Picking the Right Employee

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get your first employee for success. The reason is because, as entrepreneur, you have to divide your brain into two sections. The employer leader, the visionary section of your brain on then the Duer section, your brain because a lot of people have the skill to just be a leader or a visionary, and a lot of people have the skill to just be a hard worker and just work. But to be a good entrepreneur, you gotta have both of those skills. And when you get an employee, you've now put yourself in a position of leadership of having to delegate activities. Because if you don't the employees just going to sit there. And if you do delegate correctly and you learn how to manage an employee, you will also learn how to manage your own brain. But you don't make enough money to hire an employee, then do it anyways, even for a short period of time. Hire someone as independent contractor as an assistant or as the four hour work week, the book outsource everything Teo India and learn how to tell. He thinks people in India. But I think that's a hard thing to just jump into. I think it's easier one on one to find someone who needs a little extra work. Who can use an assistant and learn those management skills over other people. Because that's your business grows. You will need to learn how to manage. Employs a larger scale. But first and foremost, you never had a manned your own brain. And having an employee is a powerful tool. And you're getting closer that. Hey, Ow! Ow! Okay.

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