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The Tokyo drugstore is calling to US Trevor Mystery meat at Taiwan seven eleven Taiwan In China, all the hard boiled eggs are boiled in tea they don't taste for no. I'LL turn right to the bodybuilding competitions being held at a junior high school here in the south part of the Taiwan Island. We owe God so hot. Hottie alert. Okay. Threw in some break dancing into posing routine. Celia Hottie alert, and she's interested in learning about Forman way. Talk about this's nice to get the pump out outside in the sun. I wish we could do that. No record a video, and we've got some, uh, extra cameraman assisting us here, and this is the background bodybuilders pumping up before going on stage. Dealer and acutely alert. I'm gonna pop Aziz arms. I've got twenty of them in. I got a lot more than twenty. Build a receiving their awards winner gets a medal around the neck and the rest get, uh, certificates. Do my signature Mad August joke where I pulled this from behind the dog's ear because Madoka couldn't make it. But this cute little schoolgirl came up. I think it would've traumatized her elation. Babies, you try like Asian girls because Asian babies are so freaking cute. I just want to collect all ten, get our daily massage, his travel with protein powder because we can go. Big fool. That car you must pay double for you must pay double right in smoke are bogus. Know that Matt Agus? No, that looks like why does everybody look like Madoka is in Asia after competition? Binge about to happen. She's She's cheesecake petition binge into news here, pre workout Y k eleven. And we also did fifty milligrams of Viagra Free workout world Jim. Not to be mistaken for a dance club in the world, Jim's usually look like dance club. Trevor's warm upset, and he's already pumped the ultimate challenge. Finding their clean post workout meal could take hours. And Asia, if you're lucky if we even find sausage meat, suit all these different food places. But it's all deep fried or heavy in the carbs or sugar, but no clean protein. Just weird. Animal body parts is all mushrooms. Switches, uh, find eat. Except for that snow question, with all this mean is, where is the chicken breasts? All of the body parts of the chicken except the actual meat. They sell the skin and bones and organs and and fat. What we usually end up Getting in Asia from seven eleven is drinkable yogurt. It's about the healthiest thing we can find. So cue when entire families get on the scooters together, especially these question a little baby. But three, if the southern part of Taiwan and head to the middle part, we're going to see the countryside of Taiwan for the first time instead of the big city, double white people in the northern side of Taiwan. But in Southern side there are not. Everyone is Taiwan Chinese. We're the only white ones. Here's the menu. I may have to use the old any meany miney moe technique train. Morning jog in Taiwan, The weather is perfect. It's just foggy, but the temperature's fantastic. Reassessing my tolerance to yo him bind. This is the five milligram enhanced athlete you him buying. And I was really sensitive to one pill. Today I'm working my way back up to four pills. Trevor and I were researching, you know, him mine a lot the last few days because I am an extremely good responded when I take you him blind. That's the only thing that shaves the fat off my stomach and lower. So we were looking into my use of it and how I used it that made it so effective. And it definitely had to do with taking it while I was fasted and then training on it. That not one reason that you owe him bind was an absolute miracle for my fat loss was I used it during my ketogenic diet the first time, and that's a great way to use your head. I've gone full blown bodybuilding nerd again. So I've been researching for the last few hours. I've probably got about twenty four hours research in this week so far. So you this morning's research topic is the effect of nitric oxide. You know the things that we take. Teo increase the muscle pump on satellite cell proliferation. Also this morning was how to reduce oxidative stress from the foods we eat. Like what's the best way to cook him? What's the best thing to cook them with? What's the best? And trying to find studies to support my argument and debate with Trevor over what's better protein powder or foods? But don't ask me my conclusions on any of the research yet because I haven't come to conclusions yet. I'm still digging deeper and a lot of these topics going to take a lot more time till I get my final. Geeta is upset about companies testing shampoos and chapstick on animal. I'm reading medical studies where they crush the rats fi with a hammer. Watch it for two weeks as it heals as they remove one five and then the other. And then, if you really understand what's going on in the medical studies, it's like the worst SciFi abduction and alien torture. But you animal activists, you make sure that their cages or the right size so that they're comfortable and we don't use shampoo and chapstick on animals for testing. The stereo. It went to the market. These little steroid went home. This little steroid had roast beef, Little steroid had none. And this little steroid way all the way home. And that's how you make nursery rhymes educational for Baby. Callie posted my Asian hooker video on YouTube, so a lot of heat is going to come out of this. One. Guy's could use your support if you enjoy it. Good question from one of the fans about how I prevent STDs. And I do have a protocol for that I put down in the comments, responded. You guys responded to all of your comments. So who wants to see Coach Trevor? Right? A bicycle. No crime in Taiwan. We just leave the bikes on the street stopped taking y K eleven free workout, but for a very good reason. And it's actually a good compliment, like a eleven found out what really video on it, because it's kind of complicated strategy in which I will use Y K eleven from now on. The Taiwanese eat all this garbage, too. But the difference is all of their garbage. And sweets doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it. Like in America. This mean that high fructose current corn syrup is one of the main causes of obesity and disease in America. Meet in Taiwan very high and a lot cheaper than the US that's dancing shoes. I mean power lifting shoes. Music started. Diet starts tomorrow. Even Tony Huge are gonna take sleeping pills into our afternoon nap on DNP. Clan gets shredded and Kevin told me never to record a video when I'm on sleeping pills because it's weird. But guess what? I'm really in the mood reports and videos. Well, I am not going to tell you what kind of sleeping pills I'm on. I'm still experimenting with all kinds of different ones, and I'll tell you all about it someday in the future, but in the fat burning cream on my stomach, because I might twenty percent chance compete in the bodybuilding competition. In nine days. I increased. It goes on cold, but it comes out hot competition Binge continued. Just found out how much money you can make as a bodybuilding white prostitute in Taiwan, So he's trying it out on the street. See if you could fetch thousand dollars. Doing is just throwing coins on the grounds. A little kids confined him because I remember when I was a little kid and I found a coin. It was like, Wow, I found the coin so it's like giving back. But then this girl right here I throw the coins out and She's picking him up off the ground. They're not for you, Matty gains. Oh, yeah, right. This's fitness factory and bring Tony into my brain. Heart's on his biceps, watches videos if you want to see him. Twenty milligrams eoe him bind before every were counting out of burn fat bash off my belly, Make them touch one in America. Frank looks amazing. There's no way he's natty. We're gonna have to do a guy. No test. See? See if it Lenny. Lactation none. Natty. See if I'm natty. Good, because there's a milk don't want. Is that Scott steroids in it? I think that you're not. Not anymore. I could take you way more useful. The whole building. What's your honest opinion on narcissistic. She got red hair, always looking at something. He needs to meditate more, don't they? Frank? Eyes, always meditating, flexing in the mirror, videos and pictures hard. You gotta work at it with he wants. Always take pictures and videos itself. Kind of narcissistic. Fine. Two three. This is Taiwanese liquor, fifty eight proof. Dollars. Really? Yeah. That's it. Crudest dinner at Family Mart. Mystery drinks from breaking. Welcome to another episode of Injections Burger at the Taiwan Airport. One of my favorite places deep because they have buns made out of rights instead of wheat. There's a pipeline. Well, trouble. You're too big for our pains. You pay double, you pay double trimmer. You're too big. Earth to Trevor Trevor. So here's the arm. Here's the line. Trevor's about six inches over the line. Tell me, shouldn't have to pay up. Yeah, yeah. Welcome to San Francisco. and ass all up in my grill. Oven it tonight too. Feelings of major jetlag on the drive back here. Abject, abject For eight days out, here's a progress report, so follow Jamie and the cautious Thefix. Trying to figure out the CBD wax thing. Those who don't know I'm a marijuana expert. Just, you know, keep it on the low. But I know how to do this. Okay? We're gonna learn. Brad Mossman of Hemp Remedies sent this to me. He's a friend of freedom and a fan of enhanced athlete. So this is his recommendation on one of the best way T h c free. So I am not a pothead. Not appointed. Morning pre fasted cardio supplements, s r nine thousand nine car Doreen Test alone. Rad one forty. Yo him buying hydrochloride. Code red Fatburger coffee with There's five grams of protein powder for flavor and just about one full egg and couple big wife running cream went underneath the saran wrap in the waist. Trainer not wearing the waist Trainer Super tight. Not trying to compress my stomach so much as I am to keep it, really. But this all day yesterday, and it definitely did help compress my stomach. My stomach is much tighter, much smaller, just from one day of just compressing my organs and fat. Five days ago, when I weighed two hundred thirty pounds, my waist size was probably somewhere around a thirty seven for the competition and should be about a thirty, so I should take seven inches off my waist. I meant Winstrol and master alone. Now, whoever said don't use any meant when we got from the show could hold water. But I don't think so because I'm gonna be a good experiment, cause right now I'm really dry. And I weighed myself this morning and I analyzed my body, the Mir. So when I take the meant but the estrogen blockers, we'LL see how it affects my body, take out slow and then put a now cost bob on to put pressure. Maybe the oil doesn't leak under the skin. Thank you. Keep a little pressure. Feels nurturing. Yeah. Reminder, guys, I have a prescription for all of these things I used. So don't use these things without Dr Direction and Supervision. Morning fasted. Cardio did fifteen minutes on the stairmaster that I'm gonna do the incline, treadmill and the vice hole. Popular demand. I'm going from bread back to black again. Sure. Selling diesel. So this happy shirt modified to sleep. The hair is back to black. Marco and Coach Paul going to hit the smelling salts are because my first time I want to try it actually had a lot of friends, our power lifters that talk stuff about this stuff. So we thought things through. Okay, Wait. Boom. Oh, yeah. Now here. Now we're gonna hit us. Coach Paul showing us how bodybuilders should eat all year round. Perfect balance between vegetables, protein and clean carbs. Well, yet brilliant infused water. So it's just bottles of water with fruit and mint inside of it. Natural bikini competitors. Soto pulled minerals out with her. We used distilled water the night before and the day of the show. Lots of distilled water. The day before that we cut water the day of the show. Tonight I'm having her drink this entire bottle to flush her body out. So our stomach is nice and tight for Mom. She gets to carb up tonight, and possibly a little bit tomorrow morning. Spending hours, she looks and we're going to go out with sweet potatoes. This is a serious problem in America. The people are too fat and the parking spaces are too small. So fat people trying to get in their car always been yours. I have nothing against fat. People actually love fat chicks, but they should probably make parking spaces bigger. Knowing how many fat Americans let me correct that. I don't love all fat chicks. I don't like when the role goes, you know over it. I like it when it's kind of evenly distributed fat like curvy fat. Not like a not like Wal Mart shopper fat pioneer of human evolution right here, the one that broke the story on snorting insulin way did a video on it. So many haters came forward and said, That's ridiculous how its going mainstream? There's an entire health organization revolving around smooth cure Alzheimer's. Thiss guys first got a friend of freedom of Ireland. Guys do steroids in Ireland. I should. Well, I thought it was pretty obvious because look what you have by your snaps. He brings up an interesting point, says I take so many different drugs and sorrow and research chemicals at the same time. How do we know what each one his due? The key everything. I take his fast Esther's. It's in and out of my body in like forty eight hours, so I'm able to do experiments. I could switch compounds every forty eight seventy two hours and no one I do it for the attention. I need all of your flashes on your cameras to go off. That makes me feel famous, Please. He should be here. Right? Madoka issue here. Madoka game. We're trying to guess what Matt bogus is. Favorite steroid is he guessed, and of our all home gym I've ever seen one hundred twenty pound dumbbells impress What home gym has a leg press?

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