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must be a huge here, but brought in the experts super beast, a professional wrestler which is one of the most difficult, physically demanding sports. But he's not just a professional wrestler. He was a combat guy in the military. Has extensive athletic experience. No, For the record, I am not a bodybuilder, and the information going to give isn't supporting aesthetics for building. A look at it is performance and your physical abilities, too. Teo things above and beyond normal human. Basically, the end goals have stamina, strength during the messy muscle strength and endurance speed, speed all across the board being explosive without being without getting too big without having to body weight to bull because we don't want to be. Bodybuilders are goals to be athletes we're not going for. Looks were going for big performance. Peak physical conditioning. Uh, naturally, we've got to start off with the classic, the mandatory testosterone. Uh, now if your body builder testing out tonight sussed it on test sippy name would be a go to because it has more of a size, you know, more of a girth. E feel to it, you know, just big earth. He's working the angles but hasn't during Space Guy test prop. It's more, you know there's less water way more of a conditioning based, you know, to get you to big, but you need it for your natural hormone levels were from three to five hundred a week, so some would argue there's no difference in Esther, but that the higher the dose and you go with testosterone, the more that's going to convert to ask surgeon and ght, which is one of the weaker DHT steroids. DHT with some stronger DHD steroids. So I know that athletes, when their training very hard, they're natural testosterone actually plummets. So they were a little bit of testosterone to keep that testosterone foundation. But that's not necessarily the most performance enhancing above it. Just to support the natural hormone levels of a male is not meant to do the other drugs you'LL be taking. You know, nothing blood doping comes. Then there's a class that could pull your blood, put it in six weeks later, or, if you're modern day guy. You take things like BPO. Small doses of actual pause sacrifice being one of my personal favorites, volumizing your red blood cells. In essence, helps create Mohr Red blood flow through your body for pump veins but actually carrying large into them oxygen, more nutrients. You could push her muscles to a higher level. He could literally go till you vomit In a matter of thirty seconds to a minute. You could. I mean, I personally could recover. Get my loans back. It might be blood flow through my lovely legs and I'm back so I could keep going to keep pushing. You're so ah, bodybuilder, I was a bodybuilder. I don't know that I feel a big performance increase from equipoise, but you're saying caffee has an athlete or trains for hi Tipp City or high endurance kind of sport. It does help your performance. Absolutely. And recovery time after an dearing, mainly Dearing, I've noticed like I could really push myself to him bit muscle failure or until I vomit in a matter of minutes. For most guys go, I'm done for the day. You could loosen up. My Eric comes back. Buses are getting all the nutrients of the recovering quickly. Could actually keep keep him under stress under load for longer periods of time. Now bodybuilders run really high doses really hard. Athletes usually run a little bit lower, lower dose. You need less for performance and more just increases side of correct. Right? Okay. What other drug? Out of our way, Orland of Argos. With it, I'm a personal. I'm like about fifty milligrams a day. I feel I think past that's a little too hard on the liver, kidneys, no internal organs. Also, your goal is not to get big. Start taking one hundred milligrams data for it doesn't mean you out, but it also start making you fill out will be born. Like he said. We want to keep her mobility or flexibility. And we just want to perform, you know, like the way I look now go to the gym and say, God, I wanted people for a bigger chest like little performance space. How I looked at it, Just a byproduct of the training to get that higher level of conditioning. All right. About wind strong that you will throw the good one. Especially if you're a runner. That's a big one. With runners touching long distance runners. It does. It makes the better off. I noticed. When I take wind strong, my muscles get denser. Yeah, so it's like it doesn't put on weight. If anything, I might be ableto I might lose the water weight on whether tighter, for making wait or or when I'm trying to carry less body weight so they can perform higher Bridget out of my body remorse but also dries out my joints is the way that you mitigate that as an athlete just by like using less of lust way. Lest Joseph likes that bodybuilding like you take all these things, it's a double triple quadruple that does to your body but feared athletic basic. I get barred lower doses completely. Little doesn't get because the goal is to get the effect performance, not the visual static. Perfect. So on the extreme, the highest doesn't divert a bodybuilder taking two hundred milligrams of wind strong. And what I usually hear on the low side is about fifty milligrams of wind strong. What thinking athletes taking, I think about seventy five fifty to seventy five. Me if I'm already taking like a normal Navarre or you know a T ball or something with it, I'Ll keep in a fifty. There's no reason go overkill. Like I said, we want the athletic of living benefits of it, not the aesthetic benefits, you know, And also the good thing to throw in there to talk about joints. Such human growth hormone works wonders, you know. I mean, just especially for recovery time and injuries. You talking during space thing. You do a lot of crossfit. You're doing lots of reps. Lots of sets. I mean, it's not heavy weight, like a modern way, but the repetition of the repetition repetition will bring your joints out. And if you are running things like Winston, all that contributes to the joint out drawing drawing out of the joints. So we need to find a way to lubricate that Keep it young. Keeping mobile enough to keep a recovering quick. Mark said this is where the testosterone comes because neither testosterone is a baseline. Because all these things will bring your national testosterone. Yeah, and and therefore your natural estrogen levels, too, because some estrogen, in order to keep body lubricated and be ableto routine glycogen and for performance. So if you take Winstrol on an Ivar, then you've got no estrogen in your body than you're not gonna be lubricated. Well, first you're going to be prone to injury, Terrence. Blown out joints. Very bonds. Crappy job. What else would you take to prevent injuries or the hell from injuries? Quickly? Uh, made. Personally, I'm big on the human growth hormone. Also off, actually. Enhanced athlete. How's it Might tip my two favorites that TV five hundred bpc one five seven. Fantastic for soft tissue damage with the growth hormones could increase in the bone density. The countries you know, Wolverine, you know, I mean, not this cool. It's like watch particular razor blade in my face to kill. But obviously, if I pulled a hamstring instead of taking six to eight weeks to heal, I could do to three. You know what keeps me in the rain, keeps me working, Keeps some money in my pocket. So, about for endurance. Have you ever used car, Doreen? Oh, yeah. Have staff week, Artie. That's that's awesome. I'm a huge fan of that. But how much do you think that I take on four cops today too? In the morning to you, too. Free training? Yeah. No, over the counter blood doping. Can't go wrong. Started legal yet, so get it while you can for believer in that. All right, well, thanks for sharing your beast. Don't be swell in school. Pioneers of human evolution. If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily subscribe.

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