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Morning. This is los angeles fitness expo day. And look, it looks like i'm in a tropical place, but i'm in freezing cold. Sacramento, freedom on our way to the los angeles fitness expert. I was pretty cool with the red and black hair. Check trevor out, red and black eye. Look what made it on my carry on on the plane, right ? Www pff pro and also going to be in the fitness expo. So come see her at the stamps. Booth is well and hot dealers getting some extra parts to set up the los angeles fitness expo booth. But this is seriously cutting into our massage time out from the governor's cup. Great way to kick start a diet with ice cream. Governor review of the expo. This is what it looks like when it's getting set up the day before the expo. That's, why you guys get to see behind the scenes that when you watch the snapchat getting set up so pretty easy to find food that these giant flags up in the air that's a enhanced athlete right here. There you go. All of our materials there are connected to this new phone app. See how it's scanning and then it comes out and goes three d three dimensional and then starts playing videos. Finally, we reached our massage destination and trevor and i get to share a room together, not the first trevor's getting his earwax removed. Veer is in the other room getting his earwax removed. And now i can show you some of his. Tattoos. Because he can't move trying. Did you ever dream as a little girl, you would grow up to be a human can. No, don't laugh, you're going to catch the whole place on fire. This is a really good example of what enhanced athlete is to me. We're here the day before the fitness expo, while other people are strategizing on how to make money and have them build their presence zeer having fun, doing experiments and making videos and doing just what we want to do an adventure and getting massages and then getting to meet our fans. And then i'm glad that people inside my company enhanced athlete have a financial motive, you know, to make sure that the finances balance but for me personally, this is what i like doing. Coach trevor drop more than twenty pounds from food poisoning or the parasite in mexico he's looking pretty lean of california is if you've got kids, you get a lot of free government money, you get free food free rent money to spend on the kids, the more your dedicated purely to food stamps. So if you're on feud stamps and women with infants and children, everything in that store is free. Just discussing the glycemic index of rices we choose what rice to eat during this weekend, i explained that par boiled rice by uncle ben's converted rice actually has the lowest mean it means your body has more time to adjust the rice so it has less of a chance to turn into fat and more of a chance to be absorbed into muscle video about what toe by while travelling as a healthy body builder. And then we're gonna throw this crap away and get some real food video on healthy groceries by and a friend of freedom that recognize doesn't come up and caught us with warriors in our cart. You did not see this. You did not see this. We're going to go to planet fitness, and i forgot what i was saying. We're gonna load up a bunch of syringes and we're going to inject ourselves that planet fitness likely will you wanted an autographed t shirt. You got it, my friend of freedom. Okay, now that i've got my planet fitness gear on, i think we're ready to work out. Phil, are there free weights here ? We found the freeways was actually pretty impressive. I mean, romantic. This is two floors of this much cardio there's. Gotta be like three hundred cardio. Machine night. And i'm still a planet fitness getting ready to do my injection of steroids in planet fitness, which is, like doing stereo. That church just goes to show you the level of dedication that i have. Hey, don't even think about wearing a tank. Yeah. I wanted to know what this wass it's called lunk alarm what's it to today's. The text aloud. News would slam the way through something. Audio. Very popular. Belief. There are hot girls at planet fit away. My broader medication, plus body builders, are doing meal prep before the expo, so we're not stuck eating any junk food at the expo. Guys, for during the meal prep. In keeping me on my diet. I'm excited to eat all the things that you're making for me. Rest, i wake up and i come downstairs and everybody's, buzzing around, has everything ready for the expo. Food packed, ready, ready to rock and roll, and i stuck to the wind. Strong can also be taken orally, it's the same thing, same compound world or injectable here's. One cc. Gonna try and pull off some of the water for the x because ain't so much sodium. Opinion is that this is a terrible place to inject on the top of my quads. But i'm curious, so i'm going to do anyways. But i'm gonna flood you guys with snaps today because there's. Too many hot fitness girls. Too many awesome supplement companies. Jiminy famous fitness stars. And i want to show you body alert and have vastly girls. But they make sixty facial expressions to focus. Look. Pretend like i actually diet. So while the fans are watching, so i need to set a good example. Don't take steroids, eat healthy food killer haley. I don't know how many hottie alert you guys want, because there's too many of doing this. Oh, i'm so excited about steven joining team this guy. A feast on everybody on hand, to truth about everything. So he's going to reveal all his secrets. Stephen is doing a bench press, a push up contest. Some of the fans. Hadi alerts and men hottie alert. We got something for everyone. I have known, where could i find frankie in the bathroom ? That's. What ? Frank! Sorry, john, no, my regular got it good. Freedom here brought up a great video. Topping is how to keep the waist tight, especially as we age. So we just had a great discussion. We're gonna come up with a lot of good points video. No. What ? What ? Seriously, classic stereotype. Black guy just called out a hottie alert, let's, sow the seed and chase down what you see, what you like, be pro dorian, dropped by to say, hi, i guess what he does look, a god damn big is so, wait, how are you classical music anymore ? You're like thunder muscle to forty five to forty one of the reasons you guys gotta come to the fitness expo, you got this girl next. Father's always competitions, but carol. Bodybuilding. Okay, freedom. Brad he's wearing one of these hands after church looking nice, that fits right there are bodies, jeremy, but he had danny rand, but giving a seminar. Bj brana, blackstone, last try anesthetized again. Knock me out, you better sleep quality. Kathleen and hottie alert. Keeping it interesting like from the future, from some, like punk rock quality. For that. You must. We caught you being on the pole. What do you think this is, the philippines, a romantic place, right ? Stand back, about beautiful. I mean, look at this mall, it's got statues lite trouble. You're too big for bathroom. You're in the way you pay dauber, you pay double for i'm taking one hooks pre workout. I took one this morning, one tonight and one in the afternoon, kinda firkin tires. My fans today and having a lot of really deep conversations, there's a couple things that will clear up because i want to be totally transparent with you guys about the fact that i see so many girls and there's. One point i think i've never made before and that is i might be willing to settle down with one girl if a girl could ever keep. I've been with a lot of girls and obviously being thirty four years old and having travelled the world, i've seen a lot of girls, and i have yet to meet a girl that can read everyone, and i made this decision a long time ago. What i do is i date a lot of girls because each one can keep up with me on one of many levels and so having more the alert. Lauren. You working groups today i'm doing hamstrings, that's, what got you gotta pump it, pump on your lauren woods folks follower on instagram, because she's definitely a hottie alert. Deep bodybuilding chemistry conversations going on down here, as always, trying to figure out where to draw the line. Heroine's. We're trying to see you at the fifth expo in about forty five minutes, running a little bit late here. Because we've gotta have some things to take care of. This morning there. And we're about to do something very naughty. You are. Honey alerts. You ever have a non hottie alert today i've ever seen, but i've never seen. How are you ? I just like watching myself on the tv with informational videos. How is it that i watched my own in informational videos and i learned stuff from myself ? First athlete, waist trainers, i'm actually wearing one right now. Try to keep my gluten bloat down since last night. Here, what's this all about audio operation. That's. What it's all about. Trevor and i were with brian cage, trevor's friends with brian cage, pro wrestler. Also body builder, great chicken. You know, a star in the making when i see what this is. Maya she's, a power lifter, it's, ten years old, and she started her own youtube channel. She's going. I still can't stop looking at myself on tv. I like it too much, right way, getting up on great sports. Off side. There is no explanation. But what ? Come back here. I'm doing eternally grateful for the leg workout coming your way, come back to vegas and check it out always fast. Dan decker, bro, i have body solar. We're doing videos with coming up because he has the most insane conditioning shredded on stage thiss actually family check this out. She lost one hundred and honey pounds. She didn't lose any from here, though, and she's wearing the right sized top girls on youtube channel train to look good naked, funny guys, and guess what obviously, is a priest. So they're going to do some crazy shit here in the business at hand at one of the most aesthetic physiques in the world. We just did videos with sammy and are directly with him. He's gonna move out to california to susan morrison kerry's doing flexible diet where you eat ng after this, jerry now burger, we don't hand it out way. Don't have any intel on east coast wanted vegas in california have going in and out ? Guys, i'll make sure we both came here the same time, you know ? I mean, usually i come first, i can't come, but the fact that we come at the same time, something i don't. Audio alert break, eh ? No. One here in the library, making discoveries, you guys, the enhanced athlete armbands can be used to put around the arm for a custom observation. The enhanced athlete crew is really good at picking up on girls. You know why honesty and you're really honest it's not necessarily the honesty it's the confidence that comes along with being true to yourself and honest with those around you and being khun group with you, the one they want their life just don't want that devil spiced wine rice movies all night. Well, let me know. All right, so kevin met this girl back here really hot, and she said she'll have sex with him if he gives her cocaine. So guess what ? I have got my back ? Well, actually, it's baking soda because i carry making sort of a bad bag in case i get heartburn, i dressed me. I'm not that cool. I've never done go game. Get that body. Kevin teo snort this cook a hundred percent. We're doing it. Let's, go. Xo she's coming over later, i seriously i don't know what this means, but i really want you to give her the baking soda and have her stored and see what happened. We're going to see what happens. Give me all your lunch. Gang, are you ready to lose your natty virginity ? You guys like the video or you learn something. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and follow us from or insider secrets on becoming superhuman. Be swell in school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. What ? Yeah.

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