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Prima bolen, doctor tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com here with coach trevor in a steroid shop in bangkok, thailand, where we're actually buying and going to test with a steroid test kit. Prima bolin, i'm gonna read to you the description that they have of this pre molar right here, and then coach trevor and i are going to explain coach trevor's approach using cream a bowl, and and we're also going to answer elena's questions about how he's heard that prima bowl in his weak and why is coach trevor so insistent on me using it for the bodybuilding competition when primo boland is supposed to be weak sauce ? But we're going to share all those secrets with you in a minute after i give you the general description, it says it's, one of the world's most sought after anabolic steroids, nothing bad can be said about it. Its popularity is greatly justified by its unique characteristics. It cannot aroma ties into estrogen, and there is no water attention which results in a lean, hard look. It will burn fat while preventing loss of muscle during a diet. It will keep the body in an anabolic state. With a greatly elevated nitrogen balance and has also been showed to be a great immune defence enhancer, there is no toxicity of the liver and kidneys, which makes it very safe to use. And even over long periods, pretty bolan is a slow release long acting steroid and will produce steady quality muscle gains that could be considered almost permanent. It is widely recommended to be used for a minimum of fourteen to sixteen weeks, with a dosage of no less than four hundred milligrams per week. Coach trevor's gonna weigh in on his opinion on dosage in just a second staying type, it is very often advantageously, stacked with moderately toa high angiogenic steroids that do not aroma ties like master bowl and parable and rex, a gin and bold a bowl and those air all brand names of the normal steroids like bold unknown, which is e q and a trend. Things that master on things like that to be the safest cycle of all will manifest itself in a slow build up of fat free mass, a hard and physique and good strength increases. Here we have the chart stars. It says. Muscle gains are a three out of five stars strength are a two out of five stars and a fat burning three out of five stars and side effects. One out of five stars. That's, a pretty good profile. Now, let's, hear from coach trevor all of his secrets about prima bolin. I'm going to take a thousand milligrams of primo starting now until the next bodybuilding competition. Uh, if we could get real primo so trevor and i were discussing this, and ellen says the most common question about primo, ever. I thought primo was weak ass crap, and it doesn't work and what's the point of running it when there's so much stronger stuff and trevor says no. Who says it's weak ? Um, i would i had mentioned was most people read online on the forums are, i guess there's a few websites, the steroids, you know, steroids dot com i think i don't know if i'm even allowed to mention their name, but there's a few out there that that give information on them and their andrew levels, anabolic ratings and whatnot. And they let scream on there, you know, on these things as very low, anabolic and such and which it is i mean it's dye job old unknown it's, not necessarily an antibiotic. And a lot of times you hear me use the word anabolic referring teo androgens and for, you know my own reasons, because i look a drugs in our hormones in a different way. Bye you can't judge it, and we talked about it with tremble alone tremble may have a five hundred anabolic rating, but why is it so effective and why's it so good ? Because there's other things are mediated through tremble own that are on the energetic level and such too, you know, nandrolone causes, they said i had some college and synthesis, you know properties to it, and retaining waters and fluids primarily and joint issues. And what not ? And then yeah, prima bond and its ability to retain nitrogen and the greater amount, then anything else and recycle nitrogen. And what else could do things like that ? And it's one like tremble own ? Where if you haven't ran at legitimate prima ball in in a legitimate doses, then don't go off what you read online because it says this about it's a low and it's weak, and they're recommending three hundred milligrams is something that arnold was in his own book tto take a thousand milligrams a week and the seventies and sixties, and i believe fifty milligram ampules at that time. So you're talking about somebody's shooting two bottles of a hormone, and they said it was the single best thing ever. So, you know, look at it in that regards and don't just read everything you know, believe everything here, online and there's a reason for everything. You may not play it fifty pounds on and muscle and a couple of months like you, you know, gaining fifty pounds of water from and draw nandrolone and all these different things, but you could do a lot with different compounds together with pre move on. And especially depending on what you're doing growing at the same time, you know, it's it's. In a sense, i always lick it as the growth hormone of of anabolic ce, if that makes any sense. So what would you say that primo like that ? Like, what is primo ? Add to a physique that another dht like wind straw or, like master on wouldn't add, like let's say you run it at the desire dosages pre contest, so like a thousand milligrams a week. But like what ? What's like the factor with prima bowl and that, like, makes it something that you would like a must have in your stack, like once its exact purpose, your ability to retain your tissue ability to retain your muscle coming into a show, it allows you to eat much less and that's that believe that's, even written online, allows you to eat much less than what you normally could even went tremble. Oh, and still be able to hold and maintain your size and the recycling of it. Yeah, and your ability to still you know what it's doing that your ability to grow on a calorie deficit and that's. Why, i say i related to growth ramon of anabolic there's one the few things that you actually can grow on a calorie deficit and the roundness that it gives you to your body as another reason why i say, like the girls from my antibiotics, because they both give you this round look and like other dht, is they give you a hard look, right ? So you get this hard luck, this really lean, dry, crisp look to you, but at the same time you're growing on one in your ability to hold muscle when dieting is there, when it's not there on these other ones, and then there's other properties to it, when you can add it to basically you can even add to a booking cycle there's so many different combinations of drugs you can run this with when you look at it chemical structure and what it is and its effect with nitrogen and so on that even though it is weak on antibiotic scale, you could do a lot with it. What iran it as like a main dht. Basically, as like a hardening agent to come into the show, you you could so like if you were running a high dose supremo, you wouldn't have to run master on or winstrol. Or where do you throw them ? One on top of that, you wouldn't have to run a high dose of mass theron. Our provider unnecessarily. But if you were doing a show, i would do the wind straw. You could do a halo, but i would probably do the winstrol with it getting closer because they don't unnecessarily strip that water off you in the d h seas like wind stroke can. Hmm, technically, g h b, so it's, a little bit different, but i would still do the wind strong. But you wouldn't need the master on, even though you can add mass trunk. Okay, i learned a lot. No, another question that people ask about it is what's the half life. How, how frequent doesn't have to be injected well, there's people on acid tate, there's, aural, prima bone acid and then there's premium bond. Anything so it's going to be the same with any other compound there is. If you're going off the esther, the half life of disaster doesn't matter what drug it is, where hormone it is. Whatever the aster is that's going to be a half life and whatever you know, if it's, a nasty silicon, about twenty four hour, have life two, thirty two hours. So if it's proven as states, the samos tremble on acid ate. If it's proven anything it's going to be the same as testosterone and you're a proponent of taking out most of the injectable compounds a week or even two weeks before the show, coming into the show on just or als and actually not a whole lot of gear running on on the day of the competition because most any gear can cause some form of water retention is pretty mobile in one of these contests, drugs that can be run all the way through the show since it doesn't hold any water. Yeah, it is one that you would you would drop the dose on, but you wouldn't couldn't completely you can hold water on any drug, really ? I mean, the only one and i say it's over and over even halo can but win straws one of the very few i believe you can run more wind straw and not hold water. You actually cut the water off you and dry you out more. But with primo, if you took fifteen milligrams, you're gonna have some honor. Attention, it's always gonna be there. But you want to be ableto like how i tell people that come in avery show and how i do it is there's a scaling that i do. And it's, basically, you want to be just over this hump where you're not growing anymore into your show, but you're not losing your just over this, huh ? And it keeps your body running like a sponge, and actually we talked about you know that with dieting, you're doing the same with the horn bows, and so you're going to drop your hormone levels. So even if it's the primo ball and you're dropping the dose down, but you're not getting it out completely and winstrol, you wouldn't cut that out, and i do prefer the inject winstrol way over the whirlwind strong and, you know, that's, a saucer, and i like the cut out or just keep a healthy oh, and a level of it. So i've read online that, like people old school would run just primo like cream only cycle or something like that. So what do you recommend ? I mean, is it possible to do primo on lee, or what do you like, what's the test to primo ratio that you would recognize there's no there's, no ratio when it comes down to running to sauce tre. There's no ratio to it. So what it is you're only taking two sauces for its function. You don't take testosterone because it's a steroid to take it for its function. So what is it doing ? Your body and how much milligrams do you need to get that effect in your body and there's wanting just enough more than a higher level of your own natural production ? That's going to benefit, but then there's a threshold that is giving you no more benefit after that. And that's. Why ? I always recommend a certain dose of assassin depending what they're doing so i would never cut it out completely. Either you cut it out completely or that's your primary sex hormones. So there's gonna be side effects there is different effects to social gives you that other compounds can give you so you can't just necessarily cut it all out. Or just do a ratio of milligrams per milligram on drugs. You just want enough to keep starting levels in your body. So beware your body working efficiently. Basically, before we talk about dosages. Quick disclaimer this is not medical advice. Don't do anything we do. We're professionals. This may be a prescription drug in your in your country. So only use under doctor supervision this for entertainment, educational purposes only. Trevor, what dosage are you going to recommend for me ? One month out from a national classic physique bodybuilding competition of prima bella of the crew. Move on. If we can find acid tate, if we can find acid tate, that would allow us to get rid of, say, the tremble own if we're not having good results tremble on or the meant taking that out because with acid tate, we could go up to a thousand milligrams. But because it is ascertained, you'll need to run as much as anything i would say we could get away with about eight, nine hundred and then we can tape right down as we get closer to the show. It's an anti it's gonna be a little hard because obviously, by the time it peaks in your body is time in the show. So there's going to be one of two things they're gonna happen where you have to fight water on the day of the show, or we're gonna have the right drugs before not to worry about that. And we can save her down so you either run the long one, fight the water or you don't run along one at all, or you just mutter it moderate dose, which is then going to take away from the effect because we only have forever. If primo is so anti cata bolic and it enhances nitrogen attention so much, does that mean we can eat a lot less protein ? Yeah, that's! What i was trying to tell him earlier that you could consume a lot less and get away with it in that i'm always big, big reliever on less protein. And if you look at drugs like the prima balint or nandralone and actually tremble over to one of the things they can do is stress your kidneys on ally over time. And part of it is because of the amount of nitrogen that's going through your body. And how affected primo is at that recycling their nitrogen it's even more so than that. Not as toxic, i would say, is the trend because friends line but you know, design for a human but it's still taxing on your kidney and what happens when you eat protein and that's correlation ? With nitrogen in your body, when they say protein stressed out, your kidney is, well, this is the same reason, and it's a very similar reason. So the more protein you're eating, yeah, you actually are stressing kidneys out. And we, you know, if you have a healthy body and you're able to filter it out, the yuria nitrogen in these things properly than most bodybuilders don't really have that much of a problem. And then you take it. Somebody on the very high protein diet, and you add a drug like that in there. That's. When you start causing problems, you've seen a lot of bodybuilders with kidney transplants since over the years, and as due to a big part of that. Prima bowl and sounds too good to be true, but here's some of the drawbacks. Number one getting real primo is difficult. Oftentimes it's it's, fake it's, usually just testosterone because pre mobile and is very expensive to make. Testosterone is very cheap to make, so a lot of manufacturers will put testosterone and pretending like it's. Primo. Just like what happens at the end of our and i had i was not. I did not used to be cynical about these type of things, but now, after really understanding the industry yeah, i've gotten a little bit cynical. That's. Why we brought a steroid test kit and are going to test on camera the actual primo from the store here before i go injecting. Ten cc is a week of it and i think that's the other problem. We have to inject so much of it. Trevor saying for me to do nine hundred milligrams and it's one hundred milligrams for miller leader, i would guess that's nine cc is a weave that's, a huge amount of oil and a huge expense that's an entire vial every week, which is going to cost probably two hundred bucks here, so sixty bucks always all right. Well, see, that's, that's, that's too good to be true, that's fricking amazing. I wonder how much i can take back on the plane with me. You know, the rule about getting a prescription in a foreign country and bringing it prescription back. So the video's about that ? Any other questions about free, mobile one driver ? Any other comments ? Uh, just that. And when i tell people that everyone bashes it, i don't know why they've asked it because they haven't ran it or because they ran it and then see their fake or it's q, or they ran three hundred milligrams or they ran it for three weeks, you know, same thing with growth hormones always bashed because of this, and they have nothing to show for it. So just keep those in mind when, yet whenever you're talking about things like that when you read him online, but it isn't a crazy fulcher, right ? I mean, it doesn't really bulk you up like crazy, so i can see a lot of people who want really fast explosive results in strength and size. Then they might be a little bit disappointed. So that's why ? They might be bashing it versus the bodybuilder type. Those of us who want to look super shredded and lean hold no water, be able to step on stage and run a compound that has virtually no side effects. And then the video we actually just did driving in back in here about clean dieting, dirty dieting, our booking, clean, bulking first dirty booking, it's the same thing when i talk about it that way and how dirty booking is like you even said, you'd take us two steps forward, one step back and that's the same thing. When you talk about these drugs, you might have been on fifty pounds, but you're in the end, you're going to get a lot more have to do a lot less because of the way you could put your body the state you could put your body in with these drugs in the way you're dieting. That's what people don't seem that really connect here. What about adding cream ? A bull in a small dose to another cycle just for the anti cata bolic benefits like just pre contest ? You were just trying to preserve muscle just in a little bit what's. The lowest dosage you would run to help just preserve muscle in your combining with another stack. Yeah, i would say only if for some reason they're really at a calorie restriction. And i you already know me not very big at calorie restriction on pre contest sighting it's more tricking it. So you're eating, you know, it's clean. But if calorie restriction was let's, say the case because somebody was dirty, bulking and then had to cut down from it, which is probably what it is. And they wanted teo it's hard to say, but i would say about five hundred milligrams, four to five hundred milligrams. I'm going to say five hundred it's going to be a there's pretty much no situation under which you would run less than five hundred milligrams of prima, you know, it's to each his own there's gonna be somebody that's going to come out and say, i ran two hundred milligrams and it was awesome. But then again, it was probably just ostro. You know what it could be ? Somebody could get amazing results off that. And so is to each his own. But i'm gonna tell you four to five hundred. Milligrams it's. Probably what it's going to take. So all right, guys, we're gonna do more of these kind of steroid profile videos just comes up in conversation. These guys were asking questions about primo since i mentioned that i might take it from the cycle, and we're gonna go get the lab tested, and then we just roll the camera, so we're just inviting. You are private conversation. We're definitely not advocating any specific compound over another, and everybody has different opinions, and everybody reacts differently. Hope you enjoyed it. Please describe comment below and swelling for my friend.

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