Protein Intake from Whole Foods

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How do we measure roughly how much we should be having from whole foods? When you're taking storage, you can even lead less. Now let's just talk about food generally. How many grams of protein or how do we measure roughly how much we should be having from Whole Foods? Well, I've experimented myself about six, seven years ago on sixty grams of protein a day. Sixty sixty. Okay. All right. That's like one steak, medium size steak, once per day. Grams of protein a day. I did it for about three months. I didn't lose no muscle. I didn't It didn't affect my recovery. They didn't affect my sex Drive it in effect anything actually. Probably felt a little bit If I'll be truthful a little better, okay? I mean said that the product came from nuts Your good? A little bit of red meat, a little bit of fish, Nothing but I four different types of protein a day. I didn't just have one type only and maybe that was the reason. I don't know, but you know, in reality, I never have more than hundred two hundred twenty grams Somebody Your body weight two hundred grams a day. Maybe more than sufficient. So roughly one gram per pound of body weight this sufficient. Okay, lean. Now let's throw in a whole bunch of growth hormone and steroids. Does that change? The equation can actually, Okay, because it could go two ways. It could mean that you you could be more efficient at using protein less cattle bolic, which means you could even need less. Or it could mean that you could build muscle faster and therefore you Khun, assimilate and use more protein, which is OK, you're right. In reality, you have to question why was there is made in the first place for watch for my city. Go reasons were made for sick people that couldn't need whatever. So, in reality, when you're taking steroids, you can even lead less. You could see it recover and put on muscle assed faras eating more. I don't think we should eat more because I think we're eating more as well. Then we need anyway. So what would happen is you build muscle, get Lena, stay more healthy, less water attention. Let's problems with your your your actuaries and everything else because you're not stuffing yourself stupid because everybody You know how people comes to be all your amusing specifics, Terry, and I'm getting more traitors. Justin, my friend. There's no war transition. You have his fun retention because or you did start. It's in double the amount of food he was eating before. And the proof is you're *** now. Yes, you got bigger muscles. I also put a lot of Pharaoh, and that's exactly what happens. People assume that, you know, unless you're underweight unless you suffer from you know, you're truthfully underweight. You shouldn't really increase your foot in type. You know he should. And what's the reason why you've been taking steroids to put on muscle? You don't need to put on and weapons, you putting more fat. Then you you you try to lose a fight later date because you're trying to lose a father and a blues into your muscle and where you know where they took the stairs for nothing. And that's exactly what happens on the target

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