Permanent Muscle vs. Muscle Memory | Anabolics

Can JUST anabolic steroids BUILD permanent muscle? This is something has been argued for awhile in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. Dr. Tim explains how MUSCLE MEMORY plays a huge role from anabolic steroids and what the difference is between Muscle Memory and Permanent Muscle.

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It's a no from Dr Tim. Whether steroids could build permanent muscle, so I've seen is being discussed on the forms a lot. Batter's almost like a rumors. There's no real clinical studies. Can steroids just terrorists? I'm not talking about your hormone now build permanent muscle. They build muscle memory, which I get. I don't know if that's what they're referring to when they say permanent muscle. So what is what is muscle memory? That means that if you stop, So let's say you have two nuclei in your muscle. So when you use hormone now you have six. So when you stop using it, you still have the six there. They're just not big there. They're there. Come back there. So muscle memory means that when you do it again, those six become active again. Now you could get eight. They get ten, so I don't know if that's permanent muscle, but you have permanent memory. So that's why the World Anti Doping Agency is considering that anybody who's ever used steroids is disqualified because they have this muscle memory. So they already have a advantage over the guy who's never used it because they've already modified their muscles. You know, even though they're not active right now because you're not using steroids. But when they start doing certain activities that couldn't er stimulated, their advantage according to that muscle can be stimulated off all kinds of steroids, or it is your engine receptors basically and even exercise because, like I said, you increase your own androgens when you exercise, so even that could stimulate. So in other words, again, theoretically speaking, elite athletes can get into shape faster than the average Joe be especially used for miles in the past because they already have the backbone to it. What about growth hormone in relation to muscle memory? I don't I'm not sure about that. To be honest with you, I'm sure it would work in a similar fashion. I'm not sure if it works to the same extent as androgynous. Because growth hormone is not an angiogenic receptor, it's something else.

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