How to Build Freaky Abdominal Muscles with this One Exercise | Serratus Anterior

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Dr Tony Huge here, enhanced athlete dot com sharing with you, all of my fitness on building, training, nutrition supplement and steroids tips and tricks. And today I'm gonna show you how I developed this muscle right here. One of my most impressive features. This is what really captures all that attention on bodybuilding stage or by the pool. And I'm gonna give you all my tips and tricks for how I personally built Surratt, ISS interior. For this exercise and technique that I'm going to show you is very effective at developing these muscles. However, if you have fat covering the muscles, you're not gonna see anything. So usually people's first problem is they have too much fat covering these muscles but moderate. Wait one, handle cable, pull the SI like this. And it's a combination of two exercises in one that actually hits this part. So it's kind of like doing a pull down to the front. My elbow is in front of my body rights, not off to the side. It's in front right here. See what I see? What goes in front. My lap comes out. These muscles, straps, interior pops. Okay, hand in front. And I always feel this area. I'm gonna take my hand away so you can see it. But I feel this so that I can feel that it's contracting. That's how we know it's working. Okay, See? I can see. I can feel those muscles. So part one is you pull your arm down like this. Now your hand doesn't have to be extended all the way like this. Because this part right here is just working the bicep. So we're not worried about working the bicep for the arm. Probably don't want to extend her arm all the way from. Probably keep it right here for the starting part of the range of motion and then down like this, so let's watch. Okay, So noticing, crunching down, That's the second part and component of this exercise. First is the back, like pulling down. We're really hits the lattes. And the second part is like the crunch at the end right here. Now, with this exercise, you might not feel it was a lightweight immediately. But if you do a few sets of it with high reps, that's the best way you're gonna be able to feel the muscles. Then you'LL still feel it burn and pump up. So try that like that and then you switch the other arm like this, like that. And play with the angles. Try it with your with your arm a little farther out. Trade with further in, try farther away from the waitstaff. Use what works best for you, or even hit all of the angles. So maybe do like four sets of each arm and use a slightly different angle each time. But this is it. This is how I built that muscle right there. Let me know if you have any other questions about it, or you want to know any other tips and tricks about it. I'm an open book. I'm here for you. Guys. Subscribe. Like comment. I respond to all the comments, usually within twenty four hours. And I read all of them. And I appreciate the feedback coming to you from Tai. Sorry, not in Taiwan anymore. I'm in Saigon, Vietnam, travelling across all the Asian countries. And I forget which country I mean sometimes

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