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There's certain things that people inject into their muscles that make them look much bigger than they actually way. It's all chemistry. We thought it was all hard work. But it's actually. Hard work, plus chemistry. We're in panama on we're talking about whether this swell in swole site enhancement injection could be an extreme advantage in bodybuilding competition when bodybuilder trying to make weight, josh is the one who asked, he said lot of our athletes, a lot of enhanced athlete fans, they're always tryingto be the biggest in their weight class, so they're trying to come in and let's, say, two hundred and twenty five pounds, but they want to look like they're two hundred forty pounds. Well, there's certain things that people inject into their muscles that make them look much bigger than the actually way, and i'm not going to name names about a specific bodybuilder, but there's one bodybuilder out there that looks absolutely massive, but he doesn't weigh very much at all. Well, how is that possible ? What is he injecting into his body that weighs less than muscle so that he can make weight but look absolutely huge ? And is this swell on swole, which is an extreme, highly dense, highly cross linked hyaluronic acid base ? Is this accomplished ? That goal of making me look bigger without increasing my weight so much so that i can still make weight ? Class for a bodybuilding competition muscle is made up eighty percent water. And what this does is it will draw more water into the muscle with glycogen and this will expand it. But the actual solid tissue of muscle and protein is not there. That's what weighs a lot ? So how i explained that is like how much a pound of muscle is you sometimes that jim's will show you what ? One pound of muscle is versus a pound of fat and it's about the size of six ounces of st and that's a pound it's three to one ratio so explain it. If you poured from a gallon of water, how much you gonna water away ? Pouring into the same volume of muscle ? I'll think of it that way. So three to one ratio you can come in even if you are two hundred pounds of bottom away class you, khun still match a to twenty five pound person, you know theoretically. So the difference to between that and the cental or things like that is one with the loves. You don't get the lumps. The entire muscle inflates and there's other drugs that cause inflammation to get the same effect and what does that do ? Inflammations drawing water. But what happens with inflammation ? If you've ever done a steroid shot and you've seen the shape go away, it's not because the oil spills over it's, the inflammation causing water attention subcutaneous lee and that's what you want to avoid. So this is in the muscle when you put it deep inside the muscle, that same water is drawing inside the muscle, not subcutaneous lee, so it pulls water into that it's a good little trick to a little side tip if you're going to do a show and you want to draw that last bit of subcutaneous water, you put it there, it'll draw what water it can buy the same time. If you don't have enough water in your body is going to want to take it elsewhere too. I just think this is so hilarious because it seems like cheating. And yet all of bodybuilding once you learn what it really is, is cheating because it's all chemistry, it's, all chemistry. We thought it was all hard work, but it's actually hard work, plus chemistry. That's. What i love about doing this is uncovering the secrets. Of bodybuilding. Because bodybuilders are like nascar bodybuilders like formula one, they are the most advanced, with the human physical body, and then from bodybuilding. We can learn what can apply to improve the quality of life of all the rest of the individuals to also become superhuman. Be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Senora tony, grand day here in this video is for education, entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this video is medical, legal or any other type of advice on lee used drugs in the doctor's supervision. For more cutting edge content. On the daily. Hit a subscribe button and visit enhanced athlete dot com. No. No.

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