain. Well, it is. It's reading the electrical activity. And from that we can tell about the stress level so you could actually tell more than just the stressful. Also, how the brain is functioning and whether there's some kind of bottle that absolute, we can look at anxiety. We can look at stress. We can see brain injuries. About a third of our practice here is working with people that brain injuries head concussions are multiple. Concussions are more severe brain injuries We've sent back. Oh gosh, probably twenty people back to work whose doctors said they never work. And I'll tell you what, dude, I I mean, I get Jersey Mai's thinking about these people because these air, if you get one of those in your life, you can help me go back to work. Your whole commercial that does this tell you what their brain absolutely and what you see in honest and turned it on for a minute, Tony, and you will see this is just This isn't getting This isn't getting any actual brain waves right now. It's just sampling the the ambient electrical currents. But if someone were hooked up to this, you would be showing their brain waves. This is each one of these is a frequency, and it shows, you know, where they have too much too little. Where there's an imbalance, we could see an imbalance between the two sides, the brain, such cool stuff. So I used to actually use the final beats where you put speakers in your ears and it plays one beat frequency and one here and one beat three souther and your brain works to bring those together to make one sound. And in doing so, modifies your brainwaves. That's right. Now, if I remember correctly, the higher the frequency is, the more alert you are. You know where the frequency would be like a deep sleep and somewhere in between, like a meditation creative city. And you kind of wanna usually want to bring yourself somewhere in between here, right? It depends on the person. If people come in who, for instance, are depressed or they have brain injuries or if they have attention deficit disorder, most kinds of a D. D. We actually want trains in the higher frequencies we want to train up in the red here. If people are having trouble with relaxing, then we absolutely want to train with lower lower frequencies. And if people just want a balance, focus state, then we sort of the sweet spot of the brain is fourteen hurts right here. And then we were training for fourteen hurts, and that would help them to be relaxed and concentrated. I've worked with a number of elite athletes, and I worked with one woman who was nationally ranked Roddy Person, and she would come in here before meats. And she said it just helped her enormously when she went because she just had this laser focus was cool. You know, that's a big news in fitness and performance right now is is getting in the zone. They they've done studies on outside of Olympic ***. It's that perform extremely well and even actually, even Tiger Woods right before he hits a really good golf shot that they're in this certain mental state. That's right. So how does this How does this relate to helping people get into that mental state? Well, really, What you would want to do is be, you know, around fourteen hurts. You don't wanna be too. And you talked about sympathetic comparison. Pathetic nervous system around. Very simply sympathetic is the stress response. Very sympathetic is the relaxation response. If you're over activated, you're gonna be too stressed and maybe make a steak out there. You know, if you're playing a team sport or something, if you're under activated, you may not have the energy to get done. What you need. So what we want to help people do is get in that balance zone where they can have a performance every kind. Wow. Well, I'm excited to actually get this done to myself in a future episode. I'm going to sit in this chair. He's gonna cook this stuff up to my brain, were going a whole bunch of experiments for you guys. He's gonna tell you whether I'm really smart. I'm just a poser because the machine doesn't lie, but and we're going to see if we could modify my own brain waves on here. But is there any last thing you want to tell a fitness and health oriented audience about what it is that this device does before we move on to other episodes, talking about other topics and running actual experiments on me? Yeah, I just I just think in general, like, I really admire people who are fit and focus on fitness, and this is a way to become mentally sick, so it fits really well. You think of this is coming in to do this part of it as mental fitness, your workout in the gym to get physically fit. You work out here to make your brain more fit and work better. All right, Eric, thank you so much for getting down here more often. And I know you guys are gonna have lots of comments and questions. Please post him because I will come back, meet with Eric, and I will ask him all of your questions.

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