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The question is, Ah, someone's running the old growth hormone and they want to know because coral growth hormone or any growth hormone is synergistic with insulin. That's what caused the I G f release, and that's what occupies the receptors to free up all these growth factors to be released and cause muscle hyperplasia. But we always hear about running injectable growth hormone with insulin. What about when you're on in Kasich? Seven seven? Because in Case six seven seven, aural growth hormone keeps our growth hormone levels sustained all day, it's like you're hitting one unit of growth hormone injectable pharmaceutical grade every four hours. And so in that situation, would we use insulin and if we would, what type of insulin? Because normally, when we're injecting growth hormone growth hormone last about four hours in the body. Just really generally speaking, we also use an insulin that last for hours like a novel and are as opposed, like Atlantis, which lasts all day or as opposed to like a nova, rapid or human log, which only lasts a shorter period of time. So do use insulin with coral growth hormone and if so, what type? This is not medical advice. Is the entertainment educational purposes? Only Trevor you could, but it it doesn't work the same way. One thing before I even get to that is when you run growth hormone any exact are any injectable growth hormone. There's going to be a point where you can take a CZ much as you want and you will never put more size on. And the reason for this was a couple of reasons. One is the mechanism of action and how it works. If you look at it, it can cause all these things that happened the hyperplasia but was really needed with with that as your insolence. Sensitivities decreasing in your insulin productions, increasing with this growth hormone are actually increasing but not doing its job. You have to add in and exogenous insulin. That's the only way you can really take advantage of that effect, which is one reason I do the micro pulsing. And as you get up in weight, that number starts to go up and insulin is needed. However, with like a secrete agog, there's two things that you need to remember with secretive dogs. When you looked at the injectable peptides, you have a G H R P style growth hormone releasing Peppe tight. And then you have things like a C J. C. And they both work through separate pathways and the YMCA happens. Toa work cause both of these things that happen and what it is, is one's going to increase so much. Ross was going to send the signal for those released the pulse. And when you're taking the insulin, insulin will block these things from happening there. Counterbalancing basically, when insulin's high growth hormones low, we always talk about this. If you're taking us to create a god, it's telling your brain, Really? Suppose when insulin is really high in your body, especially if you're taking exogenous. It's not so much a factor when you're eating food and releasing insolent. But when taking exogenous insulin on the secrete agog you khun, take too much insulin where it's blocking these so much rose from refilling. So you have to remember this when you're taking insulin. If you're have a really high body weight and you're taking the S A and M K, you can take the insulin because what's gonna happen is you'll notice you'll get leaner and leaner and not really putting on anyway insulin at that way it's kind of a requirement to breakthrough plateaus where you're on growth hormone or not am cable happened to keep you lean but again you take too much exogenous insulin and you're not going to able to produce the growth hormone on this to create a god. Okay, But then, are we going to run into the problem where we're becoming insulin? Insensitive? We're going to be have a harder time absorbing nutrients because we're not using exogenous insulin, and we're becoming less sensitive to it. I mean, could this be a problem that adds up overtime with coral growth hormone? Yes, but not to the extent of exogenous growth hormone. That's why I say you could take all the growth in the world. Eventually, you're gonna have to run insulin, Whether it's for health reasons or not. You'LL never be able to hold on to your sides because insulin is not going to be doing this job. You have to take more and more with the secrete agog. It does the same thing because growth hormones function is that and that's what it causes. So whether you're taking exogenous or not, it's just how much level is president, how much you know, super physiological levels, how high that can actually get, the more extreme that's going to be so insolent you will become more insensitive. But again, there's so many things that are out there in this world that you can take to improve insulin sensitivity and then sad that they're not shown. So people think it's just you have to deal with that the rest of your life, and that's not a case.

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