Over-Dosing Insulin | WARNING Do not Try this at Home!

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Rashid and I am here in Las Vegas. We just got done watching Superleague. Rashid is a pro Zeke competitors ER and a paramedic, so he's got a lot of experience with people overdosing this using insulin. I know a lot of body, but I know in that context, but I want to know because you have more information. How common is that people misuse insulin? How dangerous is it? One of the most common mistakes that people make and how do you save them from dying? So it's actually very common by a lot of people. Well, either not taking enough bubble hydrates. It's entirely out of think. Oh, I haven't I haven't eaten any more. So from a medical standpoint, we get calls like that. We're not about time, someone dropping sugar and nice person. Well, some people like your hypo hyper as well, so that both those situations so that you'LL have access to stuff that we would actually, what do you get that? So a lot of how you look, it's that simple sugars for extra sure rejection was that called Luca Luca Luca got so given that we all still have its not only objection sometimes oil. We have objection way. Just the pants on. How far to the shock of the heart? Whatever moment you will be swallowing way, we can't get into a lot of us out. Did something. Well, if they're still able even worse, we're in a good place. Have you actually shown up when someone's already dead or in a coma? Dead? Yes. You see thieves usually diabetic thing. This was interesting because you're saying that so someone's diabetic They take insulin But then they eat a ton of sugar to try and not go hyperglycemia. Right? They have too much sugar. And because they're diabetic, their body can't produce enough insulin and in their body will goes toxic and starts falling forest. You see that other side of that? You can actually give them warrants? Absolutely not just related to body building. Close it out. How khun this information help body builders are you Spare me and I think people that have taken hence feels it's very important. We need to understand one. How did you how much or is not necessarily better timing of your insulin and amount of carbohydrates that are necessary? I think for me, I was. I can't tell what that scene geeks are people taking, but definitely need understand those factors, carbohydrate and take along with that song back and really related or, well, it all if you're not going to work on the sunlight that's efficient, has to knowledge of how to use it. That's really important to talk to somebody that has actual experience and shoes, and then they will be able to guide to real application. Yeah, I always tell a friend Ryan, use against what I always tell her friends about your way. They know that we have exactly what the problem is. They never give me sugar. Tell a doctor and then measuring the insulin correctly. That's something that you need to watch another video because people take the measurement of insulin. And then people don't understand that people are very sent, their sensitivity the very so much. That's why just like any drug we start with, the lowest possible goes to do and we work our way. It's well, it's wall, my friend's freedom, pioneers of human evolution. So I guess I'd like to consider myself a studious person. They usually weigh all of the options very carefully. before making a decision. That's why my choice to begin steroids was so carefully calculated after weighing all of the benefits versus all the risks. If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily, get the subscriber no.

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