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tell us about the health risk of water retention, one of the biggest problems in body building. That big, bloated look that some of us get on steroids. That puts so much pressure on our heart and our organs on our entire body that isn't necessary for muscle growth. But if someone sloppy with their bulking, then that's what results. So how can we prevent what I believe? One of the biggest killers of Body Builder is just the body signs. How do we have a much muscle as possible with his least blow as possible with running steroids, not take some X Terence, first of all, and second of all, was making sure your diet is sweet. Flee. You may be a once in a week, even when you're bulky, both his dirty word. I don't like that you're trying to make improvements that for that you need quality food, corny hormones, equality, workouts and then some health supplements to make sure that you're all the organs are functioning properly. Now, if you do it like that, you shouldn't hold an excessive amount of water. We all the excess of water is used because your sodium is up and down or your electrolytes are up now meeting dirty, full of like with Miss Gina that make you retain water. You're throwing way much way too much. I'm a drawing to it that you need or way too much Deco, whatever that holds water crazy. And I gh doses just that your body can't assimilate. Your blood sugar goes out of control, which you're not checking, sir. You're not controlling that insulin, so there's so much that goes into it. But you have to take it step by step. You left your bag. First, make sure you have healthy supplements in there to keep you healthy trees a lot of water and make sure your soul, you mean take electrolyte Taking constant time. If I'm gonna take a diuretic to lose some of the waterway, give my body relief the blow. Which type of diabetic do you prefer? God really depends on your diet. Also, because let's say you take Lasix created the flesh that sodium potassium and easy water. Now, if you have a very high carb diet with a lot of potassium, there on a Lasix has beneficial. That's from those were high. But let's say you have a Cuba jenny guy were only your vegetables. And maybe at more sodium for by aside will be beneficial. Because that is potassium sparing influenced almost with Saudi. Do you believe in natural diuretics like the dandelion left for? A lot of people want to use that daily. No, I mean, I have a strong cough here to do the kettle of fraud. Treat a nice coffee shop.

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