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Next question is to go to failure or not to go to failure welcome roundtable, answering your questions that you've submitted in comments on previous video, so keep those comments coming brakes, muscle fashion the end result make growth. I don't start out going failure in the beginning i my body needs a good warm up, so i do pre highball you, i'm sorry now and then start slowly increase in the way i typically lift heavy even while prepping, i still do decent volume, but by the end of the workout, i my body shot, i do a complete failure and i'll even drop the wayto five pounds just to burn it out completely like, can you pickem arms or move my legs ? But i definitely i definitely prefer going to failure, but every workout coach can your opinion on going to failure to build muscle ? Yeah, i think i see known fact for years and years to push the body to a point of failure, whether it be complete failure or just too that way we're starting to fill in these do you think you need to ? She said, jason, you chase the pump but also changed. Yeah. When that thing with the muscle starts to burn, you're producing more girlfriend, that's going to make. So i do believe. Brandon, do you take sets to failure ? You always take sense to failure. I feel like that does, you know, make the muscle group the only time i might not do hilary's, maybe for my first exercise, just because i feel like if you go to failure first exercise, you're not gonna be able to lift his heavy, you know, on your next falling excite. So maybe the first one, i might not be pushing to failure, but all the rest of my work out it's going to failure, like, no matter what, i really believe in that here, with chris dim, former mr olympia contender i f b b pro bodybuilder and owner of fitness rock jim, do you believe in taking sets to failure ? I believe in shock and your muscle. I believe in sometime, taking your set, the failure and other times, just working on the rebs and just getting a really good mood. Get squeeze. Here with cane bishop, who is a national champion bodybuilder going to compete in six weeks ? We would say nationals in las vegas. I'm gonna be there with him covering it. So watch for it. What is your opinion on taking sets to failure ? You know, honestly, i think that's a really good way to keep muscle protein synthesis going. I mean, your body's always developing, always changing, i think with the stress that you put on it because your body does get used to the stress levels you can never get used to, like pushing a body beyond that point and honestly, that's all you're gonna grow, i think that's a really good technique to you, especially when training trying. Tio tio pepe trophy take every set to failure, whether it's, lightweight or a heavyweight, everything that squeeze a mountain just hold it for a song you can you shouldn't if you get off the machine and you have like three or four more sets and you're trying to cheat yourself wrapped three former reps left in you don't leave any raps on the day don't ever, you know every breath counts, man, you make him work system failures. I really like to take my every cent to failure. Uh, pento max, how that way, that's six and two twenty two very repetitions. In order to maintain my mosul's the most i can under tension and also improve the intensity of my workout. You're to have that kind of muscular improvements with a heart to heart your opinion on going to failure. I don't work through failure because if i hit the fowler to earlier, he'll teach so i would become weak left later later so i was trying not to have a feller too early to keep this train thing. Keep the balance. Play your last set of every exercise you do go to failure and dewdrops that yeah, but it's like last off the each muscle group. So not each exercise because if the first exercise you had the batter or you do the traps set and you become a teacher so it's like if i do three exercise my chest, that last one, i would do props to the belt. Whoever set still failure, i want to say, for the average person probably shouldn't be doing sets every set till failure for me i love to do drop sets, super sets. Definitely. If i'm doing like squats, tio r four sets of squats, i might throw in my last, my fourth and final one. I might do until failure, keep moving it, and i can't go anymore, and you have every set. Yeah, i do everything roundtable question taking sets to failure. What do you think about taking sets to failure and all sets or something ? Do that ? Every day, every cent goes to fill every cent. Now my opinion is to go to failure as much as possible. Not that it's, absolutely necessary. And i don't always absolutely goto failure. But as a general rule, i try to take every set to failure.

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