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we're gonna talk about diet, training, lifestyle. I have my meals, seven meals a day. A lot of intensely with a lot of volume was Well, no, we're doing fifteen rips. Regan Grimes gets bombarded. What is the secret of oxygen? Jim Kuwait and the camera crew. How is he able to put on twenty five pounds of muscle in his first three weeks here? How is oxygen, Jim? Producing the top ranked bodybuilders in the world making incredible transformations. Just when you even thought that they reached their genetic potential. We're gonna talk about diet, training, lifestyle just really quick. Bullet point. What's the difference? Basically, like you should listen to your body. So, you know, I could have a meal post workout, and I can have a nap after if I want to. So being able to listen to your body is probably the biggest thing like also having, you know, a trainer there pushing you each workout where, like, you can't lay off the medicine on my instagram stories and stuff feels you have two of my coach pushing me like crazy in the gym. Friends that want to going over for food or do something you know you fall if you die really easily where you don't. Here I have my meals, seven meals a day and you know, I eat those meals. So I'm not really pushed to do anything else other than my diet. Unless Coach says so and idea leg workout together, they could not keep up. But that just goes to show you that, you know, I've got a pretty good physique and I couldn't even remotely keep up with these type of work out some next level stuff. Tons of It's like a lot of intensity, but a lot of volume was Well, no, we're doing fifteen reps, but we're not going lighter way have. You're heavier and we're continuing to do fifteen ropes. He takes wonder, too. You take three lots of naps every time he feels the need to rest. He rest. That's when he grows. Seven meals like its whole meals like they're not Shake doesn't count. We have another shaking today, too, so really, it's like basically for me to get that in. I'm eating all the way around the clock. So say I'm meeting at one at night. I'm eating again at like four thirty five So, like there's never really like a time where I have, like, a nice eight hour, nine hours sleep. It's like, you know, four hours and then another four hours. And there may be a two hour, you know, like it's it's very It's very jumbled just because I need to get it on. All right, Pay attention, folks. To the up and coming Olympia champion Regan Grimes subscribe to Seymour videos on the secrets of Advanced Bodybuilding. Be Swell, Stole My Friends of Freedom, Pioneers, Human Evolution.

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