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Oxygen jim. Diet secrets before workout, more carbs fifty grands. Oxygen jim with famous classic physique from egypt who moved here to take his group next level become best in the world he's gonna teach us some of the body building diet secrets you said from him how can you eat sweets and maintain this dry conditioning offsite ? This is my full year around my old susan eating sweets under stay lino because if you work so hard so you can keep your body is looking hard and tight and also i keep all the week on nights then i can make like one day for a cheap meal of something what's a cheap meal look like for you it's like feed, you know like hamburgers or pizza sometime or maybe little bit sweet like sweets i like no what's your carbohydrate strategy you eat carbs every day do you cycle everyday cars is like a liberation no als a year is like my mid six years today eight five means protein i must meet for tea parties so right before bed you don't need cards, i don't go to your other. Your other meals are pretty evenly spaced provided today. I mean you don't you don't load carbs pre imposed work out or anything ? Yeah, before before workout. I take more carbs in the morning, i think. Also high carbs and after workout but doesn't meals ? I think normal so high. So you're about two hundred thirty pounds. Something like this hundred five kilos. So how many grams of protein do you have per day, if you know three hundred, three hundred grand. Ok. Fifteen guns. So, six meals. Three hundred. About what ? How about carver's per day ? You know, it's now, like three hundred fifty, four hundred. Okay. Pretty moderate, then you. Then you must make up the difference with fats. Yeah, on the later, our bulk up. So i would make a fire. I don't make it, like, six hundred. Seven hundred. Oh, that's. Right. You said before, while you're in competition mode, you actually increase your car. Yes. Most of us are dropping our car. Lower. Your carbs go up closer than competition because because what ? You're training harder. Yeah, because a dream house on by colonel gutters, you know ? And sometimes, when i'm ovulating and i love cards to fit my body, take water out with your next competition. My next condition. Five months, but you're still dieting now, even five months. I am. You stay this dry with definition. Yes, put some pictures up. All right, last question. Fats what's. What sources of fats teo. Like anemones, you're nuts, the casuals and avocados, someone fish. I like fish. Also, uh, normally, i eat fish every day, put your coats mostly settlement. Ah, nde, unlike day, i care about steaks, you know, was a lot of pretty. In a local united. He swallowed my friends of freedom, pioneers, human evolution.

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