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Coach driver Josh Tony, You showing your coach Trevor's one of his favorite shoulder exercise. I'm doing it right. Talking about my hand with this up your top For now, your test Always gonna want to take over. You're gonna want to live in the trash. The whole purpose of this is not a shoulder down doing it and even more exaggerated, sometimes with flip risk. Let's bring this inside out here. Everyone back this part of the double when this part is a sharp right here, it's always popping out. That's what troops on everybody this movement, especially in the hands of it. Teo Front watch. He doesn't go. That just a failure. You have pushing my photograph, not bury my formal traps out of it. And this is a very lightweight, warm upset. He's going up in the air and in front of me. And then when I get to failure, come to decide more like it's like a war stand inside that race because they trap you. You'LL see when he was doing this original movement, even that much here that's that dealt. There's no engagement, even though his hands were coming in front of him on the other exercise this one, not so much about the other movement. His hands in front of that twists of your wolf takes it all. The parents here with that form a good warm up. So let's see what the results are sold. Nice, Nice. Yeah. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. We've done five sets. We worked their way up to twelve point five kilos and now the forms going a little bit sloppier, heavier and then we're doing four straps and then dropping down five kilos. Thank you, Trevor. Swell. Friends of Freedom fighters.

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