Sacrifice and Success in Bodybuilding

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Hey, guys, came bishop, right here. I throw there with dan, doctor, i'd be pro as well. Eric martinez. We're gonna talk to you guys about, like, the justice that we did have to make when we stepped up to this pro league, how had just our lives and actually make the time to be at this professional level ? I'm cane and you're watching king corner. One hundred three. Oh, guys, tony used dr tony. Use the owner of hands. Happily, eighty percent of this gym here, fitness rock. I literally changing lives, mind bodies, guys, all the goodies, and they helped me this way. Better results, but healthier alternatives. You have more. So now what we're gonna do is going to a round table with dan and eric, the first question i have for you guys. What is that ? Just in the main adjustment, guys have to make your life when you first turned to pro, like, was there anything you really have to just did ? Everything stayed the same ? Basically, everything stayed the same. Just keep the same, your team, dan and out. Keep doing what you did get you your card in the first place. I know, but i've seen your body before when you first turn pro and i've seen it now and there's a dramatic change to it. So obviously something had to change is i know you're not like reinventing the will, and i know you want some more. So obviously, in order get those drastic, drastic changes, you know, without no challenge will change. So what was you thinking ? Tea lattes ? Yeah, have you seen ? I think i have. I'm still my goodness. He has that big, complex guy. I still can. You know what i got my pro card. I was in mid thirties to forties. I'm still that way. Believe it on stage, it might just be a more refined look. Now i think that's more muscle maturity comes maybe hamstrings have come up with the years, but it's just i think it's just, uh, with age, i just got a more mature look. You know what she does look like ? I've been proved that the weights probably say the biggest thing that changed for myself would be actually start training like a body builder and what i mean by that is stopped living the way i want to lift stopped training the way i want to train and actually do the things that i need train. So bringing up my lagging body parts, for example, when i first started bodybuilding, i'd come into a lake workout. I loaded bar, squat, heavy squads, leg press, walking, lunges, leg extensions and get out of there. Well, one thing that's lacking is my hamstring, so now i separate my hands things working out wanted to think things like that, you know, i'm always was a big bench guy, let's. Load up the bar. You know, let's, let's. Go ahead and protest. But now it's like i need a brook on, you know, my upper pecs, even some thickness in the center. Much peck. So i might do things like french press or, you know, working on some hammer strain, you know, just really picking apart my physique, train things like forearms, calves. I got away with a lot of things early on, and i'm still learning, you know, this's my fifth, fourth year bodybuilding period ? Yeah. Forth, your body building now, not fourth year working out. I've worked out a whole life. So that's. One thing i like to touch on, people like that, you just blow up overnight, like, no, a train and stuff. But i just started bodybuilding four years ago. And, you know, i probably that's probably the biggest thing for me is working out the way i should work out versus the way i want to work out. And honestly, for me, it was you guys know i'm like a really big family guy. So, uh, the balance mint of, like, spending time with my kids. Who ? My wife who loved the hell out of me, like clearly, they're like those people you hear in the crowds yelling and screaming my name like jeez, makes you feel real special. So round round table question over too. What is your thought, stan ? Now that you've been siding with in hands for over a month now, what do you thought somebody hands athlete as a company as well ? Tony hughes as an owner, i am really impressed with the company is one of the most innovative companies i have seen sense muscle media, s and the early tooth. I'm old enough where i saw the beginning. Yes, they were really innovative company their guinea pigs and that's where han staff is right now there researching for the newest ideas a new supplementation, tony's, a lab rat, there's there's, no lab rats anymore thereby expects to get the information somewhere else. Now, no, one's really put theirselves out there and try new things and trying new ideas and internees. That guy. So i'm really impressed. I'm really proud to be on this team. You know, i watched the videos. I've run a lot just from watching tony's videos. Now this play, i definitely think enhance athlete is the future we're taking it to the next level, no doubt. And i know that eric is not enhance athlete, but he's been around and he's gonna hurt a little bit things, but any thoughts on, like, in their hands up ? One time you ever tried any ? Um, if not, is there anything interesting that you'd like to try and in your future ? Um, well, actually, just linked up with cane a little bit, and he actually gave me a couple products and try, so i'm going try those out and give him some feedback, but as far as the company, no, i think they're doing some wonderful things, man, putting out a lot of great concept for the fans, for the people that are watching, you know, and a lot of it's it's uh, it's, raw it's, uncut and it's useful information that a lot of a lot of companies don't touch on, but they are one more question, and we're gonna get out of here, guys. Dan decker, what do you guys ? What show are you guys ? Eyeball issue ? I don't know if you have one eyeball and so do share with us so we can follow you on million honestly, i haven't picked out there's nothing in stone right now, but i'm trying to get a late start with walking season i was telling you about earlier, so originally i was going to try to do something like in august, but that's coming up too fast now, i haven't got a good offseason plan going yet, so i'm just going to start my off season. I might have to pick something like the beginning of october sometime in that time frame. That was when i'd like to get on stage and hopefully i can make that time frame works it's a little later, i want to start my ultimate goals someday qualified for the mr olympia contest. You know, i'm gonna have to do those shows that qualified before olympian might not happen this year, but hopefully a next year, maybe you could make that happen. I'm kind of like daniel, i started my offseason, uh, probably about two weeks sculptural kind of late in some offseason as of this year, something later on the year, i mean, obviously, i'm still growing, so it kind of looks in my body responding, well, i'm growing well, then let's not. Shut it down, necessarily let's. Keep on, continue putting aside stuff like that. But i'm kind of leaning towards out to things you know, lean toward you, the phoenix, you know, toward the end, the year it's, right after olympia, and i'm from california's. Well, you know, san jose, california. So even though it is open show, i kind of have my eye set on the frig, no legacy. You know, i've looked up to a lot of a lot of the body builder's, you know, like, you know, shawn rae, lead priests allowed. These guys that we're popular back in the to twelve class wasn't around. They still hung, hung with the big boys, so, you know, if i could step on stage that you guys like dan, hey, what kind of pictures giant killer state to with this guy's yates. I came bishop, and remember, always think outside the box way.

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