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Procaine roundtable question question. Accordion. Yeah, come out with me. Way to go diet inside outside. Does that, barry ? Was it normally the same huge difference ? You know, this is actually one of my first ship, that's. My only first that npc show. Andi, i learned a ton learned a ton about food. And it's is literally about the food. People don't want to imagine you gotta eat as much as you. Are it as little as you do and what you got to eat in house, consistent away, the science works. But i learned so much about, you know, carbonate relation howto bring things down, maintaining muscle and even growing in the process, leaning out which people believe is impossible. So i actually used a lot of enhanced athlete came self right here. I used a lot of his tips to change up my diet a little bit, put a little finer tips and, uh, just bring out as much muscle they could and burned up that much fat is really good, but not a lot obviously varies for cutting, waiting, waiting. But i pretty much anything and everything in the off season. And then you kind of get down about twelve weeks before. And you know, you're basically five, six times a day with you chicken asparagus and clean it up. Yeah, big time, but offseason, then, it's, anything, everything off season, you know, obviously, there is much more carbon take, but as far as like the strictness to my diet, he's off a little bit, far, she males go, but i'm still very dedicated to. I feel like just because you're on an off season, you don't throw away what you worked hard for it. Wrong season, much more regiment and tell about four weeks out. I do my cheap meals once a week and before we restrict, and then i do fighting afterwards. Help wanted after off season, i still like to keep it clean. Designate a certain amount of calories of clean calories, and then i'll compensate with my other calories, just kind of whatever i want. Teo. Once prep starts, i'm calorie based on strict calorie count. And then about two weeks before a competition date, i go kato it's, that's, painful.

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