Sex Addicts Banging 4 Times a Day

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And huge. We're gonna talk a little bit about sex addicts. What better place to do that, then tie it. Island one of my favorite places on earth. Now, I had a friend that lived here, uh, specifically because he wanted to have a lot of sacks. He had sex with three girls every single day for ten years. You do the math on that? Uh, Now I have That was the most I've ever heard of someone having sex until just now. This girl like which is my girlfriend's sister. This girl's boyfriend has sex with four different girls every single day of the year. So what happens is state Wake up in the morning? Yes, sex with her. She goes out and get breakfast or whatever. And then he brings another girl back, has sex with her while she's out. And then he texts when it's okay to come back, she goes back and and they, you know, go throughout the day. And then he calls another girl over them. When the other girl gets there, she goes back out again. For the other girl has privacy. This is every day. So she comes out four times a day so that he can have sex with four different girls every single day. When I asked her about it, I said, I mean, does he is satisfying? Do I mean, how do How do you have sex with that many girls and still have the energy to satisfy? Because she goes well, yes, he takes a lot of Viagra, and if he's too tired to satisfy her at the end of the day, it's okay with her. She's no pressure. She loves him very much. She appreciates what times you can get with him. And, uh, I'm just hoping that my girlfriend here looks the same theory of that. Just in case the fluke happens that my sex drive comes back out of nowhere because my sex drive so low. I'm like, once a day guy laying on my back. I can't even imagine having sex. Wait, is that? Yesterday I had sex in four different girls in my day, but that was the first time I only ever usually have, like three girls in one day. And it's not because I want to. It's because, like challenging myself to see if I can, you know, kind of like a one rep Max like I don't do a one Rep Max. Very often it's like a tear, a muscle. But every once in a long while I might get some heavyweight just to make sure Tony you'd still has it in him. So you go some educational material on some alternative lifestyles that you guys could better understand. Other cultures, other people, other philosophy and better enrich your lives. Be swollen slow. My pioneers of human evolution friends thoughts that up a little bit too much supplements this evening.

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