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Dr turner, you enhanced athlete dot com, and usually, when you see me in my bedroom with a hot girl and something like this in my hand, you think we're gonna do another injection ? Well, not exactly. Another injection this time. This time, i'm gonna show you how to row take injection sites. This is a common question. You guys have been asking me on facebook, instagram, snapchat, because people who are doing more frequent injections are hearing that it's not good to hit the same place every time, because it builds up scar tissue and that's a problem. So i'm about to show you my personal method for rotating injection sites, and then coach trevor's going to come in and show you his method for rotating injection sites. Right. So i usually start with the upper hour, and what i do is i make a note in my phone of where i injected last. So if i'm injecting every day, i'm going to do i can do four different injection sites on the glue here so i might go one upper outer less upper outer, right ? And then i'll go upper inner last upper inner right now go. Uh, look on the left side. Outer lower left our lower right and then left side inner lower. We're here and then here. So i'm gonna draw dots of roughly how far apart do the shot so i would come squeeze my muscles feel where this muscle is here. This is where i would start. I do once one shot there and the next one on same on the other side. And i always write this down in my phone. Because if i don't, i totally forget were injected last. So the second shot i do, i do right here and third shot. I would be right here. And the fourth shot, i will be right here. Notice ? I'm still always in the upper outer quadrant and i still always a little farther towards the upper outer corner. I used to inject down here and it was really sore. I get what was hard to sit on. It was always sore. Ever since i switched to this really farther upper outer area. It's been much better for me now. I was concerned original hitting the hit. I was afraid that the farther upper outer i wass the closer the needle be the hit. Why use a one inch, twenty five gauge needle ? And i've never hit my my hip. Very lean. But i do have a good amount of glute muscle, but i just don't think that's a concern. So that's the rotation i use if i had to go from from here. This is this is what i use for three ccs. I used three three ccs in the glutes. But if i was gonna do one, cc or less, i wouldn't go to the glute. I would go to the shoulders. I would even do one cc and upper chest. I can do one cc in the side of my bicep. So i really use. I really used glue for the larger injections. Travers here and he heard what ? My opinion was about rotating injection sites. Remember, this was just my approach. I just made this up myself and worked great for me and my athletes who asked my opinion. This is what they do, and it worked great for all of them. This is not necessarily the medically normal way to do it or even the normal underground steroids. In fact, this is not medical advice. Always following doctor's supervision doing injection driver. What is your opinion ? What would your approach be ? So typically what you do when you talk about the outer quadrant, you could draw the quarter usually. Okay, you just make a right here and they're this line. It represents the four quadrants this'll be moved to said about a half inch off right here. So typically anywhere in this space is fine and you want to go around where the muscle is. Obviously, the less muscle it's more could possibly hurt. But like he said, i was doing my head too. I even did my hair never hit the bone. I've been doing that since i was younger. So anyone in this plane ? Right, here's ? Technically fine. Your side nerve runs from the spine. And it comes down through those quadrants down here, down your leg. So as long as you're away from the nerve, you're fine, cause, you know, i hit that, and then this whole leg is there any pretty messed up. So i'm saying way you could rotate this whole area, you can probably thirty shots. If you're doing small lines, just keep rotating those, if that's all you wanted to do, he swells, will my friends of freedom. Evolution.

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That was a great video, I was always scared of pinning on the outside of the glute thinking I should stick with what I saw online, today was my pin (200 Test, 250 Deca once a week -2nd cycle – blast and cruise) and I went a bit higher and a bit more towards the outside while pinning .. my best pin to date .. you guys have helped me a lot through my journey to become superhuman .. thanks a lot