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We’re here at Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok, and Bart is going to share HOW you can recover from surgery more thoroughly and FASTER. He recently had a Deviated Septum Surgery and he’ll be explaining how he is accelerating his recovery.

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he wants to recover more thoroughly, and he really wants to recover faster. Doctor, Any huge here with Bart at Muscle Factory. Jim, one of my favorite gyms in the world, are just had a surgery for a deviated septum. And since he is superhuman, like a lot of the fans of exactly, of course he's not going to just go with the standard medical protocol for recovery. So I want to know, based on his experience and what he knew before getting the surgery, then also what he's actually doing during this surgery that's accelerating the recovery. Tell us all the secrets with Strong on vitamin C growth hormone Winstrol, Vitamin C. Okay, the growth hormone. Um, you think it's better to just one shot a day? Or do you spread the shots out? No, I do the one show tonight, but the science behind it because your face or any any injury that you have your going through trauma and when you're in trouble, you go into a state of hyper cata bolic state, right? It's called prolong hyper cattle Bolic State. So what that means is, this trauma is actually utilizing a ll the available protein to get through this recovery. What jihad's does it put you back into a hyper state? So it synthesizes protein mohr, effectively allowing you to hell even faster right now what the wind stroll does. Winstrol is really good for people who, like burn burn people like you got You went into a fire. What Winstrol Does it promote pro college in one and face three pro college and as you know, is what you need for your skin, right? So rejuvenate your skin and helps the sky It like my scarring. Hopefully I'LL have no starring whatsoever because of the pro college in what the vitamin C does. It produces college so the bottom and see what it does. It activates more production ofthe college. And so the wind stroke could be mohr effectively by using that to repair my face or any scarring that I haven't incurred. A lot of people make mistakes. We're using vitamin E. Vitamin E is a A collagen inhibitor. It could actually slow recovery. It does the opposite. Yeah, well, obviously we need some amount of vitamin E, but we don't want to make it, does it? Vitamin C is something you could make it does cause you just pee out, which don't use water soluble every six hours, Pete, and few ticket frequently. I do. I do. Especially now with the state I'm in. I'Ll be gone two grams every four hours just because I know I'm going to p most of it out within six hours. So whatever. I don't use leftover r p AP, but because I'm trying to create more collagen. I'm happy the dosages. So it's quite extreme, like, say, six or eight thousand milligrams of sick. But it's not something I'm going to keep doing it. It's just purely so. It can get over this. Okay, Winds draw those just bodybuilder dosage and then there's, you know, therapeutic. That's just their feud. It all you need is seif fifty milligrams every other day because because of the life span, all you still need to do it every other day. But you only need a small amounts. Could you? All you're doing is promoting the use of pro collagen. You're not trying to build big muscles. This difference would like when you have a very low sperm production on the doctor, which on Andrea, you're not taking the Andrea all so you could get bigger muscles you're taking Andrew also have more spring production. So you take. It's a different protocol, lets you take a whole lot at once rather than taking it over all day. But because of vitamin C and vitamin standards on the life span of it, use it more frequently. But the dosages of very low. All right, thank you. Slide school. Friends of freedom binders given evolution.

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