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Son. I was going through your room, but I think I found steroids. No. Let's just breathe. So your metabolism crashed from going low carb too long. Try two and half cup arise six times a day. Spike that metabolism. Shred that fan. Yeah. Something. Because I can't. No. Morning. Just air or no air during best breast. It happened. I wasn't going to heavy it. Just I didn't warm up enough. This is the result of a month and a half. It's late. I can't sleep. Ask him to say trend place. A bottle of tests and three hundred on the show. You how to break this? There's generally a line right here. It is the where the daughter is. Where you're gonna break it. Just put a towel in here so that we don't cut your fingers. When you break the glass, you squeeze it right at the thing. Pop is clean. Did you go already? Other zombie apocalypse. More. Whoever is going to shoot the next zombie apocalypse. You just need to come to India is the first actual deejay booth. Traditional Indian dresses. This's the night scene in Mumbai, India. And I really just want to get I want to get people to safety. Here. Right. Okay, That's one in two hundred. How crazy this is. I travel so much that I lose track of where I am in the morning. When I wake up, I often times have to think for minute. Wait, What country am I and what building in my room in my inn and and then when I come to a place like this, like this is familiar. But I could have sworn this was in Panama, but no last time. I was here six months ago in Pattaya, Thailand, being the effectiveness of Josh on the road by pulling the shoulder back and forth because it's the shoulder moving in and out. That's working back muscle, not the arm. Look, if this is all arms, he This is arm. It's the shoulder back like this. This movement is crunching. That's what I was. We're letting the shoulders grow all the way up to stretch, and we're pulling the shoulders all the way down to crunch the back muscles together. We're not trying to work the arm at the same near death experience. Skydive for a lot cheaper in Thailand on the back of a motorcycle, only one dollar on the back of a scooter in Thailand, it's way more dangerous steroids. Good morning, Mumbai, India. Will you be the place that we find the hidden there with much of you in? The way to the gym. Back there. Howdy alerts. We're here at the mall. Aaron. What do you think? Oh, I don't know what I feel like a zombie. Apocalypse could possibly happen, right? Or has happened here. Document that if Erin read dies, it was from food poisoning from this truck. We're about to eat it right here. They're the ones that murdered him. That's your cue. So you could say something. Hello? Hello, America. Good. Hi little American way. America. Yeah. Gonna be doing some videos on how popular certain supplements are. And I knew these guys were the ones to ask because guess what I see behind your ear. Yeah. Look what I found behind your ear. Explain this to you. You're getting too much candy. You're going to rot your teeth and all our insulin sensitivity and your arteries, They're going hard and cause plaque and give you heart disease or early age. It really doesn't matter. As a young age, you shouldn't be eating so much candy. You can have a little bit of candy every day. But when you have, like, ten pieces already, that's too much. You agree? Well, thank you for saying please, but, sweetie, it's too much candy. It's an addiction. If I give you one, you're gonna want more. You understand? Yeah, I know. That's not OK. You can't eat candy all day. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Not I don't believe you're medicating children at a loss for kids are looking for amphetamines. I don't believe in that stuff. You need to teach children how to overcome their obstacles. They use their own mind, push the potential of mind not getting drunk. Way excited. We're going to come to body. Oh, friends of freedom and we go to Mumbai tomorrow. I'm not moving. Okay, Keep going. Push hard, keep it. Callie at the aquarium. Lion fish. One Merry Christmas. Thanks. Is a carp fish. Never seen that before. Steve demonstrating my new favorite leg machine. Yeah, my baby mama. Please. Uh, hottie alert, baby Mama. With more names from Bangkok, Thailand. Big news today. The Enhanced Athlete Gym in Sacramento, California, just officially open. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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