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I'll come to another episode of injections across the world. To even feel it. Oh, really? Today is a product development day and also editing a lot of videos that we shot a lot of amazing new stuff coming soon from This is the view from my office today the feeling is almost spiritualism. Look over Meadow Jean and ponder about what the phone calls that I just had about amazing karma Positive things coming back Ground level sky back pot some of the best growth hormone you can get. And we found it. We'Ll do a video on how to get it We'Ll do a video on testing it to make sure it's really In fact, we're gonna load up a whole pen before the workout. Wi Fi She's going to go first. That way. If he dies, then we know not. Yeah, show me the video. Wait, What? Or experiments for your personal education come in your ways, too Jim Body check. We're having our pre workout drinks and snacks. Three hottie alerts in the background here with Colombian booties. For your viewing pleasure, there's a whole bunch more. This's body tech medicine in Colombia doing six units of human log, fast acting insulin carnitine and the girls four moons do their job. Hey, good work. Keep it up. People want to see your stretches? This is very a very special place. We're going to get three girls all over Skye, but they won't let us. Videotapes. This is all your first four house I've been to that accepts credit cards. It's a fifty dollars, gets you a shower, a full body, oil massage, blowjob, sex, anything you want and then another shower. Two dollars lunch, Dorothy Supplement shop and also where we get the growth hormone. More noted trope in pens were gonna experiment with reports of a video on megadoses growth hormone because we just stocked up on the Northern Trip Pharmacy. More research. Jonathan's the man he's getting gross growth hormone. All different brands from all different sources to try is the ultimate growth hormone vacationing. This is in Spanish means do not concern anabolic substances. Mean like these. Check this out. I accidentally put a twenty one gauge needle on my carnitine, which means I'm going to stick it in my stomach fat. Well, you are a loyal, easy noroc tambien fork a famous A very KitchenAid Did it really into roller blading Here. Look how many Rollerbladers. A nonstop flow of rollerbladers being subway could stand. But Trevor find himself in front of the only ladyboy bar in Colombia. Bye. Where you going? It's good. Your care of sex or con Este vista. Get your name. Hey! I miss you, baby. We're gonna decide right now. Which other? Jim we're going to go to here in Colombia. Different gym. Every day we dance again. I'm buying you a doughnut. Yes, I know. Bree bodybuilders swarming this poor girl like like hyenas, like hyenas. Underwear in the store ever. I just want to have this hottie alert is gonna help me try a month. Other gym in Colombia. Lots of body alert. Here. See, in the background is the view out of the gym. Insulin growth hormone, carnitine, carnitine protein and health Food stands are really popular. They're really into supplement, especially protein in the milkshake, drinks and my hottie alert. It works out three hours a day three. Okay, we got a soccer match going on inside the mall, Trevor's lunch. So that's what two thousand calories, just one meal out of what For? Power outage an entire city in classroom. There's the stadium in the mountains, in the background. With all the buildings casted away go Colombia, almost gna. Last pharmacy in Colombia. And wouldn't you believe it? One of the best pharmacy have been to in the airport. Sixty dollars left in Colombian peso. I'm going on a eating spree in the airport here, spending sixty dollars on food eating chicken wraps, hamburger, chicken, burger salad and I've had two cookies. Next, we're gonna move over to the muffins and the time like this the airport to respond to your guys. Comments on the video. CALI, Colombia, Colombia. It's even spelled just like my daughters made C k L Hi. A lot of suspicion by carrying all this protein powder back with us. Obviously, there's a lot of cocaine in Colombia. They don't really want it exported to other countries. Call the Colombian people about his typical Colombian as you get. Nobody here from United States actually might be one guy with Columbia Round three of my all outs eating spree using up the rest of my Colombian money. Drugs of choice to get me through. This transatlantic flight is Nambia, as well as alcohol and sugar from all the cookies. Thirteen hours of flight time is like nothing now that I find every week. But this has been in on the airplane once per week, every week for the last eight weeks. She's reminded of the last time she was here in Spain, back when she was travelling the world partying like a rock star beautiful airport. It's so hard in Madrid right now, so hot. Just take it and turn towards the weird way. Got massive chocolate bar and some kind of language. I don't understand. Sure. Thea for the power adapter begin our Casa Blanca hotel overlooking the crime. Coming tomorrow, there's a little nightclub bar, restaurant welcome, Casablanca, Morocco, Northern sign of Africa and another perfect place for an episode of injection. There is the hottest girl in all of Casa Blanca. Trust me. Trust me at a pharmacy here in Morocco, stocking up on my goodies. And then I'LL do a report to you on what I can and can't get in Morocco have McDonald's, of course, in every country, including Morocco is on food so far seems to be about thirty percent cheaper than the United States. I beg you, if you're watching this in, you're familiar with cost of Lanka. Morocco. Please tell me where I can find the body alerts leads. Protein powder stand in the mall. We found a hottie alert from Morocco, actually Moroccan who speaks English. The way they do the makeup on the side of their eyes. Here, look, that's beautiful. Those were fantastic, fun, energetic, smart. So we're hoping they'LL meet up with us later. Go to the gym in Moroccan lingerie store. Tch is two dollars and fifty cents. The prices are really good. It's just really hard to explain what you want because everything's in French. For Erica, the search for the hidden steroids of much Beecher continues here in Morocco, checked another pharmacy. Apparently all the bodybuilding drugs are legal here like they know what they are in their book. It's just that they don't carry obvious reason why they don't carry anything like hormones or steroids is because if you look, nobody works out. At least I haven't found anybody works out except for those hottie alert. All the men are dressed in suits and all the women are dressed in a robe. So I'm pretty sure what this girl's wearing is illegal at least the way that they're looking at her and it seems like it. All right. You look like you know where I could buy the good stuff. You know what? How I can tell, Because I found this behind your ear, making friends who appreciate the fitness bodies. Another pharmacy in the recital. Mad Oh, just couldn't make it. So we've got our friend that's gonna stand in here, Matt August. What's that behind your ear? What do you got there? What do you got there? The report Meet a NATO for dipping. The Amato gets took with the old lady. I paid her very well and we hung out. Had a good time toilets. Favorite thing about traveling, the world waited another Jim's is finding out the gym culture, fitness, culture what their bottlenecks are helping to educate. Dumbbells only go up to fifty pounds on most of the plates. Air ten pounds. Lucas come from Morocco like this. I don't understand how all the weights are so light in here. I mean, I could do the entire stack on every machine with one arm, one leg, But the weight says that it's heavy. Look, this is the entire stack warmly out half a snack with two legs and look, I'm doing it with one leg like it's nothing I could do thirty reps. Moroccan grocery store. Here's what The ladies Here. Where? And here's what sky wears die ist er tomorrow around two of three. Hey, we're about to eat snails. That's a snail. See the antlers and everything. Okay. Oh! Oh, She's drinking the snail juice. The soup made from the boiled snails. So that's how I'm communicating with people. I'm using. Google Translate. Translate into French because French is basically their main language Arabic. Their second language here. Good morning, Casablanca, Morocco. What a wonderful day for injection across the world in the back of a taxi, We're going to show you our chauffeur's. Here we go. And why aren't you wearing a full dress? The university. So there's a bunch of students in Morocco to the girls about start boxing class, but they're warming up with some, uh, twerking. Thing with local bodybuilders here, uh, one of the Champions Show. Let's show one of your pictures. Anyone of the body building those chest striations right here just finished doing a video on the hormones and culture of gear and supplements in Morocco. Italian designs, fitness equipment, some of the highest quality fitness equipment I've ever used. The angles amazing the lines, the beauty of the equipment, the quality Teaching the girls how to do drop sets on a machine, revolutionizing their work out. He did twenty five pounds. We dropped down to twenty pounds. Keeps going all the way to failure. Each time we dropped the weight triple drops that dropping weight. Three time Ames reset. We change our grip just a little bit. So we did the upper wider grip. Now we're doing the close crap. In the culture. Oh, you have to pour the tea from way up there. That looks awesome. That looks awful. Cheers. Salute, child Boy Night snack today like will start first time using chopsticks like that and then from the chopsticks using a fork and a knife first in my friends of freedom in Morocco way, we're going to do an injection. Thes girls have never even seen the needle before. And they're learning how to inject me with hormones. Me? Why it is We almost just got thrown in a Moroccan prison because we are not alone. We girls who are not married, I'm not allowed to get in room way made it out of the hotel in time before the cops came. Because this is much better than jail. Diet starts tomorrow. Casa Blanca beach scene. Moroccan food in Morocco. We're talking about which aural steroids and ce arms are not liver toxic because a lot of people don't want to inject themselves here in Morocco or talk about it. I know you guys always wanted Toa take this view on this machine, but could never stare longer than two seconds without being accused of being a perv. Driving in Morocco. It's not like us. A supplement shop in Casablanca, Morocco. All the goodies. Look at all the goodies here. And is that a hottie? Alert, Sarge? Time. Wow. Look at that light. That's cool. I have a feeling Morocco is a good place to get a massage. Okay, finish the massage now. Getting a haircut. Look, another fight that's going for an average of one fight per day in the street. It's illegal here to make out with girls. Mr Married with who am I to follow the wall? All right. So few Americans in Morocco, I might have only seen maybe for the entire time. And there is not a single one in the air. When you think you spotted American turns out they're from France. That's the most amount of, like, European looking people here are from France.

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