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Professor here is from here for my three thirty extra credit appointment. I'm ready for you. You want to know the difference between Sarah Stem and Human Troll? Yes, What is the difference? Well, they're both human growth hormone, but they're made in different ways. And to explain the difference is I brought in to experts Coach Tremor and Guru Amine. Coach Trevor. What can you tell us really quickly about the different streams? Sarah Stem and human trope, Human growth hormone. So extraction method. That's how they extract it when they produce it ones made from a mouse and secreted through a membrane. The other one is extracted through E. Coli, like most people know about. And then there's also the stem cells. So which one is the Saracen? So Sam is from the mouse, and the human trope is then made by E. Coli, and which one was which method of creating growth hormone was created earlier. This awesome was this. It's it's just a It's a worse way of making a producer. If it's a worse way of making of Sarah. Stem is the old fashioned way of making growth hormone. Why are we still using it? To make growth for more money? It cost less to make Serostim than human. True, it's the most faked out there, most of it going around this fake because they don't use it so much anymore. And people are found the great way. They're still come in a box with the bottles and those bottles that comes in the freeze powder. And so you can just take any of those things and all it comes this labels. When you have these pens, you can't fake these patents. Okay, so so the Sarah stem. It comes like the Chinese growth hormone, a powder park in the side boxes like different, but okay, Uh, but it also doesn't have to be shipped the cold Sarah's them. For some reason, the crude old way of doing it made it preserved so that it only has to be refrigerated after its reconstituted Huma trope, on the other hand, has be refrigerated when it's from when it's made toe after its views, and then the one that's made from stem cells, which is the Nordic trope in the padded nor trope and they actually are. It's more convenient. You can travel with it. It can be room temperatures for weeks at a time, even after you've used it, so when you look at quality. You have to look it over all you know what you're going to get out of it. And if you're using a crude, uh, drug, not just to mention the fact that Sarah's them is not approved for dwarfism or for midgets or for pituitary deficiency, it's on ly approved for HIV. So that's so Sarah stem gets reconstituted, you add the water. And how long does it last after you reconstitute it? This is where it varies, and we really don't know one hundred percent because the drug was made to be taken in one shot all at once. And the vile comes with Howie units eighteen, eighteen units. You're supposed to take all that one Saracen, eighteen years old. That's prescribed for what, again HIV. And then what's the human TRO prescribed for? The human trope has prescribed for kids that actually have pituitary deficiency, so they actually take it to be, you know, to grow like normal, normal people. If it's not in any way dangerous or harmful to them, it's what we've been. We know that if they have a deficiency theory in the pituitary in the brain, that's what they give it. So it's not prescribed for muscle wasting and human tropes not prescribed for muscle wasting. So most of our classes using growth hormone for either longevity or for building new muscle bodybuilding were burning fat. So let's talk about those specific applications to Sarah Stem. So Sarah stem for longevity and four body does well. In the end, it's growth hormone. It's just the quality of the growth, so the outcome always be similar. You know, it might not be the exact same, but it's going to be similar. You're gonna get the same approach, but that that's really going difference. The service them, however, because these things they're they're created, they they don't come without calling. It's not about bacteria. Static water. They comes with sodium hydroxide water and what that is, it's a preservative helps preserve it. But the problem is that bacteria gets in there that will thrive off the girl, thrown, thrive and eat it. And these are multi use files. We had a video we talked about multi use files, how bacteria and airborne bacteria gets in here and just takes a little bit because a lot of damage. So someone who's using it for bodybuilding, a longevity purposes they need doing between one and six units a day on the very low end. So this bottle's going toe, they would hope it would. It is going to last them a week, a few weeks, something. But you're saying that it might not last that long after reconstitution because bacteria may get in and eat the growth hormone. That's just one of them. And it dies off pretty fast up to reconstitution. So because again of the process, how is made? If you're going to do a single injection, then you're fine. Okay. So Sarah stem for if you want to, all eighteen units at once. Great. Yeah, And if you're not getting it directly from your doctor and walk in to pick it up is probably probably think, and Huma Trope is less likely to be faint. It's hard, it's just heliotrope. Human trope has something, and I know you know That's the Band Aid. Yeah, now he metropolis, it's it's different than a lot of the other girls are. Melissa when you mix him a trope and you take it, sub Q or I am in your nose and in your mouth. You taste the smell of a Band Aid, and that's some sodium hydroxide. So there's one big difference. So that's something that could be fake, though in a human trope. You can fake that so that side effect of the smell taste by adding sodium hydroxide to fake growth hormone. Yeah, if you ever mess with sodium hydroxide in water, it's a reaction that itself. You. These are very happening. I think they have, but also in the powder. It's something in the powder. You're talking my program. Yes, it's so having a microgram scale. Otherwise risk real damage. So Bodie, Miller or Longevity Application of Human Troll. Same is all growth hormone that we've been discussing on the channel before. It's more likely to be preserved longer. Take a longer dosage for a longer period of time. It's not likely to go bad. It's better preserved. Okay, cause remember, guys we class. So we were discussing and ultimate Lee most of our H GH videos that it's It's mostly not about the quality of when it's manufactured. It's how well it's preserved afterwards, whether those preservatives added to it, which could be a good thing, or whether the distribution method whether it sits in a warehouse that's two hotter during transportation, it loses its quality. So if there's something like a human trope that's better preserved, it's more likely the last longer. That's less fragile than that's an important consideration when deciding whether to buy a growth hormone, especially when it's being shipped to you instead of getting it from a pharmacy. Don't do anything that your doctors don't prescribe to you. This is not medical or legal advice. Thank you for coming in for extra credit. You have earned it be swollen, full friends of freedom.

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