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Touchtone, huge coach trevor and professional bodybuilder i f bi bi dan decker. I want to know about running and of our old year because of ours. A drug that we know is very mild. First liver toxicity doesn't have a lot of side effects. It was designed to be one of the safer steroids, aural steroids and a lot of these like instagram model type guys. While these bodybuilders in the off season, they want to know about running a bar and long cycles like running at all year, almost like a like a tr to maintain their physique, but also for performance dancing benefits like like keeping their strength up and looking with vast year looking harder, it doesn't mean water, so we want to know, is it possible to run something like and of our all year ? And what dosages, and also for male and female ? What would be the differences ? Yeah, so there's actual studies and doctors have used it for hrt, not tr team hrt and you think you have to know every steroid, every steroids going to cause suppression. Everyone does it's just what at what does doesn't do it and then you have to think of the benefits, what doses drug effective and that what doses the drug starts suppressing now, anna barr will start to suppress that fifteen milligrams what they found, but it's such a slight suppression that's not too bad, and when they put him on hr team, it was between twenty five, thirty milligrams a day was hrt those doctors forgiving and the studies went for a year and not a year there was no elevated liver enzymes. This suppression was really minimal, so it was actual success when they use that for hrt. So that's the other thing, then look at benefits to risk ratio. Once you start getting over that twenty five milligrams or so thirty milligrams, as you get higher, you're going to get a little more suppression, but you're going to get hired to get ineffective dose to carry whatever size you are, you know when they're running this year around so they're running it year round to maybe grow and get these results. But if you have to take more than you're gonna get more suppression and that's, what the problem is, but if they're taking the low dose and anna bardo maintain whatever. Size, they have, like, just ops room. And because anna bars giving one that shows actual burn visceral fat trump in their stomach region, there is a benefit to it. Now, when you anywhere over thirty milligrams, won't you get that suppression ? Then you might as well take a sorrow that tree and start running a higher because sam's gonna have less suppression, more effect on you in thirty and when we're talking milligrams vannevar, you talk about the difference between an underground laugh and of our and also like a pharmaceutical american description of our i think people who are listening are probably going to use underground lab for not pharmaceutical and are so maybe explain the differences in dosage on dh may be related to the underground lab dosage. Okay, i've had one real prescription and of our doctor actually twice, and when i first ran and i ran in because i thought it was thirty milligrams was actually does learning from the people that used to performing in thirty milligrams i when i was running the testosterone, just adding the thirty milligrams of navarre, my strength exploded and the vascular iti was a really big day on. The bar when i took it and then over the years, i've always amazing. So i start running and a bar through underground labs never have the same effect will start running fifty milligrams, not getting the same effect. I would have to take anywhere between eighty to one hundred milligrams to get that really good effect, and i got rounds taking thirty and even at that point, then i started getting appetite problems because of damaging the liver. There is a huge huge difference between the two and anybody that's ran it will know, and we've been over it a few times of many reasons. Why it's different, so taking thirty milligrams of a chinese you know how did and it's not because the actual hormone itself it's a ninety nine per cent pure powder in a bar that you're getting for the most part and why's it so different. We've talked about that on videos. So if you're not getting out prescribed a prescription from american doctor, you're not billy. Get away with that twenty five, thirty, thirty milligram dose way talk dosages vannevar way we're doing a pre contest cycle is usually in a vise used turning cutting phase of a contest cycle near the end, we're talking usually about higher dosages, but can you compare the dosages that someone would use pre competition, like a blast of and of our versus the dosage that someone would use for an entire year ? Yes. So if you were running for a show, we're going to use, are we getting chinese or american let's talk chinese so you'll see people running madam on fifty running a minimum fifty milligrams orjust ia's high one hundred twenty, but usually hundreds as high as it goes for every contest. And so you're going from that a free contest, even that's, pretty high, because once you start getting this liver's, you know, toxicity to it, then you're suppose that winstrol or a low here, you know, your regime. So our regiment so how's that gonna work ? You know, it doesn't really make much sense, but running it year round, like you said twenty, twenty five, thirty milligrams is has depression, you're nothing like you would think so you're still produced a lot of testosterone. You're getting a very minimal in a problem with that, and then you're getting the benefits in the animal. So we're talking twenty five, thirty milligrams per year ? How about a female running the end of our all year round ? You what kind of dosages ? A long term, okay, we never had a female. I'm running a bar you around, and i don't really know many that have i know they have rotated things, but if they were to run a year around, i would say five milligrams because ten milligrams is a is a really good dose, so really good dough so put on weight fast, it's really far, and you'll notice that really fast. So anything over five milligrams, you're gonna basically beyond cycle now over, like a period of time for a woman that's going to start building very slow residual effects over time and it's going to be such a sloan sudden ? Not a sudden problem that they're not going to see any of these changes till it's too late, you know, you don't it's hard to even see the changes during a cycle when they're running a little bit higher dose until it's too late, but it's the same thing when you're running a smaller dose. It's actually even worse because you're running that getting such slow changes, but you're doing it for a year. You'll never see these changes until somebody has a senior for awhile, back, hey, what's going on here so it's almost even more dangerous when you think of a way, so appetite suppression is something that comes with liver taxes, anything deregulation of boys, you like it. I mean, look, a hepatitis right, and it starts with the liver, and you'll notice people. Yeah, you know, some people get the values from hepatitis, get a lot of water attention in the valley, it kind of looks like a little basketball. And when you take, say, a lot of dollar or diana phone, once you're happen, sorry, sir knight, and you'll notice you get bloated but it's a little bit different. The bloating, the same concept, really strong, have titus. You see that, just think about that. Running it tomorrow all year around ? What would someone expect to see it ? A man expect to see different in their body at the end of the year ? Stronger would be bigger, muscular, so they just maintain this. Gonna go right back to one. How big were they ? You know, were they two hundred seventy pounds when they came out the cycle ? Now they're running twenty five minutes and amar thirty minutes and amar, because then they'll go the other way. But if you have somebody, you know, one hundred eighty, two hundred pounds or so, maybe even two ten to fifteen, you'll notice it's. So think about two saucers. So you were doing your tr tito said, two hundred millions it be very similar to that it's just a lot leaner gains and you're not really going to gain anything. You're just going to start, you know, trimming some of the fat off more than you would with just running on tito's to sasha so you might know, is getting leaner over time in a harder look. You what charity that's about it, you're not getting any of it. Sounds like the best use for a long term in of our site would be once someone achieves the physique that they want. This will help maintain it easier, so they don't have to watch their diet as much they don't have to train is often it'll keep him from going anti cat aholic and keep their strength up, even if they work out last things like this, yeah, and then the other thing is they would have to be back to normal hormonally, before they started, they came up really big cycle and then just started in a bar right away, even though it's, not a lot of suppression that's happening, the fact that you went from a cycle to something it does cost oppression will never be able to get your own speculum to deliver the lever. Liberal comeback isjust. Here in dodge is testosterone production if you don't do your part. Yeah. Then you would still need to run some testosterone with it, but i'm saying if you were to come right out of the cycle, you want to get your testosterone at least coming back to normal once it starts coming back and you have a consistent level, they're not wood do the work, so if you just saw it in my way, it will never give it time. You dodges. All right now, let's, say, i'm gonna add in t artie, just just awful two hundred milligrams high tier, two milligrams for a week of testosterone and then i'm gonna add fifty milligrams of annam are on top of that chinese run that for a year straight, my going to gain a lot of size. Strength is too much. If you did fifty for a year and your liver enzymes start creeping up on you and you'll get maybe six months or so times here. Not at that knows that's. Why i'm saying there's a threshold do fifty milligrams. You could do busy milligrams a day, but it's, like i said, your liver will creep up on you over six months and you start noticing the enzymes going higher. And higher each individual's will be different, but that's. Why i said there's, a threshold benefits on animal twenty five, thirty milligrams seems to be the perfect friends where your liver is not effective. Your liver will regenerate at the same time it's like your timeline, and so you'll be able to have complete fine liver values and very little suppression. But that's, the thing if you're bigger than two hundred or so pounds is that twenty five thirty milligrams of animal have been appealed to maintain that, or if you have to increase it, because then if you have to increase it, then there's no point, because you're only gonna be running, be able to run it for so long and you decide, yeah, guys, we got a lot of awesome questions that are coming up as we're here at the bodybuilding competition governor's cup meeting lots of friends of freedom to come up with questions, way love answering your questions, love interacting with you. Love it when you say high, so we hope to meet all of you. Be swollen, stole my friend's freedom

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