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Let's talk about the deaths of rich piana and dallas mccarver, and it was a little awkward to throw these into one video because they had both very different deaths, but they happened at the same time they were both will call them both bodybuilders both had a tremendous amount of muscle, and people are blaming their deaths on the same reasons. So i'm just gonna do it in one video, baby doing this video because i'm getting blown up by all my girlfriends, most of you to watch my stuff ? No, i'm a polygamist, so i have lots of women that love and care about me, and they are messaging me now constantly after these deaths just happened that worried about me dying and suffering the same fate because i'm also a bodybuilder and also take steroid. They're concerned about steroids causing the same death in me than that it caused in them, but see, they're assuming that steroids is what caused the death and that's the major mistake that they're making. I i also have received a lot of questions from fans about rich piana and dallas carver's all addressed some of those questions first oval have i ? Met dallas carver have i met rich piana ? Yes, i've met both of them. I've spent more time talking to rich piana, then dallas. Dallas doesn't talk very much when i'm around him, because it's usually just taking photos and saying hi, really small talk, but i've had an opportunity to talk to rich piana a little bit more. I did very much enjoy rich, be honest personality and have a lot of respect for both of them. I also wanted to do this video today because i got really irritated when i watched another video on youtube blaming his death on eating meat. The fact that he wasn't a vegan causing their death, blaming all health problems, i'm not being vegan. Most bodybuilders don't die from anything remotely related to steroids and their whole life, a bodybuilder will go suffering from everybody warning them that they're going to die of steroids. And then in the end, they die from something completely unrelated to steroids, and it was completely irrelevant that they ever did stories. It wasn't even a factor in their death that's usually the case and i going to stop using steroids now that this has happened to to body builders at the same time ? No, i'm not going to stop using steroids. I love steroids. I feel like i use them fairly responsibly, although i do push the envelope. But i do experiment with a lot of compounds believe it or not, in the grand spectrum of things and the cycles that i've seen in the approaches i've seen, my approach does take into consideration health and longevity. Will i go vegan now ? Absolutely not. What was the real cause of their death ? I do know what the causes of their death was and that's why i can say with absolute certainty that steroids were not the direct cause of either of their deaths. Although body weight and body size putting additional strain on their body the same as if they were overweight by having fat, just the fact that their body size is so big may have contributed or made it easier to die for both of them under those conditions. Are bodybuilders in general hiding their health concerns ? Often times ? Yes, and it is because they don't want it to be blamed on steroids or just for privacy reasons in general, but i do know. A lot of bodybuilders who would otherwise be very open about their health issues. Except for they know that people are completely incapable of separating their emotion and their preconceived notions from logic, fact and truth. And so they will blame the health condition they have on steroids, even if it's not resulted from steroids. What ? No. All right, i'm gonna show me the perfect place. Very important. Go right. Off side. There is any inflammation. Tired ? What ? Fine. All right. All this being said, abuse of steroids does result in a serious compromise of health. Abusive steroids rarely kills anybody, but it is synergistic with other factors that can compromise health to the point that results in death. What i stand for in this channel stands for his truth so that you have the correct facts, accurate information upon which to make your own decision, and that is freedom and freedom is the core of all my values. So another concept you need to understand not that it's happening precisely in this situation, but most of the stuff you read in the media is absolutely twisted in order to elicit a specific emotional response in you to make you act a certain way and that's. Why, when you see something like a vegan channel doing a video about the cause of death, of bodybuilders being steroids or eating meat when those aren't the cause of death irritates me so much. Now you could say that i'm doing the same thing because i'm making steroids look good on my channel, but no, i'm not making them look good. It just looks like i'm making him look good because the truth is they aren't as bad as everybody thought they were. So the fact that i'm making him look better than people thought they were is the truth. Another concept is people used the term steroids too broadly. They include all kinds of bodybuilding drugs in the definition of steroids, like diary ticks, h gh, insulin, g f all these other hormones that could potentially compromise the health that bodybuilders take, they get ignored by the public because the public has never heard or understand these things. They just know steroids. I have a tremendous amount of respect for dallas mccarver, for being at the top of his passion for working so hard towards his goal and reaching it at such a young age, i feel like the world has lost something when it loses someone as talented and as hardworking as dallas. Mccarver rich piana is the one that's getting the most criticism because he is the most eccentric. He has all the tattoos. He's extreme. He invites both positive and negative attention. But he is a pioneer. He's, a unique individual he's expressing his freedom. I almost feel like his death is not a shame because his death was an expression of freedom, i believe in the freedom and responsibility that we should be able to put into our bodies what we want to put into our bodies, and then also deal with the responsibility and the consequences that come with using those things. But i believe that we should have the choice, but we should also have access to the true and accurate information upon which to make those decisions. I know that most of my fans and most people that are gonna watch this are already fans of dallas, mccarver and rich piana. And so i'm telling a lot of you something you already know. But then again, i was on instagram this morning and the unnatural johnny did a live video feed. This is after i watched the vegan video that pissed me off so much it was just of a bottle of all day you may, which is one of rich pianist products, and then his dog next to it. There was nothing to watch other than it's sparked a forum of us being able to communicate on our feelings for rich piana or our condolences. I was blown away at how much respect and how. Much positive comments and feedback that rich piana got from that and that made me feel good, because although i don't agree with everything rich piana did, i believe in freedom. He was expressing his freedom, he's a unique individual, he rose to the top of an industry and he inspired us in so many ways, as did dallas. Mccarver right on rusty, you way across from where i think you've gotten bigger. In fact, i know you've got big. Yeah. So what way need this man to make his goddamn fucking mind ? What he's trying to do ? We're going heavyweight. We're gonna be like, rich beyond right on, brother, you look great, all right, thank you. We'll see you. All right, i'll see you all over the world, huh ? Right eye what we have everyone. We need to be swollen, swollen, that's. What this man says be swallowed swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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