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Trevor doesn't know what question i'm about to ask him, but here goes trevor, we're att trump international uh, in panama city, and i've noticed that when i take insulin and growth hormone, i, uh and i just sit down, i feel like it all goes to my stomach and i eat a lot of food. I feel like my stomach it's fact, even on growth hormone, doesn't seem to completely block the backing from insulin well, because i'm over eating a lot as well, but i do notice trevor that if i walk after i eat, my legs will get pumped and my legs will absorb those nutrients. I want to know if my delusional or am i correct in assuming and this is your bro science opinion that if i were worth two after my meal or during my meal, do push ups or get the blood flow into the muscle. It is the nutrient are the nutrients going to go into my muscle instead of into fat ? Is that really going to make enough of a difference toe to make it worth after dinner, being awkward and doing push ups or air squats or something to get ? The the blood of the most because i really feel like it makes a huge difference in my body. Actually, one hundred percent and that's. Not really, bro science when you work out do cardio happens your insulin it drops write your insulin levels drop when you eat a big meal like you are and not not necessarily it doesn't have to be a very high carb meal, but with all the protein and fat as well, just having some carbohydrates in your insulin raising and then having fats and you're arresting st in your insolence. Hi, of course, some of it's going to be an anabolic meal, but at the same time, when you're getting an excess, some of it's going to go too fast. So anything that's going to cause your insulin to be lower likes the slim pills or walking doing some type of exercise. Not even extreme exercise will lower your insulin levels and the storage the fat storage that's gonna happen is gonna drop tremendously. And then the blood flow going to the extremities that whatever you're you're training. Okay ? Yes, i know that we did a previous video about if you do any physical. Activity after you eat you will, your body will get out of fast or ege mode and you'll get the blood flow in the nutrients into the muscle. We know that for sure, but what i want to know is when we're injecting insulin and growth hormone and high dosages with high calorie meals, how much of a difference does it make to do some push ups after the meal ? Okay, so when you're talking about high dose insulin, high dose growth hormone, when you start seeing those guts, the growth hormone guts, so you're not necessarily holy fat, really, in your abs, you're holding water in bloat is what you're getting it's, not fat. So when you you're already doing a growth hormone in low dose insulin when the dose is get higher that's what ? When you're sitting there, that's what's going to cause the bell, you start to expand this it's well, when we talk about g h god it's, more of an insulin and bloating issue, so the more you do exercise wise when you're taking the growth and insulin after a meal, the more effective you're going to make the growth hormone insulin and when we talked about this, probably i think last year one of the earlier videos and i talk about different volume, different ways to train for volume volume training. But volume training only works when you have the nutrients and the hormones like insulin and growth hormone available, and by doing that volume start workouts, you are actually just delivering all these nutrients to the muscle twenty four seven, right ? And the more nutrients are getting in there, the more hyperplasia and things that are gonna happen. So when you're talking about just doing light exercise, but you're on all these hormones, it's going to be a similar concept ? Just not as extreme. So what if you're on the high dose of growth hormone, insulin all day in a calorie clerk surplus ? And how much ? How much benefit would it be to, like, really pump the muscle that i mean, yes, it's definitely gonna help, but is it going to make a huge difference ? Because i feel what i'm feeling with my body and if i don't get it, the bus, if i don't hump my muscle and flax and get the blood there, i feel like it's all sitting in my stomach and i don't feel like it's just blow i feel like my stomach's getting fat and and i feel like it's not going into my muscles. It almost feels like i have to pump the muscle a little bit to even get any of the nutrients and my muscle. And yet we know there's always blood flow through the muscle because our our arms are don't go numb like when you fall asleep on your arm goes numb. That's what it would feel like if there was no blood in your arm is definitely blood, but it seems like by increasing the blood flow to the arm to the muscles, then it makes a huge difference in being anabolic all day forever. It's a great view. Yeah, a little distracted with your question right now because i could see the screen. Um, but no, you're not getting fat at all. You are getting bloated, i can. So the first thing i'll tell you, though, is your diet it's all about timing, nutrients, your kind of having every nutrient, lots of fats, carbs, protein, every single meal again. So you're you're bloating. Is that much more extreme now ? And if those were controlled if you started timing your carbohydrates again and controlling your fats, carbohydrates and timing, when you're having them that bloating feeling would be completely gone on, it would be it just wouldn't be there no matter how much growth in insulin you take it. Ok, so you're you're not telling me what i was hoping i'd hear, which is it's going to make some huge difference for me to pump the muscle all day to get the blood flow in that it makes a difference if you're talking physique wise, it does make a difference in terms of recovery, recovery and muscle growth is going to help no matter what that's going to help us specifically on growth hormone insulin throughout the day humping up it's going to make actually a big difference but what you're talking about with your belly that's just the dye issue that's all of this and that's the only thing the only thing that's gonna matter at this point is your diet with the belly a shooting it's not fat that you're getting is a blow water. Okay, all right. Now, for someone who's willing to be awkward like i am and do push ups right after a meal in the middle of the floor, which i've been known to do in the past. Would you recommend it as a coach to say, after every meal that you've taken insulin growth hormone or after every meal period, you should pump that blood into the muscles ? If they had the time to do it, yeah, i would tell him, and but i wouldn't push ups probably not as much maybe an angled push up because the stress on the shoulder and one of the number one problems in the military with injuries was the shoulders from all the push ups. So if you're doing push ups all day and then you go to train, chest and then trained shoulders, but you're still do push ups every single day, lots of push ups, you're going to get some some terror is goingto happen. There's gonna be some micro terrorist from push ups and that's going to lead into a worse time down the road ? But aside from push ups, i would if somebody had the time to do it, i would tell him to bring some bands or push ups curls, anything they could do when they're on those, especially when they're on those hormones, because that it will make a difference. Have some bands here let's split tweet that on your shirt, this great funny shirt and us demonstration on how to use bands after a meal to get the nutrients into the muscle. If someone was crazy enough to want to take it this far. Bye. So i'm going to do this on a lot of alcohol. Yeah, and lack of sleep. So for biceps, you could see right here. The further you put your foot on it, the more tension there's going to be. So if you need more attention, you put your foot closer to that. And it would speak the good thing about bands. Is he could do any type of girl you want, so you could do a regular curl here, just like a standard barbell curl, you could do hammer style, reverse anything of that nature. It's like a free cable, basically, with any handle grip that you want tricep. Same concept. You do try step, just like this. Have him up here, and they could step closer and use both hands if you want. So there's this way, you do a shoulder, press side lateral. If you don't want to step on more, you just wrap it around your hand. Saseidx lateral. One of my favorites, so, for rear dough, would be right here. Seka deer were adults as well. In there, if you have a door, a door like a door knob could do chess, press on the door knob, or you could do it just by putting up around your back and doing your chest. Here, they could fly, basically just flies that way. You're not putting all the attention on your delts from doing push ups. So this basically an unlimited number of ways, just like using a cable with any type of handle you want and it's on a rubber band and that's. What i bring with me when we travel to is just bands, because it's the best type attention on the muscle, it's not breaking it down, just cosy blood flow, that's, all recovering well. Uh, okay, he's. Well, swell, my friends. Free them. Finding is a human evolution.

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Love how Trevor prefaced it with he has been drinking a lot and not sleeping.lol.