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Going from Morocco to Amsterdam was like blasting forward in the future. Thirty years is here in answer to him, our Tesla's. Everyone here is wearing big jackets because it's cold, right? Well, me from California, who travels Asia and South America not prepared for my first burger and Amsterdam just recovered from twenty four hours of brutal food poisoning. I shrank up. I walk through downtown Amsterdam into the red light district while I will rent a bicycle swinging it around fast market. Let's see what goodies by. Did she call Schaub UFO here to me a lot harder to find steroids in Amsterdam, That is marijuana. Not sure if I'm just dizzy from the food poisoning still, or if the contact high from all the marijuana in the street wondered what size I am, regular or XXL, we're gonna find thing. I have food poisoning. Otherwise I'd be all about staring at me and my fitness clothing so tryingto dress up and fit in and mode of transportation here Sports City in downtown Amsterdam. Jim looks pretty nice you want something from Germany? Props to this guy. Everybody come to the Expo in other lands, Amsterdam and Germany. What a funny costumes here. Like penis costume. That's the red light district behind me. But I can't video because I already got control once for taking video. Finally, one hundred percent recovered from food poisoning. So today I find a gym, the carb up, work out and go pharmacy hunting to report you guys what the steroid and suddenly cultural hair is in Amsterdam, Louis, I found an American breakfast place that's hard to find. The euro is roughly equal to the dollar, So as you can see, the prices are a little bit higher than the US They said. It's really big zit. Big is what I have really big girls. These girls are responsible for inspiring the enhanced athlete lubricant and sex Toy line coming out soon for free gym in Amsterdam. Beautiful equipment, beautiful wife floors. But the dumbbells only go up to sixty six pounds. You don't know when you go bowling, and there's only like one professional player in the whole place, and everybody else bumper guards has no idea what they're doing, but they're just having fun. Bully. That's a good analogy for just about every other Jim I've seen in the world besides, in mostly America. But I really want to help people to lift better and get more results for less time in the gym, be more efficient. So I have an idea. I'm going to get hidden camera footage of people working out in the gym, and then Trevor and I are gonna analyze that later in a video for you on how they can improve the ways that they're weightless. The chances of that post workout. I drive by a nutrition store with post workout shakes and fifty milligrams of Viagra had to buy it because, uh, my enhanced chemicals reinforcement arrive tomorrow. Grocery store and three hottie alerts in one. Thank you. So I took the Viagra, but still no sex drive whatsoever. And that's because my testosterone has crashed very low because I haven't taken a shot. I'm only on prop. I'm taking it. I respond very quickly to testosterone propia Nate. I feel it back in twenty minutes and out of my system at the end of about two days. That's my bicycle. Here in Amsterdam, however, must unbeatable longest massage I've had in a while two and a half hour massage. Wish I could wear leather, but the muscles are too big for all of you that are small. Take advantage of wearing leather while you still can get me. I'm not here to have sex with hookers. I'm here to see the beautiful building, this ice cream bottom marijuana stuff. I wish I understood it more so I could appreciate what I'm looking at. The heart of the red light district on both sides of this river are lit up rooms and read with girls in the windows for purchase. Big question that it always comes down to Joe. I picked the hottest girl of all what I picked, the one that looks like she's gonna be the most. I'm gonna need to do some more deeper research tomorrow. But so far, Amsterdam's got nothing on Thailand, Philippines. No. Yeah, I come before you girlfriend way just to say that. But you caught my eye. So in the end, there are six Caribbean islands, four countries, twelve provinces to Holland's to Netherlands and one kingdom all Dutch. Jonathan, friend of freedom in the Netherlands as we're talking about his story, how he got disqualified bodybuilding competition and we're shooting YouTube video on behind the scenes cut to the chase is he had the surgery, and now he's good to compete again. Jensen's across the World Netherlands addition. A new Jonathan was the right expert to interview in the Netherlands about steroids. You know how I knew? Because I found this behind your ear. Holy cow. He must be serious. Ethan's girlfriend among the wall of athletes at the gym. Introducing Jonathan to Viagra. Free workout. You ready to try this? I'm ready. Are you ready? There's a lot of interesting duties We're going over here, but this one is the most interesting. Deserves its own video. Methyl Tran. For now. Yeah. So we're gonna hunt for more Fizer pens today. I'm gonna buy some service counter. So at the pharmacy, he buys this. He puts it on in order to bring blood flow to the muscles and then also to number muscle to work through the pain threshold. We're about to do meth. Ultra end in the bathroom. He said ten milligrams is the minimum effective dosage. We're going twenty because we're gonna do a video. Wanted to tell you what we're feeling. Action. We're doing twenty units, which is two milligrams, one milligram for every ten you wanted Here we go, Jonathan. We just did some workout videos here in the gym, and then we're going to go buy some goodies here in the Netherlands. Yes, Purvis. Too big. He has to pay down from Amsterdam. Start yesterday. Okay, We're doing some videos about these goodies in Rotterdam, Holland Way and answer. Actually, Netherlands and we found a Costa Rican hottie alert. Say, hide every beautiful shopping centre. Can you do your best California American accent in this shopping center? Well, what do you want me to say? That's terrible. Beautiful. Sometimes this town's beautiful. It's much more spread out than Amsterdam. This is rotting ham, which is one hour south of Amsterdam. Every lesson this whole town was bombed to smithereens and World War Two, the only thing that was left from World War Two is that church right there. Everything else. By gosh, we have Asians and haughty alerts. Look at the size of this building. I just can't even capture it on video or picture how massive this is. But it would be my fault. Architect. It's beautiful TV as thin his glass wow! I've been travelling too long because it looks like all the TVs were this thin. Now you pay double. So Meadow goes Where you at, man way, brother. training all natural. You know, You know what we do about the city in the building? Nova Rapid, rapid acting insulin by prescription on ly in the Netherlands. So unlike most countries, you could buy it over the counter. You do need a prescription for this year. Goodies I picked up here, so I got the insulin growth and sewing needles that carnitine, so time take. That's it. Just two units of rapid, just protein powder. I'm about to drink women's best. Um, I'm gonna need to take an estrogen blocker with this run. After a long day of pioneering human evolution with and I just hit that pharmacy and Amsterdam and I stocked up on a whole bunch of different size needle tips. Still not my preference, but a lot better than the other countries. Josh is the diet start today morning bicycle stroll to get groceries and back from the pharmacy and half time to load up my needles and go to the gym, all loaded up. I got two grams of injectable carnitine, growth hormone and human log. Fast acting insulin for post work to the left is City Center of Amsterdam. To the right is the suburbs. It is just so I remember where I put my bike again. Stores with awesome Italian clothes. I would love to bring back to United States and where and of course, nothing fits a body. Pick out a pair of gym shoes because remember, you have to have different walking shoes for the street than in a gym. And a lot of Jim's here, and I'm going with not the most exciting shoes, but it's the most comfortable, all right, finally on my way to the gym after about four hours of shopping and not finding anything that fits me here so many bicycles. Look, I'm in bicycle traffic. Carnitine injection. Finally got a small enough needle where I'm comfortable sticking five ccs of this enemy, Tony. Huge eating clean. We like American music. Reinforcements have arrived. Thanks to my friend, that brought me a whole bunch of goodies from enhanced athlete and enhance chemicals. So you guys, what I'm gonna take tonight, right now, lay it out on the table. Tonight's going to be three blue arcs test booster for or a support. Kabir, go lean and Sally's so awesome. So I'm editing this video right now. This is a foreign stuff. Yeah, No, but we're in Amsterdam because, no, that I'd come to Amsterdam for the red light district cause there's much better places in the world for sex, tourism and red lights. Stuff that Amsterdam. And remember, I'm not a marijuana smoker, but if someone was in the marijuana, I think Amsterdam is probably the place to come. Look at this store so impressed with the technology. A lot of stories, but this one really caught my mind, and he was very helpful. And I got a whole bunch of goodies here that are so also psychedelic things and try a few of these things out. And then since I haven't heard of a lot of these herbs that they have here, if they work and they're legal in the US that maybe we can try and bring somebody with you. You guys have seen me do the steroid test. Kids will look at all these different test kits they have for different drugs. Is pay ot Coyote The what American Indians used to as a hallucinogen? What their ceremony DVD has tremendous health benefits. I'm learning more and more about seem. Edie and I currently do use CBD, so there's so many of these stores with such amazing things that I don't know what they are. But I'm sure you guys are looking at that going. Oh, cool. I know what that is. Cigars Looks like nothing is off limit here straight from Cuba. I don't know if there's more marijuana stores or sex stores here. Jake is anabolic. What baby Callie is getting for her birthday. Chastity belt when she turns. What? Fourteen sex museum. But I can't show you most of stuff in here. A little trouble with Snapchat. I'm sure that's a fancy bathroom. Look at all those good days. Okay, maybe we'll have some ice cream. You're a fast food is here a whole wall of compartments. You put the money in and it's already hot cooked and just comes out like a vending machine. Cheeseburger. Two. Ninety Hamburger to fifty. Some kind of deep fried sze. Another diet starts tomorrow. Dinner Light district. We're going to watch Ricardo do his live sex show on stage now. Party ruined my diet for the day, so I might as well go all out, right? You wanna muffins and brownies and cookies and lollipops, cake and each of religious profits is over. In the age of pioneering human evolution and leaders of science begins, Tim Ferris is what I recommend also to compete in the VFF. We're talking about what supplements are not okay here in the UK and surprising some of the common ones. Like ephedrine, right? Ephedrine, very powerful. I tell you this, but you're driving on the wrong side of the car. Your car is backwards, videographer Lord And And I brought him back a present from Amsterdam. Julie struck out at the pharmacy. They can't let let's do anything without a prescription here. Kind of like the U S. To see what we plan on eating. And next four days, I could say that the female that I'm with is responsible for most of the vegetables here. But the Englishman, Sean, he's responsible for all the Olivia. This is the first hot fitness girl. We found a body power. So if if we can expect more of this, my audience will be very happy. Thank you. Whoa! Hottie alert made lunch. And it's almost This is what really builds muscle. No way, isn't this Oh, is it this Sometimes I get so confused that Dorian the eight could this be the gym that Dorian trained out, son? Now, Holmes, that's called Temple Jim. That's me. Omg Bucket list Chief, You want to make sure your pants are just tighten up. They can barely see the outline of your car. Just barely like a girl saying you like. Did I just see his call to make? I told you you could die by being crushed bythe leg press. Dorian Yates used tto win the Mr Olympia with honor. This is Dorian Yates, Jim. It's now owned by his son. You want to come to Greece because they got They got clued in grief. Guys keep asking my body weight in all these different measurements. What am I like? Two hundred twenty pounds? One hundred kilos? What? Sixteen. Just under sixteen stone for you in English. Really? Why keep talking an offensive terms? I'm not supposed to call you English, but it's too confusing Your English. You did write that. The sign is what I take before bed this for my organs liver health, cardiovascular system in this to keep my natural to sauce from production going in my sexual It's Trevor and I'm getting ready to head over the Expo. So we'LL see you at the body Power Expo it but like twelve thirty will be there arrived in body power will see you guys in there first body alerts in a day Actually Saturday we just did a presentation with Scott Stevens in there on volume training, muscle soreness, a lot of cool things that Lord six videos the freedom has requested. I come to India, you guys together to come to India. Video on what the fans think about any of that. So when a man comes up way, handle, microphone and they and they give their honest opinion about what we're doing in what way? Body alerts. Want me to get Coach Trevor run more to reveal more of the secrets of body building, So I look forward to getting Coach Trevor High or drunk. Right in the middle of everybody. Wait, get kicked out. We're gonna kick that style with the owners of Iron Athlete Jim. It's one hour away from Susie Tastic Fan award goes to this guy today. My America. From the locos Connor whatthe. Cheers. Okay, so now I'm sponsored by Tim being So here's one of the articles of clothing and I picked this one because it's tailor to fit is so And please load me up some steroids. Those Here's all the witnesses of our steroid injection videos and we're about to got our friend of freedom who brought reinforcements. So we got a whole bag of goodies here content when you're bleeding from an injection and you wiped the blood on your face in the middle of an educational video. And no one in the room is even remotely surprised Where Kanai having this blood on my face. It's kind of sticky, I imagine this is what Lady boy come feels like that. Hey, Coach Trevor European edition shows how tight your pants are. We'LL see if your shows in the front everyone. We need to be swelling. Swot. That's what this man says that we need to listen to this man, right, man? Wait. Where? I think you've gotten bigger. I know you've got a big yeah, on when I come with you. Great. And there is going They're for a picture in front of us. Yeah. This is the magical moment when you reconstitute the Fizer Gina dropping pen. Just twisting it up pushes the water up into the growth hormone, just like the movies. You put it right there to that vein. Pull back. We'LL be at the Expo at three PM today. See there for eleven and we're now finally walking into the thief. Fancy. I've never heard of it like a geographical way from Cypress. Trevor. Favorite girls at the Expo. Chris. The diet starts tomorrow. Hell, is that shooting a video on his first meant site third from Latvia and her boyfriend and our friend of freedom. Is in the driver's seat of the car with no steering wheel. And yet the car is driving perfectly. Your magic dealer made peanut sauce, vegetables, fruits and charming ways have here is gonna have to do an experiment with edible. Really interesting. He taught me about his own personal use offended, but so of the experiment begin for that. All right, now you're ready. Fitness celebrity. Who's watching this? Sorry. He said, madam get okay. That grip looks like you had a little too much practice with that last ones in the gym. Popular Wow! They called it the longest Trevor Hey named flats and people sort of alcoholic try to trick it with talent. But Belgium looks like not all Belgian beauties, just ones that a professional dancers this trend. And it was making me raging angry yesterday. So today I feel a lot better because I had it. In another supplement to mitigate the mental side, effects of track continued to experiment with, and I'LL let you guys know if it ends up working. It's. All right, Chris, That's what we got, a bleeder. Thanks. In Station London arrived of ah, too big for train Terminal a double. London. Don't we have arrived in our condo in London? Right? Downtown, hard core London gym looks like No, This is a hard core, Jim, because everybody's got this behind their ear in here. Hard core. Citing who was here? Where was I believe it was my bogus. I like traveling with my. Is that how you say it and the accent? Or is it possi CEO Posse. Trevor on white pizza is not a bodybuilding. Food starts tomorrow. Trevor said I couldn't have pizza, so I got a double burger, even pills. J likes the chisel, and it is a benzodiazepine. What I like about it has got a short half life. Sort of the ones that I used from Taiwan. Sure, half line means you wake up in the morning. Also works, and we got a free workout. Drinks about to hit it. If you're Jim has two men's restrooms. No female restrooms, ladyboy in that restroom. No handicap restrooms. Then you might be a hard core Jim, if your gym has a standup tanning bed, but it's used to store steroids, you might be a hard court. This one sneak by me. Snickers has protein bars now the best of both worlds. Protein bar. Also, I can't say no to a broken. Just like Trevor can't say no to a lady boy. No, His opinion on fasted cardio and their sad. So we're gonna hear it from him firsthand and live in a little while. Gates just dropped down over the doors. Think they saw Trevor and they said he would make some prime kebab meat. Now we never came. Do do we talk more or less about lady boy? Then you would have assumed before you medicine person, I would say talk a whole lot more and a whole lot more eloquently give heart memorial right there in the geographical. Okay. Editing the video where Trevor got busted on, detained and interrogated for steroids in his bag. So we're gonna upload that tonight or I am sweating. Bullets took only two slim pills on an empty stomach, which I haven't taken him for a little while now. And normally I would take four to feel the amount of it was my goal. The blood drop my blood sugar low in my insulin low before bed and get a natural growth hormone spike and some fat burning. But now I'm just starving. First time I've ever seen a needle like this. It's like an insulin needle, but it's got exchangeable tips. And this is a twenty six gauge. So really good for oils. Just saw a video on these sleeping pills. Whether actually bends a die as a peen, but they're amazing for sleep. Give good quality nine hours asleep, so we just shot a detailed video. But as usual, I'm powdering my balls because when it's hot human that absorbs all the moisture, they use a powder that does not have talc, innit? Talc is toxic for the body Is this is based on corn starts. You can make your own out of corn starch, actually, for cheap Brecht, and determine how much protein we need. Well, this girl doesn't work out, and it's virtually no protein and has incredible muscle bellies here. Detective Getting in pharmacy Let's see what goodies they have. Not expecting much, though. Unfortunate, Savage says supplements can help but imagine how much more effective they would be with proper training should also talk to. So I have about left in grilling and weight loss. Their muscle works. Jim really likes this location. Look, count Nice. The layout is they've got all of the food that I cooked omelets, the healthy body building. It was Sava on how to use the bench press for bodybuilding as opposed to power lifting two very different uses for the same exercise. Make sure you know what Just put your weight. So I asked one of the big guys in the gym or one of the girls at reception somehow dealer fitness models for our videos today in the gym or were demonstrating howto live properly. They're doing a whole workout video with sad here, showing you can blast the chest and only fifteen minutes once every four days for maximum muscle work. I have Trevor, are you alert? We just shot a video on how SAB uses the camera. Straight machines all the way up. Contraction of a top with top contraction the middle of the most important part. WeII. We just met him in the gym is a bodybuilder that only eats three times a day and sometimes does intermittent fasting. So we're exploring alternatives to the current bodybuilding theory of how much protein is. Trevor is giving me a hard time. Bad eating, so many carbs. I'm trying to explain to him it's anabolic ducks. Kid. Milana Tan Hcg and B twelve. Oh, that made me twitch. Yuck! Opposed to Trevor that I worked my back in the slow wave, that sad having to do a chest workout yesterday, he says. Back is different. Fact needs to be trained differently. Facts one muscle that you have just a little bit more speed or even momentum. Coaches all statement supporting muscle groups, never getting contractions on the. Wait. There's a three month transformations. That's what you could do in three months. Thank you for sharing. Demonstrating how he does control controlled bicep curls, wears really isolating the bicep. Gonna be a resort day where we work out and eat and swim and sauna, steam room and then catch up on product development and responding to your guys messages. Because tomorrow we fly to New York City for the New York pro bodybuilding competition. Not competing. The bishop is on. That is hair dye, eyes filled, dyed my hair black. You know, salad two diet today. London Bridge. I think I don't know. It's a bridge and we're in London that Trevor just had the most brilliant thing. It's so simple. It's arms are not been selective. It's not a good word for it. The best description into, say, sare mes are selective elevator going to a fancy restaurant. Shriver's gonna whip out his tank top. Shawn Enhanced athletic tank top. A fancy restaurant, your elevator for Little War, where we take pictures like too good a hip, downtown, upscale roof top London bar and restaurant scene looks like test in and master own, touring all the fancy downtown bars and lounges. How cute. She is really home. She's safe here. Okay. See? That's a trap, Fellows. You're supposed to say she's okay. You're way hotter. One. Goodbye, London. We're off to New York tomorrow. Be swell in school. Friends of freedom pioneers. To shoot up a whole bunch of gear to use it up before I get on the plane to New York today. Someone that's the needle sticking out in my skin because they're not lure lock. So the ones that slip on the end so they slip off and the needle gets stuck in you gross. Okay. Sounds good. Sounds like we got a little bit more to shoot on. We're good for the day looking Ham palace. There's a statue plated in trend. Well, how do you alert hunting? Queen of England is coming out of right now. Students from Griffin Door. Our weight in New York River Too big even for a first class from a paid double. This plane is faster than most planes. It only takes six hours and fifty minutes to get from London to New York City.

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