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Friends of Freedom, my SnapChat Adventures continue all the way out in Thailand, my favorite place on earth:) Aaron Reed, Coach Steve, Baby Momma, Hottie Alerts, Ladyboys, and many more. Enjoy

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I? Why? Why does everybody use these stupid things? I only use them if necessary. If the exercise with the specific bar is going to result in the weight sliding out, which rarely happens, usually the plates fit just snug, like squatting with this, the weights don't slide out. What the hell do I need to clip it for? It's just a waste of time and look stupid. Like training wheels. Good workout motor between sets. No, we're all right. I'm ready for another set. Pumped up like smelling salts. Did you come up? I want you to squeeze your goods together. So, like if I put my hand right here, you should be squeezing my fingers. See, I'm not feeling you squeeze my fingers. I should fill your butt cheeks punching together, squeezing my fingers. Squeeze it harder. Me were the resemblance of abs on my body. After the way I eat every middle of May, warming up on four hundred five pounds with deadly Yeah, don't for five like it's nothing Oh, hottie alert him. Hot car. Does it get any hotter than myth? Yes. Dollar and twenty seven cents. Yeah, at the diet starts today, but that's a diet starts tomorrow and a diet starts tomorrow on a diet tomorrow. Like Mommy and Daddy. Puppy toe plummet. Food poisoning. Show us your abs. All right, so he's losing a lot of fat fast. We embrace food poisoning now because we embraced fasting. It's an opportunity to fast. We wait until we have an opportunity like this. And then we cut out the food because that resets our metabolism so we can become anabolic on a rebound and then also burns a lot of fat. And it's like a cleansing health thing as well. This is the stack that she's going to be taking twice a day for a crazy fast transformation faster than even a steroid transformation. It's in every mirror G what food you can and can't eat. On this extreme cutting diet, we're gonna re transform his body. Weight cannot eat this. Even though this is vegetables and meat, it's covered in oil. You do not realize I just pick up a piece of this. You do not realize how much oil is. That's like fifty percent fat. This is the reason people are fat, even though they think they're eating healthy vegetables. Because when it's stir Friday saturated in oil and it's so much more oil than you think, you want to see how much oil is in this type of food. Take a paper towel and blot it, and look at how much oil ends up on the paper towels. Counter argument to that is that you need healthy fats in your diet and that fats aren't the problem with weight loss. It's actually cars. Uh, those are both true back cooking oil, right? There still has no place in the diet that does not have the essential facts that you need to help build muscle and sustain your your organs and your metabolism. Uh, if you want healthy fats, eat something like an avocado, uh, have a little bit of olive oil. MCA Damien on oil. They're even nuts. A little bit of nuts would be better. Then. The soybean and peanut oil crap that's used in cooking. He asked me if he can drink coffee on the cutting diet. Yes, coffee does burn a lot of calories, but it does attacks the central nervous system, and so it's important to get good quality sleep, not take it too close to sleep. Also, drink more water when you're drinking coffee because it can dehydrate you a way to get some coffee free workout. Video on How is he Easy to find here in Poland. But new update for you. He's from Poland and he says, Guys, it's not easy like it used to be. You have a prescription, stuff like that. So, yeah, that's so gay. Can actually that I see that in Poland. Can I say that's so gay? Or is that like, really influence would say, That's so gay, It's okay, your favorite color. Come on, Russia tell you about these European guys right there. They're very straight there. Almost shy, like like very serious. Soon as they get drunk, these are the ones that go freaking nuts and out of control. I love this girl. She is a genius. She makes up new exercises all the time. Fitness industry visionary. Who am I? I've seen this more than Fuck line. You too. And what was I doing on YouTube? Right? You're looking for juices some. Oh, yoga class. Look how many girls there are. Wow. So many Hadi alerts preparing to compete this weekend. And we're strategizing how he's gonna make weight. And for one of my competitions, I was going Kito no carbs than I added in carbs. Small amount of rice spread every two and a half hours throughout the day and my weight actually dropped down. This is a tip from guru mean. It's also what he's gonna do the day before the competition. White rice, small meals throughout the day and even drop weight today before the competition. Even though we're eating carbs are a way to get our STD test results. Are you nervous for your confidence? I know you know what? We're going to get our test results to see if we have TV. Got my comprehensive lab results back with a ton of feedback from the doctor. Amazing information. I'll do some videos to update you on my health and suggestions that doctor made to me to improve specifically my health. Waken all have sex now first dinner and the secret kind of mind that we're keeping all those calories out of my muscle. But you Yeah, that's a super hot pepper. You are not sucking my cocker licking my ass after sticking that in your mouth. Fat hobbit. Who's the fat one will trust the farm. Hop it. Who's the fattest harbor of them all? Smooth. So cute. I mean, when type before agent people, they wear their glasses. It's like down there little nose because you noticed so small. Sure, here. Here. The fighting's not really It's acting. It's pretend fighting. Remember that blood I had in my face? It was Pretend your friend. Yeah. In my face. Yeah, I Yeah, yeah, I'm here now. Yeah. You were here twenty. I like your baby. Loiseau. Thanks. Here, baby. Accent. Glenn. I don't know what you're saying, but it's cute. Every warrior on porous you, me, the way. A place in the world body Thailand, of course. Always. Yeah. Give us a couple cities that you like for bodybuilding cosign Banco. And that's the best. But this team is the best. If you want to get big guys, comes a muscle factory. Luke's gonna try the smelling salts for the first time. Big whiff. Oh, yeah. Ready, Tio? I'm a star bodybuilder, getting ready to show you quickly how to do this basic fundamental move. I see so many people screwed up many things. So many people stop short or something all the time. When they're going through the motions, they stopped halfway, not fully tryst. You can pull your arm all the way up from a voice that tries to go. It looks like I like to lead into it just a little bit. How those down to clear my way down I'm seeing a straight on hit my body My body out away You're here ideas that come all the way up Sometimes I see people all right? Just finish with Jim Food. Oh, Dan, Being in Thailand, you're not used to Uh, not not often. His first time on the BTS right there. See how everyone's backs, Tio, My first time. First time. Watch your head. On the ceiling. Go down. Grab the oh, hottie alert. This's her first time to cowboy way. All right, this is the red light district. Soi Cowboy ho My God, Party alerts. Hey, we just start off Aaron with ladyboy bar. Just jump right into the defense. Accelerate this night. Awesome bar. I say we go toe ladyboy bar Dan. I say no, Aaron, No. But, I mean, I know how happy you are leading towards Noah's. Still? Yes, Selina, I don't I don't want to be a rage. That sounds like yeah. Was he right? Way got No. Yes, the girl gets in the picture, but okay, she'LL see a picture of them, and it's the only ladyboy bar Soi cowboy. Your experience. In that way, Miss Susie longs from What's that movie? The Hangover Way audio. Body alerts. Bodybuilding friend from Czech Republic. Everything barbecued pork buns. He speaks Czech. Wait! What? Speak back. Where are too big for a train? You must pay double. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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