Snapchat Series #47 Sac to Dallas Texas Europa Bodybuilding Competition

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No. Downtown sacramento looks like mariah favors new gym. Ultimate fitness. This is only the back half. Look at all the new weights equipment, crossfit area. Upstairs, a fighting ring over here, the matching bags, fighting bags. Matt is nice, it's, cushy, it's firm. But it's cush enough, where you could drop on and feel okay. We've got the treadmills where you run at your own speed. The winds, resistance bands and crossfit cage. Get in cage. More cardio. And the fighters. Wow. Impressive. Daja. I have a favor. Some of the other fighters out of the gym. Are up there. Popular. You're i a favor training another high level athlete that just came over one of the biggest fighters in the world. Food for lunch and sylvie in thailand in two weeks. This is warm. Ferrari actually did thirty minutes of cardio this morning, so i'm taking getting my health back in check serious, so slept twelve hours last night, totally reset my central nervous system. Try factor this morning. Sleep cardio sana on friday and saturday, trevor i will be in dallas, texas, for the europa bodybuilding competition in expo and that's straight from there to china's and there's. Not gonna be do site enhancement on my calves. Now they're still small, but there are a lot bigger than they were. Holy cow. I'll explain all of this in future videos and about a month, the experiments on the site enhancement on me with the new prototype. Everything with great. Now we're experimenting on other athletes. I've got about five other athletes using it, if all is good with the dilemma, with almost dying from a previous batch required a lot of more testing on my behalf and my athletes behalf, a lot more lab testing. Free workout, gym music, rage against the machine, it's, time to kick ass and two bubble gum and have all that again. We're just missing the girls sitting on the hoods. How far paul's feet are in front of him. That's. Because he's, really working the glutes on the smith machine here close together the foreign front getting ready to compete for yusa. Nationals bring the fat burning cream on before he poses, because that helps pull the water out from underneath the skin and tighten the skin, showing all the muscle fiber have to leave bishop to his posing practice. Because i got to go next door and do some videos. Skype calls with a mean on some awesome new topics for you guys gonna post on youtube. Isn't this all too common, right ? Which girl did you steal these gloves from ? Kirby for you too big for a normal car, you've got to write a hummer now. Yeah, i gotta blame norman supplements bodybuilders. One oh, the site enhancement and thomas's upper chest. Check it out, look at his upper chest, popping to the clinic, must just got analyzed by dr bond, and the machines were going to get his data to you guys. Cryogenic sleep right now, getting you travel to outer space opposition and three d body scan testing, body fat charts. So here's, what thirty percent looks like over three percent body fat, and then all the different percentages, and we come up tio six percent body fat looks like this is the only time you're ever going to see coach trevor. In a speedo, tony huge reveals his entire history of body composition showing. Look at this muscle mass, increased steady over the last since two years. Trevor in the pod, right ? There's, a trevor's body composition, nine point nine percent fat, remember no dieting and very little training. Look how much body passed almost two hundred forty pounds, just in the three bd body scan and that's going to show the three d image of his body on the con, is also an inventor of supplement products. Here's, an invention he made for acid reflux, a healthy alternate take your ass reflex. Instead of remember, josh lost his girlfriend on trend it's, so freaking predictable. If you take trend, you're gonna lose or piss off your girlfriend it's gonna happen. Can't doing the gallon gear galland, the hold water bc, is whatever with the external shell that holds all your stuff. It is nice, but cooking in lingerie is even sexier. Twenty three, and it is freaking powerful. I mean, like, wind, strong, powerful. But it also caused a lot of hair loss, telling trevor it's perfect for trevor, because trevor doesn't have any here. Anyways, he can take all the twenty three once, but i think for me, i might have to stop, because i don't want to lose any more hair. Good morning. Friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution, jet skis my first time on a jet ski. Yeah, my hair still falling out, i think, from the s twenty three the good old days. Throw it old boxes out, and i found some old newspaper articles, magazine articles about me, different chapter of my life. Look some of the old advertisements, too. That was a long dichotomy of dr tony huge. I drive a ferrari to get an eight dollars, asian hair cat and i can't say for sure the s twenty three's what's causing the hair loss is because i've been under a lot of stress and stress also causing air loss. But as twenty three also increases aggression which could haircuts with asian girls only take five minutes, just like sex with asian girls only takes five minutes. Saves me a lot of time to be very efficient and doing other productive things. All right, this is hip thrust. Four plates. This is a replacement for dead lifts for huge strong glutes, wiki cheeks for sending me some ball powder. I'm going, teo experiment with it right now. Working boats and ho's just missing the hose. One of the reasons i like rotating girls. I have some weird paranoia that i'm gonna wear their out. And so i like to give them breaks between when lacey today is aren't i worried about my balls shrinking ? No, because i use hcg five hundred twice a week. Keeps my balls really full no matter what steroids. There we go. Hcg growth. Hormone jeff lr three. After about five minutes of pickling with this thing, i finally found a g spot. To make this thing squared. You want to see most of the dallas, texas europa expert ? So she wants to interview madoka yes, from, like baby mama interviews. Siri's, i dare you to ask him if you take steroids aboard the plane, but we're waiting in line. This is the type of time of opportunity i used to answer all your messages on snapchat, facebook, instagram, slapping my way voss against her breasts. The diet starts tomorrow. There's. Three things in life is love time. Yeah, you left out guns, cars, girls and steroids. First officer province, you know, we love twenty minutes, starts tomorrow. Ellis, texas. Beautiful. Your hotel is tito diet friendly, right, popular for the audience. There we go from texas there's. The view of the city. Cloe has a mountain view. Mr is calling. You should have been a rapper is his outfits are always so perfectly color coordinated. Twenty four hour fitness in downtown dallas. Workout set. Because the competition's on saturday, look, a bishop looks tighter than ever. Look, how thin is skin looks. Look out, vascular. Cut you so inappropriate. Sucking my tongue in the gym ? I asked. Using our new sponsored athlete candy bushell she's gonna be talking about female training and hard core supplement usage. Well, i was just explaining the baby mama of the reason. I don't take idea this post workout as i don't want to blunt the natural. And yes, this hotel is not for someone who's afraid of heights. Look how high we're and it just got our morning cardio in at the hotel bay. Round one you gotta eat, grow up is eating one day out from the bodybuilding competition. Twenty three hair loss update. I'm still losing hair, so i'm going to stop the s twenty three today and rely on the data. Some of my athletes, they're taking as twenty three right, the shirt coming soon to enhanced athlete, look out, form fitting, got it so nice and tight. Videos i shot with scott stephenson and london. Well, actually, birmingham it's bishop and his oldest daughter, nash's, famous to collusion, my calves look big. Things i do for you guys, i'm shooting a diary video on the use of petey won forty one to increase female porn innis rations to our newest pro member. This is courtney green, as you've seen in our workout videos using enhanced athlete supplements. Just got a pro car today, so your nipples are swollen and leaked. Maybe it got the guy no, an effective pt one forty one is that you might spend a lot more time in your hotel room not being productive. Good morning, dallas, texas. Are you ready for another episode of injections across the world ? Way to the finish. Friend of freedom. Right, that's that what really, always hottie alert at the bank. Classic baby mama star let's. See if those arms are all they're cracked up to be. See if that rat one forty did it like that for special ops can are you a natty love ? Are you a mother ? Effin, natty lover ? Just let nat he's kissing on you wrestling. Wow, look at those kids! Go! Holy cow! It's, a middleweight body builder, mike. What so, well, good, good athlete here at rosie's booth. Look at this. These air star mes this's charms my friends. Those muscles will build its arms, not sterile. Discussion with drill. A chemist coming up with a cutting edge, bodybuilding and man, flavours of protein. Look at this, because i do like protein powder just to me. It's like dessert. Delicious. My delts. But i want his fear. Hottie alert. The vancouver pro, the eighth of july. Carver. So big he should have to pay triple princess female delts and hot dealer dealer miss where's. Where's. Matt agus. If did you commit to competing in the pro show here, working his way on the point system gets to the olympia that's. The goal of the carver diet starts tomorrow. Doing some of the contest footage here in the room. How we can improve for you and madoka. Still friends. Story. Bishop. All right, so here's, the story i felt have matt hawkins and i have been friends since i felt my drug test and an after show in two thousand twelve. Matt, i guess, madoka guesses. Tanning. Came misha there's matter. Fifty one forty one, experiment continues, remembered it. We're doing it. Nasal, e, we're doing it orally, and we're doing it injection wise, and we're doing a documentary video on i on our way from dallas to san francisco, check. Petey won, forty one, is definitely kicking in because excited, assassin's creed. Waiting for our baggage, that's when i'm responding in all your eyes. Message. Yes, true, jo wieder did set up the entire framework for the fitness industry that we know today. But is that a good thing ? Or is that a bad thing ? I know that most of my fans would see joe wieder as an enemy of freedom, one that was hiding the truth from us about. What was really going on in the fitness industry in order to sell what i would love to see is what other youtube channel fans like let's say. The fans of mad august would think about. Joe wieder and the leader. Legacy have used not good or bad or right or wrong, it's, just historical perspective and almost political. After all, without all the money being pumped into the supplement companies and the magazines and other things perpetuated by joe leaders legacy, would there even really be a fitness ? Obama in luxury. Dr tony. Huge seat for the flight. Josh laugh years. We've got proteins, proteins, water, thirteen feasting begin way.

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