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Listen to me, tony. Huge, what you're doing in the middle east. It's. Huge. You're going to oxygen, jim, kuwait, it's gonna be even more huge. Love it. Keep up a good content, tony. Huge on your quest for the heat on steroids of much peach, i have a clue for you. Look to that butterfly follows the red dragon, and the dubai journey will lead you to kuwait. Oxygen, jim, what you may find, he doesn't stare at your picture. Thank you. I just realized i haven't used viagra for sex since baby mama got here. I guess she knows all the secrets to dr tony. Huge shine. Oh, god. Forty percent! Wait, i didn't recognize what, like like cappie, dr tony, you keeping america, you know you have craigslist and ebay. Check this. An app called for sale. Go on. Here, you can go to cameras. Good bye, camels. How much is a camel ? I can't read the prices in there. Yes, sometimes there, put it in what do this for you. Yeah, yeah, this is one of the most bollen ist places i've ever hung out on the beach in front of the burst. Khalifa, no it's the birds. How are you ? Here is the car of the camel crew chemists. Event. Chemist of the camel crew himself. Blood pressure's one seventy two over seventy seven. But that's. Not because of steroids. That's, because the way this guy drives. My doctor says for some reason, this is a single use that i have to inject it all at once. I can't leave it reconstituted, fascinating, well, bottoms up, regan grimes gets bombarded. What is the secret of oxygen ? Jim, kuwait and the camera crew ? How is he able to put on twenty five pounds of muscle in his first three weeks here ? How is oxygen jim producing the top ranked bodybuilders in the world, making incredible transformations just when you even thought that they reached their genetic potential ? I'm going to show you on the fleer heat signature camera, my right tricep, how it's cold see how it's, dark and cold my left one, has an injection infection. Now look at the heat point down, i look at the heat on my right trace, let me left tricep, where the infection is, it's, it's, hotter than any other part of my entire body. It's finding the heat camera. You're supposed to say like a month what ? I'm starting to understand dubai a lot more now. No captain's cockpit for this entire yacht. Look how small this is and how technologically advanced for such a massive yacht. Here's the controls. This is it. Friends of freedom from pakistan. Hottie alert vision online phillipe. Good morning, good bye, leave this morning i've been researching cancer, and until then i g s role in cancer growth and my conclusion is still the same, which is the yes insulin id. Jeff can grow cancer, but the problem is the chronic exposure to growth factors and things that make your buy in growth mode versus letting your body go into breakdown mode. The key to running cancer on cycles of steroids or anabolic sor even just being natty and constantly feeding yourself is take a break from food, let your body switch over to break down o ds body has natural ways of killing cancer itself, it's just that we're never giving our body that opportunity and the tools to do that when we're constantly bombarded with things to make us grow growing muscles man made island is massive. This is the one that shaped like a palm tree that you see in all the movies, and this is the highlight hotel at the end of it. This is growth hormone and insulin for josh. How angry josh is that i made him where the mandrax so racist in applying the anabolic matrix i now i'm gaining. Size faster than i ever have before. With the exception of one cycle with the least amount of side effects, i'll explain exactly what i'm doing. And if future video. Go, prove, boil your little world. Hottie alert. Daddy, take mommy to the dance club on the strip club tonight. Callie. Oh, thank you freely. Dad and i both love up in the middle of the night, needs serial together and now reading cereal again. If obama enjoys the fan mail that she gets every day, so we pick out the one of the day that's, the sweetest, sweetest fan mail you got today from uk, it says, i was so attractive when i came across your profile, i had no control towards the feeling i felt about it. I want watching your picture over and over again with tremendous smile. How is i can have the car stop, put you in person ? I will be very much delighted over it. I have my interests, will not be a distributor. My name is jerry wilson. My name is blood of i am from you. Ok, i will be very much happy to have you as well. So be more happy to know more about you if you don't mind giving that's very sweet that's, very sweet. Good job, thank you for boosting, hurry, go! And doing my foreplay work for me.

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